Scam Email(s) from Paul Saldivar to Eloha (USA)


Letter 1

Hello, how are you doing? I hope you understand English. I contacted you , in respect of your last name, please i will really like to hear from you soon, avail me with your mail for detailed information as regards to why i had to contact you, to acknowledge the receipt of this message. Or you could just contact me through my own email address. The information i bear would be very profitable to you if you cooperate and is too confidential or rather sensitive to be shared here on Tagged. As a matter of fact i had to open this new separate account to specifically reach out to you. I know you may begin to have doubt and wrong presumption about my profile, especially because of how empty it is. But i believe i made reference to that earlier. I am 42 years and a decent man. So i am in no way scam as you may begin to suspect. I am a Christian , i fear and respect God the most, i can not involve myself in anything illegal or scam, as it violates my doctrine and what i believe in. However, i will come in full view once we move the conversation out from here. Your Banker Paul Saldivar