Scam Email(s) from Larry Zernicek to Eva (Sweden)


Letter 1

Hello Miss Pretty Eva,

First of all I am more than sorry for not have contacted you earlier due to work . I know you may thinking of the distance between us , but I tell you what good things are worth the wait and they come in small packages . My mother said do not rush into a real relationship if not you will rush out , she says slow and steady wins the race , if its worth it then its worth the wait. One thing I have learned is that life is too short to play games , hook ups and and quick dates are just pleasurable for a moment they are like expired food from the grocery store.Ask yourself how many more years do we have to live in life that we will be changing relationship like we are drinking water lol . I am a one woman, man not a one man, many women that's dishonesty . I am what you see is what you get.

A lot of people have rushed into a relationship of let's meet in Starbucks coffee or at the mall after so much happiness and rush to meet the person and soon as they meet they return back home with sadness in their face . But I guess if we take the time to learn about each other like an open book so that when we eventually meet that attraction will already be there .Don't you think so ?

However I will start by introducing myself to you because I more than appreciate you giving us the chance to communicate here , mother says distance can never be a barrier when you really need something that your heart desires . Sometimes we need to forget about the locals in our area and try something new entirely.

I will start my email by giving a formal introduction of who I am My name is Larry Zernicek , I was born in Decorah ,Iowa in United States of America to the family of Karl Zernicek a German immigrant who migrated with his family from Germany during world war 2 to settle in the small town of Decorah ,Iowa in United States of America . My mother is of Irish descendants from the harbor city of Galway, Ireland .I was the only child of my father and mother until the death of my father in 1975 .My father was a dentist and my mother worked part time for him .My parents were catholic and sent me to Perth ,Australia where I went to Catholic grade and high schools in Perth where I later graduated from University of Western Australia and became an Energy Management Consultant in 1984. I moved back to the states in 1985 where I met my late wife Kate and we got married a year later and moved to Malta which is job related and gave birth to our beautiful daughter Monica in 1987 as a matter of fact she put me on the dating site to find my soul mate , she says Dad if something good does not end does not mean something better will never happen . We lived in Malta for many years until I lost Kate in 2010 to breast cancer after spending so much money on chemotherapy that's a long story for another day and after her death I had to move back to Des Moines,Iowa in 2012 to start up my own business Zernicek Consultant Inc you can look it up . So you see my life, I have been moving back and forth and have basically traveled to 15 countries of the world all job related and a few vacations .

Before my daughter had put me online I had prayed that my creator should send me someone who is a light of hope with a golden heart , someone who appreciate the value of happiness in a relationship , when you respond back to me I was more than intrigued to write you back because I knew in my heart this was a brand new beginning to a brand new friendship I hope to be your newest friend?! My life sounds fascinating and so diverse. It has always been a dream of mine to live in your country one day and now that dream could become reality once I find long lasting friendship with you that will lead to whatever we desire . I have gained so many experiences from my travels and I hope to see the world with you someday . I hope you don't find me boring!!

I must tell you that life is just too short to be alone because we have worked so hard in our entire life but now is the time to enjoy the fruits of our labor, now is the time to desire someone who understands the purpose of finding love , the purpose of honesty as a policy in a relationship , someone who has a heart of gold , someone who is beautiful on the inside like you lol , someone who you will not be afraid to look into their eyes to tell them they are wrong and they will in return say they are sorry when they are wrong . Someone who you can wake up to in the morning to say good morning beautiful and they say back with a joyful heart good morning handsome . When I speak of enjoying the prime of our life with someone whom we can call a best a friend I couldn't agree more in my heart that you seem to be a perfect match because when I look into your picture I see a heart of gold and a woman who is more beautiful on the inside than on the outside am I wrong or right lol . I want to find a companion and friend and life partner who I can enjoy all of the sweetest things of life with . To travel from Barcelona to Paris and Paris to Rome in a Bullet train holding hands and enjoying looking at the architectural designs of Europe . Now that we have spent time caring for others and our children , I feel that it's time for us to focus on what makes us happy. Now is the time to settle down and enjoy the varieties of life with someone whom you can call your honest heart of gold or partner in crime lol

Finally , I am more than intrigue to meet you online and I don't want to look back again on Tinder , only forward to see what life has for this brand new friendship.I have so much faith and I believe I am lucky enough to meet you on Tinder and hoping to see you in person first week in March , for starters, I would bring honesty, loyalty, fun, humor and compassion to our friendship. We could both see where that leads us. My faith is important to me so I do pray my Creator will lead me to the right woman for me. So far my Creator is doing an awesome job lol

Thank you for the beautiful short text back and forth from you on Tinder , they warmed my heart. I hope to hear from you so we can chat and get to know each other. Let the fun begin! I want you to know I have suspended my search on Tinder until you and I can meet. I am not going out there again for now . It's not a good thing for us to go there at this stage of our life , its like we are opening ourselves to the world .I feel kind of ashamed .

I have been thinking lots about you and I know I can show you the world ..Pls tell me about you like your work, family and relationship like I have done so in my email and I know when I get an email from you a smile will come to my face.

Pls enjoy this song from me to you..

Hugs ,


Letter 2

Hello Eva,

What a beautiful email from you and I am so so sorry to hear about the death of your late husband , please accept my belated condolence . I respect you so much words cant express how happy I am to have received an email from you.Thank you for all the beautiful pictures and I love the picture of your dog.

Eva yes I am on Facebook which I hadly use , but first I will start by saying what a joy to have received an email from you and now where do I start from but to say greetings once again beautiful or do I say the woman that looks beautiful in my eyes.. lol I really enjoyed reading your email and would like for us to talk on phone to compliment our friendship.

Once again I really enjoyed your email very brief and detail . I read it twice what a beautiful name you have ,can I call you miss Pretty lol you were in my thoughts all through today and I more than thank you very much for your email and I thank you so much for sharing your work, life and background with me .

Thank you so much for the compliment for I really appreciate your compliment so much with all of my heart....I believe you gladly like the song A whole New world from Alladin because I have longed for someone to share it with ..

The truth is that I have learned that relationship is not only a desire to do something that you want. It is a combination of care, responsibility, honesty, understanding, sincerity and all the good things so therefore I am sure that at this stage of our life you desire the same thing .. Like I told you I am not looking back on Tinder again because I feel I have found a friend in you and will be off the dating website soonest because too many young girls sending me messages and telling me about sex that is not what I want..I guess I found you lol or could it be you lol lets see time will tell..A wise man once told me that life isn't a choice or an obligation, its a gift, so embrace it as much as you can. You never know how much time you have left in life and then I have learned life is too short to worry about little things! So enjoy your life, laugh every chance you get, cry only if you must & never let other people get you down!! And again Time is priceless. You have it, but you don't own it. You spend it, but you can't keep it. And once it's gone, there's no getting it back. Use it wisely! I am using mine wisely now to read and answer your email so therefore lets both use it wisely to see if we are to end the life and time together lol

Like you already know I am an electrical engineering consultant, tell me about your job and what you do at work .Like you already know I am a widower for 7 years now and have not dated in 7 years after the death of my wife via cancer .. You are the only one I have contacted on that website for sure and my daughter only put me there to find my soul mate since I am at the edge of dropping the hat of field work to retire and enjoy the fruits of my labor I guess I just want early retirement from field works so that I can operate from a home based office in my retirement home maybe with you who knows. I cant tell if we share same likes and dislikes but let's see what happens ..

Now I will ask you some little questions, what are you looking for in a man? lol I am looking for a woman to spend the rest of my life with not just any woman but a soul mate because a soul mate is the one person whose love is powerful enough to motivate you to meet your soul partner , to do the emotional work of self-discovery and yes everyone is looking for a soul mate .

I AM VERY HAPPY TODAY ...I MUST CONFESS …Please tell me about your online dating experience ..How many men have you been with on the dating site ? And what was the outcome ? I believe in faith which is the evidence of things not seen but the substance of things hoped for .. I am 100% willing to be patient with YOU.I do understand that its one step at a time for I believe in honesty, sincerity,understanding , trust and above all LOVE.

Lets take it again this way with our likes and dislikes and other activities , like I said a case study lol

I want you to know that communication is the foundation of a successful relationship and without a solid communication they cant be a solid relationship I am saying this because my heart tells me you and we may lead to somewhere and that they is a great thing coming to us and I pray that, that great gift should be you and I coming together to become close friends……if possible ? ????I will let your heart question and answer what I mean lol

Just to tell you a little about myself I am a person who is positive about every aspect of life. There are many things I like to do, to see, and to experience. I like to read, write, think and dream. I also like to talk and to listen. I like to see the sunrise in the morning, I like to see the moonlight at night; I like to feel the music flowing on my face, I like to smell the wind coming from the ocean. I like to look at the clouds in the sky with a blank mind, I like to do thought experiment when I cannot sleep in the middle of the night. I like flowers in spring, rain in summer, leaves in autumn, and snow in winter. I like to sleep early, I like to get up late when I am not working ; I like to be alone and sometimes I like to be surrounded by people. I like country's peace and sometimes a few metropolis' noise; I like the beautiful west lake and I like the flat cornfield in Champagne. I like delicious food and comfortable shoes; I like good books and romantic movies. I like the land and the nature, I like people. And, I like to laugh and I also like holding hands with my partner walking down the beach. I like to cook for my partner . I am very passionate and romantic and I like to cuddle partner and whisper to her ear and tell her I love her .. I also like to drop a kiss on her forehead and drop flowers by the side of her bed before she wakes up from sleep . I like to write lovely poem and drop by the side of the bed for her and leave for work and she calls me when she is awake and say to me in a silent way that she loves me . My favorite TV program that I like is Saturday night live an American TV program .

My likes and my dislikes ;
I hate when I am talking to someone and they are talking to someone else and I also hate when people think that they have to change for someone when they have not changed themselves . I also hate when I am been ignored and have to repeat myself 20 times when I talk .I dislike someone that keep feelings inside instead of talking about it with someone you trust . .The one that gets me angry people that talk about you behind your back instead of telling you in your face. In relationship if we are together I believe we should be together and not to talk about someone else so I hate someone that try to forget an EX LOVER but keep talking about them when they are suppose to talk about their new relationship . I believe in relationship we should not be double minded about each other but be open hearted and trust each other in one love and one heart …Because without trust nothing can work out . We need to build trust instead of allowing trust to build us . I hate with a Passion, Lieing. it only makes everything worse .Truth is the key to bringing us together and making us love ourselves the more , so there lets try to be straight hearted instead of being double minded because a double minded person is unstable. Let's forget about the past and kick on with life in a good way because if you feel that you have been hurt before and because you have been hurt you would not want to give another good relationship a try then you are opening the road to suffer yourself the more , its true . When you feel that you have been hurt , know that someone has been hurt before you and yet someone survived so why would you not survive ?

My kind of meal:
I love to taste French, Italian, Chinese, Korean or Indian and Japanese cuisine especially spider roll. However, I'm kind of diet to maintain my health and trying not to eat out so often and I like when my partner and I will go out for dinner and sometimes go out on a weekend to have coffee and cake . I also like pasta , believe it or not, I like the classical, macaroni & cheese. I also like the Mexican pick a taco with just beans, rice, and cheese.

I just want to let you know that these last 24 hour without so much knowing you has given me a lot of time to think about how I feel about you from a distance . I have decided that I like the person in the picture What made me realize this is not so much that I think about your picture , though I did since yesterday night . It was how I think about you. Not only do I think about how much I like your picture, but why, how much? and mostly do I deserve to be desired by you if faith allow our dreams to come true which I know will come true if we work towards building a strong friendship by getting to know each other before we meet.

Even though we are apart right now I know in March you and I will be seeing one on one , I also have faith that in due time this will all come to an end and we will be together and I will ask is this really you lol I know you will say YES this is me lol .Distance makes the heart grow fonder." Well, my heart has always and will continue to be quite fond of your picture ..Your picture is like a movie in my heart right now lol

Please click on the link below or copy and paste in another page and listen to this song its specially from my heart to you I dedicate this a token of my friendship to you.

I cant wait to hear from you telling me about your likes and dislikes like I have done here...



Letter 3

Hello Eva,

What an awesome moment and time to get such a tremendous email from you and it gives me so much joy . I just wanted to share some good news with you that I got a call up letter for a contract bid that I have been trying to bid for the past 6 months, the contract is to manage a huge electricity plant in overseas and I am at the airport now leaving town to travel to Finland to meet with my contract negotiator where we will be having a meeting before my departure back to town to fix a date for us to meet in March . I will not be working in Gothenburg in March but will basically do work from home job like sending work orders to the refinery . I love to work a lot .I also like the fact that you work very much.

I will be free from on the 3rd of March and I will like for you to let me know your plans and schedule . I need info of the closest city to you so that I can make arrangement with or look up a hotel in I have written some list of the things we will be doing while I am around lol Dinner is # on the list and am bring flowers to you # and you will think of the rest lol .

I am so excited that I finally got the call up letter for my contract bid to attend a meeting in Helsinki , this contract is huge is a millions of Euro but I will brief you on that later on , I like the fact that we share many values together especially our likes and relationship values which is very important to us.. I will need you to send me your phone # as soon as possible so that I can call and text you at least we should add a voice to our friendship . I will call you from Finland and I still have my US # working overseas I will text you or call you with it.

Enough of contract job and now let me say to you greetings my beautiful lady and I must start by saying a big thank you for your kind email and I believe you gladly like the songs that I have sent to you this gives me joy and I thank you so much for your email the truth is getting an email from you give me joy and happiness .. I thank you for sharing your life, family and your work background with me and also your dream of wanting a man I am yet to know but I believe that it's a gradual process since I will be seeing you soon. Chemistry is very important but I know that as soon as I see you I will begin to see clearly

The truth remain that I do really like your first email to me and I have decided to put the past aside and follow positive through since I am looking for someone to grow old with and your email is beautiful and your picture caught the attention of my eyes in Tinder from a distance and very heartfelt to me and all I can say is that I wish us the best of luck in this journey I have faith that destiny connected us here and we shall see the happy ending we have both longed for it may take time but soonest you and I will experience the physical part of this glorious friendship ...

I feel that you may be that soul mate I have longed for and a soul mate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly know who we are; we can be loved for who we are and not for who we are pretending to be. Each unveils the best part of the other. No matter what else goes wrong around us, with that one person we are safe in our own paradise. Our soul mate is someone who shares our deepest longings, our sense of direction. When we are two balloons, and together our direction is up, chances are we have found the right person. Our soul mate is the one who makes life come to life.

Now coming to my last job on the field . I have been on the bid for the last 5months and its an electrical installation/maintenance on the biggest refinery in Porto Refinery in Portugal to maintain electricity in the Porto Oil Refinery .. We were about 20 people bidding for the contract and out of the 20 people we were screen to 4 and out of the 4 people my name is on the list so I am basically waiting for the finalization of my meeting in Helsinki to fly to Porto Refinery in Portugal for the final bid to take quotation on what to present on the day of my contract bid which is just around the corner .. I may not spend up 10 days in Portugal after the bid and then we will have our first meeting . I will come directly to see you from the airport I hope you can make arrangement to pick me up and drop me at my airbnb apartment and if you cant I understand I will either go with Uber or do a car rental .Please do pray for me that I win the contract bid..I guess we need to talk on the phone after you read my email what do you think??? I am anxious to speak to you.

I have decided to share this story with you because if you emphasize on the past you may not get anywhere and sometime you may loose the right people that have been chosen for you .. They are still good people and do not be blinded by the illegal activities of the evil people around the world .. They are some real great people out here like myself I will boldly tell you that I do not have any bad intentions towards you .. After my late wife became sick I lost almost all I worked for , after spending almost 2 million dollar for cancer treament . The US health system is the worst ever . My late wife was so sick that you won't be able to recognize her once you see her , she lost weight so much but I am glad things are better now . That's all in the past and I want you to know that a wise man once said to me that if something is real you will feel it within your heart .. I knew it once I saw your picture that you are a different person and that you are real...

I am sorry to bring my late wife into the picture but I just wanted you to learn more about me . I am telling you this because you have poured out yourself to me so therefore why cant I be open as well because our life is like an open book now from a distance and we are studying about each other through email messages , I do not like talking about it but I feel that you and I have reached the level that I can no longer hide a secret from you. I never intended to date a again until my pastor said to me that Larry all things work for good .. I built a great wall between me and women ..

Until my daughter registered me on the site to find my love and stop being alone and one sudden evening I said let me go to that website since I was planning on settling down finally with a woman whom I will desire and the next thing I saw your beautiful picture and I said in my heart that God if this is the woman for me please do not let her pass by me and I waited for 2 hours before I gathered the courage to email you on Tinder ... I was looking at your picture for 2 hours and almost fell of the chair .. I looked straight into your eyes in the picture and my heart tells me that you are beautiful inside because our eyes are the windows to our heart and our heart the doorway to our soul .. I knew you were a good woman because God directed me to you ... I asked for a good woman and here you come and we are communicating so fast as if we have known each other for years ..

I don't know what to say today lol, but tell you another thing about me; it is an important twin question:

1) Do you know what your purpose here on this earth is? Why are you alive?

2) What is the purpose of having a life with someone...having a mate?

These are questions any good living person must have answers to, I do not know about perfection or hundred percent righteousness but in an old article I remember very well, it reads, What is the use of a bitter nut, which we eat and it is bitter, yet it has no segment, the writer said, what is the use of life without happiness? It is the duty of ground horn beams to devour corpse , the duty of vultures to devour road kills, it is the duty of humans to be humans, but we barely do our job, we do not even know our purpose anymore, It cost way less to feed some hungry people and more to buy a car, but the true joy and peace you feel when you feed a needy is far greater than that of a new car, We have been misled by a mistructured society and most people think being alive is about finding wealth, when the true wealth is in how less we need, not how much we get.LOL. Now what is the purpose of having a life partner, because one can never make sense, but two can surely tangle, you will only know the worth when there is someone you know you can't live without. Someone you'd trade your life for without regrets. Seriously there is a big difference between thinking you are good and really knowing you are good. Now we live in a world where men are becoming animals in war and politics, but I refuse to follow the crowd, I can lead a good life.

I don't know if you can show me that wonders can be true but if there is ever a day you think of me for a sec out of the blue and a smile escapes from the corner of your mouth, then you must question what it means lol. My mother told me there was something about my father she thinks no woman can ever resist him, sometimes she says she sees that in me lol. She is very old at 85 but she is very active and being an only child I am like her source of joy, She would wonder in past years when the time will come that I will become a complete man, so I tell her not to worry, when the time comes i will find love and all other good things will follow. My mother is a smart woman , she would never argue with you, she says sometimes same points have different views and no matter how dumb a person is, if we give her a chance to express some of her ideas, we may in a strange way still learn something from her lol.

I don't know how tomorrow will be , but what I know is that, If it is meant to be, our hearts will find each other when we meet. And if our hearts melt together so will our body and soul. Then every word and every touch will fuel our passion flame. I will be yours, you will be mine, and we will be

What is more important to you the love you share, the memories you have or the lover? Give love a chance to swallow you up. Don't just think it will happen in an instant, it will surprise you before you know it, but it will be the most rewarding experience you will ever have.

Thanks for communicating with me and building a chance here,

Listen to the songs below pls...

Song # 1

Song # 2

Kisses and Hugs

Now its your turn


Letter 4

Dearest in heart Eva,

First of I am so sorry that I not did write you an email earlier because after my meeting in Finland we had to move immediately to Porto Refinery in Portugal where the contract bid will start . I did not have access to phone or internet I had to work 18 hours a night to get papers together . My job with the offshore company was a contract job that just lasted for 3 months and now its over . I am here now for my own contract to maintain electricity in the Porto Oil Refinery the job is a ?10,000,000(Ten million euros )contract .

I am so glad I have arrived safely in Porto late on Thursday from Helsinki .Work has started this morning and I was at the refinery in the morning at 6 am and flew with a chopper to work where work is commencing .Thank you for all your emails . Thank you for sending me your phone # and I will call you . I really appreciate you taken the time to answer my 2 questions . I appreciate you sending me the picture of your oldest friend .I really appreciate it so much... I will call you so that we can talk about a whole lot of things ..

However ,sitting here reading all your last emails over and over again EVEN THOUGH they are brief and short they make so much meaning to me and my heart ... I have come to another thought that I want you to know that there are two amazing places you can be, the nicest place to be in is someone's thoughts, and the safest place to be in is someone's prayers , you are in my prayers and I have considered whatever thing that has happened to us in the past to be a foreign country because the past lives in a foreign country and they do things differently in the past. Always remember some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same.Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right ones so that when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for the gift God has given us and coming to all observation you and I may be that gift lol

You are a good woman and from within my heart I can tell . I will say from your email we are both looking for the same thing so I guess we are good to go together lol I like the fact that you are very open to me .

Most importantly I want you to know that I am starting my relationship with you with friendship and I am so grateful and I also appreciate the fact that the connection we are making is growing fast at least we share one or two emails a day and I will stay with you, be with you no matter what and do not forget a lot of people do not want our happiness and may discourage us on relationship because of the way we met and this is due to lack of their faith in God so for now I will advise we keep our relationship to us alone till we meet in person to avoid discouragement from people ..I want you to know that people come into our lives and walk with us a mile, and then because of circumstance they only stay a while. They serve a need within the days that move so quickly by, and then are gone beyond our reach, we often wonder why?. God only knows the reason that we meet and share a smile, while people come into our lives and walk with us a mile. Remember when one finds a wife her value is far beyond pearls. Her husband entrusting his heart to her, has an unfailing prize.

Like you already know the nature of my job allows me to travel round the world and I have been to over 22 countries in my life meeting different people from different places but your picture caught the attention of my eyes and heart which made me pause to look and look over your picture for 10 minutes before having the courage to write you. I do not want to know anything about the kind of lifestyle you have lived before all I want is to make sure you are happy that;s why I take my time , effort and energy to write you beautiful letters because you deserve all the happiness in the world I knew they was something between us , something that will lead to something great .It has never happened like this but I tell you that my eyes are the windows to my heart and my heart the doorway to my soul .They say beauty is in the eyes of the behold and I tell you today that your beauty that I saw in that website made my heart to pause and pause and pause again to look at you and it was as if they was a force that did control me to write you immediately .Though the real beauty of a woman is in not in her facial mole or the cloths she wears or neither is it in the way the figure of her body is but the real beauty of a woman lies in her heart that's where real beauty is .I have a strong faith that this kind of beauty is in you .that force of in you that guides me and told me to contact you tells me that you deserve all the happiness in the world and I am willing to do anything to make you happy..I don't want to know if you are bad or good but I want to tell you that if you bad I will change and if I cant change you I will live with you that way .Your smile seems to be like a sunshine that shines upon a sad face and makes someone smile and happy .Your smile brings a sunshine to a sad face and I hope you feel so about my smile too which I know you do since a wise man once told me that when something is real you feel it in your heart and it makes your heart beat and that thing never lives you but you live with it and makes you follow your heart so therefore I advise we follow our hearts together and it will end well.

I want to tell you that what wouldn't I do to make my dreams come true? It is like a rigger waiting for a trigger. Would you be my trigger? lol. I just need a woman to hold me before I am old. Absolutely I have come to know that we spend the most of our life seeking for the secondary needs, while our primary needs are left unseen. We have worked so hard and attained some wealth right? But for what purpose? To be realistic, except if you just want to be known as a rich person, wealth means nothing if you have no best friend to share it with. All the millions are useless indeed. How much do we need to eat? How much do we need for shelter? How much do we need for daily fun? Excess and excess leads us to vanity. But for few of us who value the simplicity, we sure would do well in finding happiness. As I always say, money can buy a good bed, but never will money buy sleep. it can buy the best diamond watch, but can never buy time, It can buy piles of books , but can't buy knowledge. It can buy food, but not satisfaction, Money can buy sex, but can NEVER buy love. That is why, i refuse to follow the crowd, and so as my own woman, I would give up all that can be bought for that which can't be bought. I want true joy and happiness. I want my woman to have power over my moods; she can make me smile in all weather....

There are so many things I'd like to say.But that would take me all day.Now I wonder where to start.Guess I'll say whats in my heart.There is one thing I know that's true.I'm so blessed to have a friend like you.Thanks for always being there.And showing me how much you care by writing to me faster than expected to tell me all about you which made me happy and gave me joy .As my new life starts to unfold,And I am learning how to take hold.There are times we don't know what to do,But I want you to know that we should be those kind of friends that when we look left and look right no one to talk to or share words with we should turn to each other and encourage each other,motivate each other ...gossip about each other ,make each other laugh and smile .I want our friendship to be one of a kind,One most people will never find.I never knew from the start,Just how much you would touch my heart.I'm so glad you came into my life,You have filled it with so much delight.

The connection we have, was not planned but I want it to be that it should be there each time we need each other ...So while we wait to see if this is right I want us to enjoy the way we communicate to each other .If the time ever come for us to be together ,we would always be in our hearts.We should always be our best friend...

Women make a home and a home cannot make a woman ... I want a perfect woman who can give me a home a perfect friend that we would both understand each other , wealth means nothing to us because life is simple but difficult to understand my friend will say , with all the wealth if you don't find happiness the wealth is useless and what brings that happiness is a woman you can always look into her eyes and tell her you love and she will do the same to you ... I know that you will be that woman that I can wake up and ask how was you night and you will return it and say your night was good with me laying be your side...And I will say the same ....


I hope we'll be close friends until we decide and if faith has it we would think of a stronger relationship that will lead to us to a better together. I am for real and I mean it from the bottom part of my heart ...........Well never rush in love for it never runs out. Let love be the one to knock at your door, so by the time you start to fall, you know that your feeling is for sure.

Now its your turn

Please listen to this song by copying the link below or click on it and paste on another page ..

Song # 1...

Song 2 #

Your turn my dearest,


I have also attached some of my pictures to you here.. Pls note that I am holding you very close to my heart and will call you soonest and off course I will visit you.

Letter 5

Dearest in heart Eva,

It's 5:45 PM in the evening here in Porto and I must say good evening my friend and heart desire and I more than thank you so much for all the wonderful emails and this gives me joy and happiness . I tried calling you because I wanted to hear your voice and just to know how you are doing but it did not go through I will try again tonight or tomorrow morning .I appreciate your emails so much and it shows that you care about me . You are the reason why I write all the beautiful letters to you. I am not saying we should keep it secret but we should be careful of who we share our personal life with.

I am glad to receive all the outpouring emails from you which shows that you are more than concerned about us and our well being and I promise to take it slowly with my emails to you because I know you are wondering in your heart that what does this man know about me ? But remember that its the emotions you have inspired in me that makes me to write you all the beautiful letters..

I am loving this friendship because it will be a total different and new experience for you dating someone from a different background from you lol I guess it will be fun during traveling and moving around Europe together and the rest of the world ...I cant wait to strongly hug you for the first time . March 7 ,2017 is the only day on my calender because that is the day I hope and believe to see you for the first time.

Furthermore like you already know I am presently in Porto ,working and bidding on managing the face F AND E of the biggest Oil Refinery in Porto,Portugal ..I have read your all your emails over and over again and this gives me joy and happiness you are my heart desire I must confess .. Work is in progress and I have attached some pictures of what my work looks like .. I am not been paid on this job but taking quotation for my final bid so I have to report to the field everyday to take quotation and write them all out so that I can present what I am to do on the job on the day of the final bid.

However ,I am working as a foreign expatriate and a supervisor here with over 35 contract staffs under my supervison and 10 professionals from different parts of the world .....I will be finalizing my quotation and bid here in less than 10 days from today since we are here to bid for the contract and at the same time I am taking note of all the quotation to submit to the government of Porto Oil refinery committee before final approval of the contract to me before then I have to report at the refinery everyday and I will come to visit you directly by then you and I will talk one on one to make all this a reality .. I mean one table and 2 chairs over a glass of wine I do not drink but a wine for that day will be a call for celebration of a brand new start . I probably can't wait to have my first meeting with you

I must say I felt this immense urge to confess how good it feels to desire you in my heart even when we have not met in person lol and how great all the affection that surrounds us is, even when you're not right here by my side lol..You know, knowing you and looking at your picture here which is my screen saver on my computer and being desiring for you is the best feeling I've ever experienced in my life lol even though I do not know you too well but I feel I have known you forever .You may be wondering why ? And please note I am sorry if you feel I am been too forward lol With you I feel happy and strong.I feel free, I feel safe to make decisions, take directions, knowing that I'm only doing what's best for us both lol. I have missed writing you terribly, but it's a sweet feeling, a quite feeling, that'll go away as soon as I see the shine in your eyes and get a letter from you and that clear white smile on your face. My sweet and adorable creature, may this pure and reciprocated feeling last forever, fully and intensely....Remember my first email to you said you look beautiful in my eyes and that is what you still remain in my eyes ....You will always remain beautiful in my eyes as we grow old together ...

I want the kind of friendship and relationship that we can be ourselves when we are with each other . our idea of romance should be dim lights, soft music, and just the two of us. we should make each other feel like we have never felt before . I can tell you anything, and you won't be shocked. our undying faith should be what will keep the flame of our friendship alive . You and I together, we can make magic happen . We're a perfect match I feel . Thinking of us should fill us with a wonderful feeling. Our hearts should give US hope that the best is still ahead . We should never give up on each other , and that should be what keep us going . We should desire each other because we bring out the best in us. Every time we look at each other , our heart should skip a beat. You and I should be simply irresistible when we are together . We should hold the key to our heart. we should always hear what we need to hear . we should have had the time of our life and owe it all to each other . And, of course, I know you're intelligent, because you were smart enough to write back to me when you got my first letter ...This exactly how I want our friendship and relationship to be ...I want you to know that When the world no longer seems to care, there is still comfort in the eyes of a friend, that's the kind of comfort I want you and I to have together..My pastor will always say if you can't be stupid for love then don't fall in love ....You may be wondering of how a man of my type has not found the right woman but I want to tell you something a friend of mine Smith Jones of Ireland told me a story of how he met his wife on the internet through a dating site many years ago and I thought I have never tried this before but I totally said no but my daughter insisted I should give it a try after Jones told me of how it works , they started like a child's play but today they are married with a happy home and blessed with 3 wonderful children and I hope that we would testify of our own story as well to other people...I am willing to relocate to you area if we finally come together ..I want you to pray for me for this is the biggest project I have longed for ..

My Angel, I would be stupid to hold the man of a woman like you, really I just want to see in your face that I can live with this woman, not the beauty part alone, but the depth of your soul.

As I could remember, as a kid I was a very cute one, lol. One whom many bullies would target, but only to realize there is a tough side to me. I could make a sober person dance. I could affect one with my smile. I grew up having older friends. Many would confide in me. To tell you, I am a type that doesn't judge. No matter how dirty you may be, just come clean to me, and I will give your support ...Do you judge people by their look ?

There Is no Mr right until we make him right. A relationship is never about how much at the beginning but how much we could make it grow into. My old friend and pastor would tell me, If you aren't ready to feel or look stupid, then don't fall in love, lol But sincerely that Is the bitter truth. When I divorced my wife, he told me that the fact that if something good end doesn't mean something better can't start. Can you prove that right? I have come to realize that , let a man write a better book, let him preach a better sermon, let him sing the best of songs, let him gain wealth beyond dreams, he Is reduced to nothing except he has a woman to call, his wife, his best friend and co pilot.

My usual saying and I am known for It, Is that, Life Is simple, for those who take It simple;

I do not know if I have told you before but I want to tell you that my mother is very old now and at almost 85 she can still sing now she can't wait to have a proper family, and I can't wait to have a happy home too. After my last project here, I am quitting filed works. Any other job would only require my attention from my home office in my new house that I will buy and spend with the woman my heart desire lol . I want to spend the rest of my life having fun. I lost 2 of my homes where I had to sell everything to save my late wife's life .. I lost all that I worked for but this job is my major breakthrough and right now nothing matters to me more than the heart of a woman who is willing to give her love and I will never loose it again that is where true spiritual heart felt home is ..Now I have no physical home but you are my home your heart is my home . Would you stand by me to build a home? Would you smile at me when I look tense? I don't need a super model in my life again ; I rather need a very good friend who knows when I am tensed just by looking into my eyes and a super woman. The whole world may be mad at me, but If you are smiling at me, I would care less.

I have a proposal for you this wonderful day. Because I know you at least care about me, after all you wake up to check on my mail and know if I am still alive,lol. that is something. So i want your help today. There is this woman whom I just met, and I could be scared about how she has gotten my attention so soon, but i would be stupid to submit to fears. I noticed that she already has a place that can not be replaced in my heart. Who could ever think of hurting such a woman who only wants happiness? I want you to help me find her and tell her, I am not known for fears. I know a journey of a thousand years start with a single step. A man who wants to fly must at least learn to stand on his feet! tell her if she is willing, I would love to take her hands. I am a man who gives nothing or everything. Once I have her hand, I can promise her forever. Tell her i know this is not going to be a kid walk, . tell her I know there are times we would argue in future. but tell her I would teach her to know that even while we argue we would still be holding hands. because there are many sides to a coin. Tell her life is short, but we can make paradise out of it. Tell her, her worries have become mine, cos I do not really know how she has done it. tell her, that coming across her was by chance, communicating with her was by choice, but then falling for her is beyond my control.

You know where to find her my dear, just go to your dressing mirror and you would find her staring back at you,lol. Pls look into her eyes and speak this to her for me.

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Yours in heart,