Scam Email(s) from James Steven Thornhill to Lhen (Philippines)


Letter 1

Hello Dear, Frankly speaking i met quite other few women on line but you somehow remain constantly on my mind that i decides to open up this communication with you, You re obviously a beautiful woman but that alone wasn't what caught my eyes bout you, am looking beyond beauty alone.I think we had got some kind of connection i just felt this way merely looking at your picture.
So here i am right now following my intuition and instincts, My heart genuinely felt something for ya, Could be love, I like you and would appreciate to get to know you a lil bit more.I am Lieutenant James Stevens Thorn-hill. From the US Navy Stationed here in Florida Key West.We are preparing be deployed to the Philippines for a Joint military excises,I also will be with the team that going to survey a Philippine military facility in a place call Subic bay in the Philippine during this period.
The US new government is deploying thousands of US military personnel over the next decade because of the political tension in south china sea. Am writing from pre- deployment training facility here in Florida key west, We will be there in Philippines pretty soon as some of our troops has reportedly starting arriving already from other different military bases in Okinawa. Aside the Philippines We re also stationing our air defense in Singapore and other south east Asian countries. Giving my very tight schedule on the water and a board ship,it became important that i get to meet someone ahead of my arrival over there in Philippine,We re being projected to staying for about six months or more depending on how the situation with China escalate. I have made some inquiry about the Philippines when a friend here recommended this site and suggested i do get started from here. am now feeling as lucky to get to know you.Be free please to tell me lil about yourself, Lets be open to each other. Am a solider,Active, i have always been. My life is typical of that of soldiers everywhere, little bit difference being in the US military is,you got deployed almost all the time.From everything we heard and learned, Philippine and Filipinos are generally good. Hope we will have an exciting time in your country.
Lots of Love

Letter 2

Am sorry dear i couldn't reply sooner due to the nature of life here in the military camp here,i promise to always check on you as soon as i got lil bit of chance to do so.I like you the moment i saw your pic and instinctively develop very deep interest in you, but quite frankly i wouldn't know what you looking for exactly or if you felt exactly the way i do...
You re obviously a very beautiful woman i think we will compliments each other, I am well convinced of my strong feelings for you..
What i desires mostly is someone who really in love with me and understands the nature of my work.
To be very honest,its a time consuming job as am mostly away from home, living in ship basically, Traveling to different ports and countries, it does put relationship to test.,
Please promise me to always be open and honest about your feelings and i will do everything possible withing my power to make you happy Our re deployment could be real soon,and now am especially looking forward to this one because of you, Just Can't wait to get back to the life that i missed so much. My love i appreciate your warm heart. Please be aware that you are now always on my mind I love the way you making me feel,the strengths and hope you brings. Mail me always and take good care of yourself. I admire you a lot. You are my inspiration for anything and everything worthwhile right here in this camp. I never thought my time would come to love,and then am hoping this is it, I was hit with so much emotion and power I did not know where to put it all than to stacked it, piece by piece, in my heart for you.
I cant wait to express my sincere regards for you my dearest, Am loving every bit of this moment.
Lots of love

Letter 3

You re like your words lovely and simple.I love you and the way you came across, Therese something honest and beautiful bout you.As for me, I am a fun, good hearted, honest, faithful and looking out for genuine lady who is looking for the same traits in a gentleman. I would like to ease my way back into the dating scene and am interested in something to last with the right person who shares my beliefs, interests and values. I love music,Sport, history, travel and to laugh (I'm a huge comedy fan like Sandler movies, the Vacation movies, Fl etch,etc).My life is an open book I originally came from Nashville was raised by my grand pa but have spent a very big chunk of my life in Texas before coming to key west.We re known for hunting, Music and for our family values. Just like the Filipinos we re very family oriented people,these quality that we shared was actually the deciding factor in my decision in looking for a Filipino partner and also because of the fact i have seen and known many colleagues who has pretty successful marriages with Filipino women, I have a son Tony and he is in the fore front of my mind in making this decision In order to maintain a traditional family. Divorce isn't an easy thing to go through or to be experimented with it. My ex just cant handle military life. As the reality of my past deployments finally sinks in,and we parted and share joint custody of our son, But here we are now, My love, My mind is right now on you, even when it should be on something else I hope that, just like me, you get butterflies in your stomach too.I just feel like you have taken up residence in my mind and you travel down to my heart. You have taken over my body and my soul and I am completely submitted to it
I hope that where ever you are these memories are as precious to you as they are to me. I love you.
Devotedly yours

Letter 4

My love I sit here, thinking of you and have i treasure every minute i gat with you, how you make my heart beat. I could never have thought that I would feel this way about someone i barely knew. I don't know how it happened, and frankly I don't even care. I just want to have you in my arms to love you and to have you love me. From the very first moment I saw your pic, I knew . No woman here had captured my attention so fully or made my heart skip a beat the way it did Your smile lit up my head,it was delightfully contagious. I had no doubt you are my Woman God made especially for me. Many miles kept us apart it is hard to believe we found each other. Never did I imagine that I would ever meet someone like you here,especially in the form of a chat friend. Fate has also got her own reasons for us to meet and come this far communicating and I hope our love will continue to flourish, even beyond the depth it is right now. Distance may be the reason we sometimes think we cannot handle relationship,
Now we must make time disappear and miles grow shorter it really is up to us.Please know that I will be there for you, whenever you ask for me ,I am thankful you have come into my life! Being loved by you is the only thing I need now.I pray that this moment will never end!
I am missing you terribly already believe me. I want to hear you say you love me. My love and trust are all I have to give to you, sealed with honesty. As time goes by, may they grow stronger and fulfill whatever your heart may desire. I ll be your best friend, As our minds, and souls combine so do our hearts become one. I love you, my angel, with all my heart you are everything to me. Though distance may keep us apart for the moment, know that.... you are embedded deep within my heart. I love you with all that I am
Truly Yours

Letter 5

You have settled into my near constant thoughts, yet we hardly know each other. There is a familiarity about you that whispers I have known you before. Maybe it’s only a dream trying to unfold in reality.
My love you re a beautiful woman i more than once scramble through your pic just to look into your beautiful eyes your pretty smile, my heart melts. I have loads of love and admiration, Your best feature has to be your kind, caring, and understanding heart! I really appreciate all the little things you doing like keeping up with me. I very much appreciate your thoughtfulness and your loyalty. Just thinking about you and all the possibilities that abound us brings joy in my heart.I feel as though I'm the most blessed guy in the world because God put a wonderful woman like you in my life. I want you to know that I love you very much. Sweetheart, thank you for being part of my life and for being there . The joy I have in my heart is a joy that will never come to an end! am glad u accept my family, who will become ours, and any other little ones that may come from us. You excite me so much. I look forward to each day when I can finally get to spend time with you. I could picture you in my mind and it was so vivid. I hope everything will turn out just right. I do pondering what life will be when you are actually beside me, sharing thoughts and ideas of what the future holds.
You and I are hundreds of miles apart, yet I feel as if you are here right beside me, watching me,
Your passion spans distances unforeseen by the naked eye, reaching me in ways I never thought possible.You are now my inspiration for anything and everything worthwhile. All I know is that I love you and i think that enough, the bond we have is far stronger that any thing that may bridge us.You are the very one am looking for. You make me smile. You make me whole. I cannot describe the giddy feeling I have even when you just cross my mind. I am so amazingly happy and content with you, I want to spend forever in your life, and you in my arms.I long to be there with you now, so that I can help build and support your life there, and so that we can accomplish a lot together . I love you, I really do!
Forever Yours,

Letter 6

My love how you doing? We are out for an assignment in Gulf of Florida key-west/straits of the Florida/Bahamas coast and will be very busy to say the least, have got through a great amount of work. I fancy we shall be here for a time yet .We had a terrific weather and should have left the ship to go away and do some work on another ship but could not get away from our ship it was so rough. , the sun goes down but it never goes dark, it is almost as if its eternally daylight.I have not half the time I used to have due to pre deployment tight scheduled but I enjoy the robust work much better, get up at 6.30 and work until 1.00. We put in some good quality hours, Wherever we get to shore, we normally go out shopping everything from gadgets to toys mostly for the kids, its just me and my kid as their mother had re-married.But am glad for him because just like me he is also been well look after by my grand mother the old fashioned way, Me having traveled allot through deployment,When am aint on active duty i just like to stay home relax with Tony i like to observe him as i aint got blood sibling myself , it was just me. My parents had me when they re relatively young So my dad is more like a brother,My gran pa is the father figure, a strong and honest man,we do everything together watch everything from football to tennis,go shopping,hunting stuff like that. My love your friendship meant so much more to me. and I can't help but think about you all the time. Every morning when I wake up, then during the day, and before I go to sleep, you are always on my mind and in my dreams,I wish you knew how strongly I felt and that I am falling in love with you and this isn't a passing fantasy i want to build something strong and solid ,lovely and beautiful with you
Looking fwd to hear from you Dear.
Yours truly

Letter 7

My love Happy val! we are right now actively training for the deployment as directed by our new commander in chief and it have been relatively challenging Month for us , been a very busy and tightly scheduled one to say the least.
As the reality of the deployment finally sinks in, its time we work to set affairs in order dealing with all manner of issues including: home repairs, security,car maintenance, finances, tax preparation, child care plans and wills, just to name a few.
It hits me hard in particular as am all alone by myself. I need you right now my love as,ts time to come up with a plan with your spouse in case if the worst happens. Making sure you have everything in line, like power of attorney and wills and to have a support line of family and friends that would be willing to step in and help if the worst happened. You have to arm yourself before deployment planing for the worst and pray for the best." For me though,every thing here seemingly moving in a slow pace.The prospect of Meeting You being together finally is something i look forward to. I don’t get to tell you often enough but I have such unending respect for you and how you carry yourself through life. Your heart is so expansive and kind. Your words only ever add to my already never-ending list of things that I love about you.
You re beautiful and amazing personality. I’m so thankful that I get to be yours.I believe we both have stake now in maintaining this loving relationship , I want you know you re deeply rooted in my heart. Now, each day am longing to have you near me .I never knew I could love a woman i have never met so thoroughly. I find in you a rendezvous of all the qualities i admire in a woman and have observed and found you to be so stately in your bearing, so good mannered and down to earth. Your very thought sweetens my soul with a heavenly bliss. You are darling of my heart.I see endless possibilities with you, and looking forward to meeting you my love. I love you with all my heart!
Truly Yours.

Letter 8

Love I miss you dear,been a while now felt lil like forever for me though. We had our chief of staff here on routing visiting and were giving 48 hours rare brake from drill. I rush down town Florida Key west with almost the rest of the troops here for some shopping and for some other Military charity activities, its very chaotic out there in down town area,typical tho for us in the military that when ever you left to town We somehow found it somewhat lil bit chaotic than an average civilian and your first instincts is usually to act as fast as possible and get the heck back to base were you have been so use to.
Thank you my love for all the care and support, it only goes to show who you really is as a person and am grateful to get to be yours.I love you with all my heart and missing you terribly already. I’m nervous about telling you this,our friendship is important to me to my well being and I would never want to ruin it, I’m seriously in love with you and with your personalty, just cant think of anyone that has ever treated me more nicely.You re really well spoken from the heart, family- oriented and down to earth attitude suites me perfectly.
Its amazing what has started as friendly affection has deepened into something beautiful. and am confident you feel the same way about me too. Often times i think about all the things I would do to show you love and most importantly let you see how serious i really am with you dear.As a solider i understand the important of taking some form of action to compliments what has been express in writing. But when our busy lives and hectic schedules get in the way it’s easy to forget the love of a dear one and how much we meant to each other,
We've been training vigorously lately, and i know you've had your share of work too, Like i said earlier our regional chief of staff visited and we were granted a rare brake from duty and rush out to Down town Florida Key west we attended some official charity events and also managed to do some shopping too, It been pretty long since we got this kind of chance to venture out of base because of the intensity of our training for this impending deployment to your country.
With you in mind I purposely took this chance to go out with the troops and ended up buying quite some things i need here and things for my kid and family,I bought few stuffs for you my love,things i know you would like and appreciate.
Its important to me you feel my love in this tangible way, hoping maybe this could make you understand how serious and devoted am i with you my dearest. Even without you knowing ,You have brighten my days here given mr a re newd hope and strenght, this is me in a very small way appreciating you and all you do by helping me to cope in what its other wise a difficult and demanding period in our job.
I am very determine that will do every thing i possibly can to make you happy,however small it is at this time, please know its a gift from my heart wrap with love made especially for you my love. Thank you for everything you do , For your prayers your constant support, and for always being there writing or replying my letters, cant begin to tell you how grateful i am to have you in my life! I love and appreciate you in my humble heart and i love you with all that i am
Yours Truly

Letter 9

My love how are you today? I truly believe you are my soul mate,and you are the woman I will give all I have to offer,just the thought of you brightens my day completely. I treasure and keep you locked in the big steel safe of my heart. I love you my sweetheart, and that is the only thing that is never going to change. I enjoy watching your picture and reading your words. I understand you pretty busy yourself.
Its only just been confirmed officially that we be staying six months in the Philippines, but we re yet to be inform about the actual date of deployment as everything in military especially mission trip information is considered highly classified,but we "d understand our new government and yours has reach a new agreement. So depending on the cause of events and situations it could be just about any time withing the 3rd week of coming month. I will be bringing with me a lot of luggage and will need to rent a condo or house in the upper middle class neighborhood before our arrival,to enable me move - in straight without having to go through the hassles of government allocated military Quarters.I heard its not always safe in manila in particular. Am bringing along many of my personal stuffs, Military things, like, Awards, medals that are irreplaceable extremely important and of sentimental value in nature to me which i need to keep in the safe confine of my own personal safe apartment ,Please Dear,You will have to help me out right-away in finding a good safe place in a safe quiet gated upper middle class community for a six months period. I will like to know before hand some locations close to Subic bay or little bit off Subic as we re usually granted an official military vehicles to commute while in mission abroad.I felt i can trust you dear, something in me just felt that way and i will be glad to get to spend quality time together with you in the Philippines taking our relationship even further.
I love you and the way you made me feel ever since i meet you and want you to feel the same way that i do... Like i told you in my last mail, i have bought some special things for you here in Key west Florida. they are known for good quality products i hope you appreciate enjoy my first gift to ya because it straight from my heart made specially for you. These gifts are the expression of my sincere regards and affection for you,please appreciate it with love.
Send me your full address and your contact details to have it send directly to your home or work address.
I will have details forward to you through email as soon as they re done sending. It's not intended to win your heart, but to show how glad and excited i am getting to know you, now that I have found you,I am very determine to do everything possible to protect the relationship that we have and make it stronger. It's true we have not meet but i believe you in all that we shared through our communication,Your heart just shine through your words to me and I have faith in you that after my official assignment we will have a special time together in some romantic island there in your country.You alone will know exact details before our arrival as we are now making necessary adjustment finalizing this deployment . Honey please in replying this latter tell me about the cost of living in Philippines,We in drill and right now got a very strict-tight schedule,i can be reach on phone no+19047019023 If we in session i will have to cal you back as soon as i can,
It's not the easiest job working in the military department and in US Military especially, You can't have things plan out your way as we get deployed regularly and when in sea the weather dictates most of activities .I promise to make up our lost time when am there with you finally, Be safe , prayerful and happy, I love you with all ma heart and wish you all the best in all your endeavor. Cheers up dear, and be Happy! i got to go now looking fwd to your details, I love you!
(5) CITY:
( I Will be sending you email please always check your email to know when it arrives. Send my regards to your family, Always pray for us. Call me, Hope to hear from you soon. Lofts of kisses and hugs, I love you with all my heart. You really is a special and a very remarkable woman . Here i give you my heart, love and trust, Something in me has got an extraordinary confidence in you my love and i know instinctively that am in good hands with you. Many-thanks in advance for your care and support. I love you with all that i am.