Scam Email(s) from Douglas Walker to Nelly (Philippines)


Letter 1

How are you? Thank you for the little time you brought to mail me in Cupid , is nice to meet you here, am here to find true love and i will like us to be committed to it and put our collective effort, get more acquainted to achieve our dream here.

I'm Douglas Walker, 48 yrs, 5'9'ft, 75 kg i am a widow with a daughter. I'm from New Jersey, United States live and working here in London. I'm a civil contractor Engineer by profession, handling contract jobs here and outside United States. My jobs takes me to different countries. To further introduce myself about my family background, I'm the only child of my parents. My mother is a retired nurse while my father is late, he died some years ago. My wife is also dead, she died of cancer two year ago our marriage is blessed with a daughter, Elena who is 10yrs and studying. I love to watch sports and movie during my free time. I'm an indoor kind of person. My favorite sport is swimming.

I believe that this our meeting on this website will bring a good union between us as I really have a keen interest in you. I was introduced to this website by a friend who got married through this website, and they are really enjoying their marriage, I so much appreciate it. I would like us to communicate effectively to see if we are really compatible for marriage. I would like you to tell me all about yourself dear, hope we can get more in touch, till I hear from you, take care and have a nice day.
Yours truly,

Letter 2

My dearest,Nelyn
Thank you so much for your quick respond to my email, it is my great pleasure to meet you also. I want to thank God for given us this opportunity to communicate and to know each other. Thanks for telling me about you. Honestly, this is my first time to have friend online or to have communication of this nature, i don't know how to express my mind, but i really wish to devote my time in this communication to make it bear good fruit.

I am really serious to build a good relationship with you if you will open your heart and give me the chance. Meanwhile i have deleted my profile there in the web site just to let you know how serious i am to communicate with you alone and it will more convenient and easy for us to communicate via email, so there is no point for me to keep the profile there i will like you to do same too if it pleases you.

I know you might wonder why i chose to communicate with you out of thousands of people there in the website. Well, i followed my heart to write you after i went through your profile because i believe strongly that the best way to find true love is by following once heart, and when i got your reply, it build my confident that God will answer my prayer through this web. Please, i just want to let you know that i am strictly here to find true love, a friend and a companion whom we can spend the rest of our life together.

Thank you so much for being open to know a stranger like me. I will appreciate it the more if we can put our best effort to keep the fire glowing irrespective of the difference nor the distance that separate us. I am looking forward to God's blessing in this friendship. My dear, i might not be perfect to have all that you expected from your future partner, but i believe that through our communication and sincerity, we can build a strong bond that will adjust us to meet each others expectation of the features we expected from our future partner, but remember that distant or culture dose not matter what matter is love and understanding.

My dear, i don't expect you to be perfect either because i know that no one is perfect in this life, neither you nor me. All that i desire is a simple life with the right woman, so long as she is kind hearted and family oriented. In my life i want to be Happy with what i have, all that remain now is to be happy in a successful marriage with the right woman. A marriage where we can support each other in all our endeavors, grow old together, loving every moment that we share. Please we need to be open to each other, share about us in other to build a long lasting relationship. Tell me more about yourself. My mom and daughter send their regards to you, I hope you had a good day and i will be expecting to hear from you, take care.

Letter 3

My sweetheart,Nelly
how are you, am sorry for my late reply. I have been busy with work and i just returned from Germany for a contract negotiation but I always have you in my mind every time as i can't stop thinking about you. You are so nice to me and I do appreciate your honesty, I really thank God for meeting you here. I adore you and ready to accept you in my life how about you. My mind is full of joy knowing you. I'm pleased to know you and willing to come over to meet you or invite you here in United State.

My love, i want to inform you that i will be in Asia soon because am expecting date of approval from few contract that i applied in Asia, and that will be an opportunity for me to visit you there and we can spend time together and plan for our future together. I want you to bear in mind that relationship is based on trust, sincerity and understanding from both sides, no matter the difference in religion, culture, age, distance what matters is love and happiness that we both deserved. I have nothing much to say as I am comfortable communicating with you.

My love, is my desire to be with you as i pray this relationship bears good fruit, my regards to your family, I hope to meet them in future, i love you so much, words can't express my love for you, until i hear from you soon take care and have a nice day.
with love,

Letter 4

My Darling,Nelly
How are you? hope you are great. I pray that you have a wonderful day feel with the blessing of God. I always have you in mind here. I really thank you so much for all your mail and your lovely expressions. I am very grateful to God who has made it possible that we knew each other and be in love together. You have sincerely shown me the weight of your heart in this relationship. I should say that we share the same view of finding a strong and true love, a wild passion with stable love to keep us happy, secured and satisfied. We need relationship with respect love and caring and at the same time with that fire to keep it burning.

Honey, from all indications so far, i can trust that you know what it is all about to keep the glow of love and passion on, because that is all that we need to keep the relationship alive. More also, I believe that peace in a relationship is very necessary and beautiful. The more intimacy and love in a relationship, the more conducive for peace and respect to reign. I believe in true love and with a strong passion that can be unshakable in all circumstances, a love that can carry us through from worse time to joyous time. I want to say that your technical approach, and your kind words to me and all you said about yourself make me to understand that you are the right type and true woman that God has kept for me.

I want to tell you that nothing happen without a purpose, everything that happen in this life has a reason. God has a reason for allowing us to meet, that is to say that we did not meet by accident, is just a chance that God gave us to explore and be together as husband and wife and now I think I have to come out openly to tell you that you have made my world complete. I don’t really know how to put it but be informed and conscious that I am solidly with you.

Another thing that I look for in a woman is Maturity, because there are some circumstance that can crop up in a relationship but with a sense of maturity from both sides, things can be put right. So am quite happy that you are matured in your mind and in your sense of reasoning. In fact judging from our communication so far, am very much convinced that we are compatible. I want to tell you that we can make it in this relationship because your attitude regarding what it takes to build a relationship and how a couple should work as one to achieve one purpose and how the intimacy should flow and your manner of outspokenness absolutely give me a conviction that you are my dream woman and i pray that Almighty God should guide and direct us to the write way. Thank God that you have all that i needed in my future wife, now our tale shall begin, i promise to meet you and spend lovely time with you and plan our future together. I will update you once i get a date regarding my contract in Malaysia, take care and looking forward to be with you soon .Here is my contact number my love ring me anytime you like...+19789864065
With love,

Letter 5

My sweetheart,Nelly
How are you, hope you are doing great. I am busy lately couple with preparations to be with you. I thank God every night and day since I found you. I feel as if am walking over clouds just thinking about you. You make my life complete. My love, am so glad to inform you that I received a call from my agent in Malaysia today to inform me that, the contract i applied in Malaysia has been approved by a petroleum company in Malaysia called Petronas and fixed for Monday 20TH of February 2017. I will be traveling on Saturday being 18th of February to arrive on Sunday being 19th. The contract is on Installation of petroleum pipeline and maintenance of existing once. I will go there to finalize the contract and sign all necessary papers and documents which will last for about three days. As soon as am done, I will come and meet you. I am very open minded man you enjoy being with me ..

My love, I want to thank you for your constant replies to my mail, i really appreciate it so much. My mom is looking forward to meeting you too, she is so concern about us. Since i told her about you, she never stop asking me about you, i want you to know that you are part of my family, though you are far away but i know that soon the distance will be broken. I promise to love and build a family where love is the key, outstanding father and loving husband. I love and care about you so much, looking forward to be with you soon.
your's love,

Letter 6

Hi my lovely queen of my heart,Nelly
I know we just met but am begging to have some great natural feeling for you because of the way you talked to me and how nice you are .. I have this email just to make you happy and always know the kind of man i am so its all for you ..I am just this man who would remain sincere and honest to you, would always be there and to show love and compassion when ever it's needed and to support you in the difficult times.I see marriage as a very important thing as it's from God. Marriage makes an incomplete human being a complete one. It makes us a grown up and gives us responsibilities whether those responsibilities are to feed, to love or be there. Marriage is supposed to take a person out of the hectic lifestyle and place in an organized environment giving a path to follow in life and a shoulder to lean on.

A happy life is not about finding the right partner but how long you can hang on to your partner till the very last end,True love is not about how you love your partner in the beginning but how much love you can endure till the very last end, Yesterday is gone, no one knows tomorrow, but today is a gift,To love is divine and to error is human, life is full of ups and downs, but strength in each other will determine life for a true couple.Sweetheart, i promise you now and always to be loyal, loving, playful, curious, very romantic and full of life. Value honesty, faith and communication. Believe in love on first site, appreciate you as my partner and always respect your views and decisions. I know this will put me on a solid foundation to build a healthy and happy marriage with you,i hope you will love it, happy Val and have a bless
full day, kisses i love you evermore. My travel to Malaysia is on Saturday please put me in your prayers ..

Letter 7

Honey, how are you? I arrive safely and in Malaysia now. I bought this number for us to keep in touch +60166518956, my meeting with the petroleum company will be tomorrow morning by 10.30 am, i will update you if i manage to get a good negotiation, i have like three days to spend here then i take a flight to meet you, i can't wait to meet you my love, hope to hear from you soon i love you so much. Please add me on your whatsapp okay dear,
your husband,

Letter 8

Honey, how are you, my meeting was successful today and am back to my hotel room. I summit the documents which they ask me to bring, my contract award certificate, my passport photo and visa, they went through it today and ask me to come back tomorrow for the final signing and payment by cheque. Once they sign it i will come to meet you and spend like one week with you and we celebrate together. I really can't wait to make you the most happiest woman because you brought sunshine and good luck into my life, honey please pray for me tomorrow morning, i miss you kisses.

Letter 9

My love, how are you? am sad now as things could not work out for me today but i hope and believed that God Almighty will not disappoint those who believed in Him. The company has already handed the cheque to my Agent who help me to do all the running here and with his support i was able to get this contract. Meanwhile, we made an agreement that i will pay his 5% of the total money of the contract if he help me to secure the contract but now he insist that I must pay him his 5% of the contract as his agent fee before he will release the cheque to me and is a crossed cheque that needs to be paid into my account before it can be cleared.

I have pleaded with him but he didn't accept to give me my cheque until i pay him the 5%. I didn't expect this from him, i thought he will allow me to bank it in my account so that i can pay him after the cheque clears in two or three day. The total amount of the contract is 2,375,000 USD and 5% of it is 118,750 USD.

Honey, i really don't know what to do as i never expected this and Malaysia is just a remote country where I don't have access to my bank account in United State. I tried many times to see if I could make withdrawal from my bank account but found it difficult. Luckily someone directed me to HSBC bank and i was able to make withdrawal from my account. I withdraw 100,000 USD but still remain 18,750 USD. I called my mom and tell her everything and she managed to send me all she had including her feeding money to transfer 10,250 USD.

My friend also send me 7,000 USD, but am still short of 1,500 USD. My mom ask me to let you know if you can lend me the remaining balance of 1,500 USD so i can finish up what I'm doing here and come to meet you on Thursday , please i know how you feel but never mind i will be there to grow old with you and ready to give you 10% of the total amount. My love please try to help me with the balance so i won't loose this contract as am going to make a lot of profit. I have been trying as a man to complete everything today but still need a little help from you, please show me your merciful heart, i love you forever. Please don't forget to drop me the details i mean the address and the airport name i will be on my way on Thursday okay.