Scam Email(s) from Roger C. to Eloha (USA)


Letter 1

Hello,how are you? I am so sorry if i had to contact you this way which is in-formal. Hope you are not angry with me. Going through your page, you seem like a happy person. That's what motivated me to contact you. well i tell you a bit about me. I am single and i have been for 3 years now I am an Architectural Engineer/Consultant and i enjoy what i do for a living as it has been for many years. i have had opportunity to travel for work and for holiday and i have been to almost different part of the world and i have settled in few like, US, Australia, Canada. I visited some part of Europe like my country France(Lyon), Sweden, Finland, Poland, Germany etc. I have been working with some counties too in the middle east( UAE). I will consider myself a simple and a straight forward man and easy going too. My likes are traveling,tennis,playing pool games, cheers game, watching football, movies, listening to good music, cuddling and snuggling with my partner. I consider myself as very emotional and affectionate and i have my tears not too far. I believe in true love and understand and i believe only communication can make this happen and make 2 people feel like they have know each other all their life. i like to take long walk too, walk on the beach, jog and gym too. I am a free character who is not so hard to please and whom with good understanding and communication we can achieve the best and always be happy. I hope to find a woman not for just one night stand or sex, but for true love and spending the rest of our life growing old together. I mention before i hate liars, dishonest people, cheaters, not serious people, not positive people,not free minded people. not easy going people. i like respect and dignity in a person and i am not here for head game. Hope to connect with you soon. have a nice day,Regards. Roger