Scam Email(s) from Ryan S. to Eloha (USA)


Letter 1

How are you doing? I am pretty new on here so i am looking to meet new people, a friend and a lover,I just viewed your profile and i liked it you seem to have quite an interesting personality that's why i decided to buzz you to know if you are for real and i hope you are not another man's woman because I am looking for a good woman who believes in love and is not out here just for fun or a one night stand.I am seeking for a long term relationship with Someone special to capture my heart.Well i will like to read back from you soon that is if you are for real?

That's wonderful to know. I want to learn more about you am. Do you have kids

I have one daughter who is three, her mother died from child birth

Do you have google hangouts? We can chat better there