Romance scam letter(s) from Rio Urbano Santiago to Lucy (USA)
Letter 1

My life started in Pomona, CA. when I was born to some poor Mexican Immigrant to the U.S; I was later taken by my Uncle to South Africa, where he raised me when my parents lost their lives. They were killed in the Israeli War with the Lebanese. I was raised in East London (Southern part of South Africa) I schooled there. My life has being filled with mysteries. Ladies think am too handsome to be serious in a relationship. Within me, I am faithful and honest. I have being into my Business. I help the charity a lot. cos I got no one to show me love. I will do well with money soon with the contract I have got in Benin Republic…. I have been supplying materials for the installation of a new Margarine plant in their capital state, the company is owned by some Jewish Billionaire. So I am happy to have gotten this contract. I have made some shipment of what we need for the total installation. I have done the first phase of the contract, waiting for the second part of the equipments to come in so we can make the final installation. I hope you will take me for me. I will be relocating closer to you…I have a job offer with Sara Lee food plant, after my contract in about 3 weeks. I will home for you, if you wait. I have being here for 6months now. I have also helped to present some educative seminars to train their staffs on how to make use of the food processing machines. I will be hope in about 25days from now. I visited AZ, last year. I still have my AZ cell phone if you want the number I can give you, so you can call be at cheap rate. Wanna know more about.
Have fun.
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