Romance scam letter(s) from Richard Mertens to Sandra (USA)
Letter 1

Hey Beautiful,
Wanted to keep you a little busy with this home work lol
like coffee?
do you snore
do you wake up early or late
do you like green eggs and ham
what do you like for breakfast
like diet coke
do you like milk or dark chocolate lol I don't like
-inconsiderate lovers
- run out of hot water when I have shampoo on my hair and soap all over my body
- to miss a plane
- people who don't take responsibility for what they do
-judgemental people
- Violence of any sort
- beautiful relationships turned shallow and ugly
- traffic
- curling up and snuggling in bed with my sweetie
- chocolate
- travelling, meeting new people and learning languages
- hugging friends
- smiling at random people in the streets
- anything blue
- cheering people up, even if that includes making utterly ridiculous things
- massages
- cooking
- kisses on the forehead
- plan a trip for hours and then welcome any crazy change of plans.Yourself? 1.Do you believe in open affection? 2.When is your Birthday?

3.What makes you happy the most?

4.How do you feel about this friendship between us? 5.What do you specifically desire from your Ideal man?
Letter 2

Hey Sunshine!
How was your night?So excited to connect with you last night certainly brought some smiles on my face.
Just wanted to let you know you have been in my thoughts.You such a sweet,fabulous woman and a gift to any man.

All night long,I thought about you.Even when I tried not to think about you,I thought about you.When I closed my eyes,I thought about you.When I opened my eyes,I thought about you.When I thought about the beauty of the season,I thought about you.When I thought about the warmth of the upcoming holidays,I thought about you.When I heard a love song on the radio,I thought about you.When I checked my email,I thought about you.Even when I said goodnightto the stars,I thought about you.And when I slipped beneath the softness of my blanket and gave in to the blissof sweet dreams,I thought about you.I just can't stop thinking about you.l hope to talk with you real soon.Lots of hugs from me
Letter 3

Hey Sunshine,
Work have been fast and furious out here,I really look forward in connecting with you.Sometimes I think it may be easier or more comfortable expressing ourselves in writing. Answer to my questions:
1. Do I like open affection? I am very affectionate
in public? I love to hold hand or walk w arms around each other - I love to
Hug up on my woman and just feel that connection too! Smooching is a definite yes!! my birthday is October 30th! I'm a Scorpio if you believe in astrological signs. 2)What makes me most happy! To know that m woman is thinking of me. I love little
Things like flowers (I adore them) small cards w a short note of your feelings!
I do love to travel near and far, spontaneous little trips r the best!
Exploring with or without a firm plan. It renews my spirit and right about now I'm due
For a day away!! Loving someone and sharing our lives makes me happy very happy
Looking in their eyes and knowing you just feel the same way about one another! 3) how am I feeling about our friendship? I must say I am enjoying you very much
You seem honest and real! Very genuine! As I said before I am looking forward
To your messages : ) seems that we fit well together in many ways. Anyone wo loves
Messages in my book are good! Ha! Giving and receiving them is so nice and calming!
How do you feel? 4. What do I specifically desire from my ideal woman? Hum well to keep it short here goes.
Someone who respects me and treats me well, kind caring funny!
She may love me for me -all my silliness, my laughter, just me the way I am! That being said
Someone who loves physical closeness and is affectionate and enjoys intamacy!
Someone who will expose me to ways of thinking that I haven't considered, showing
Me places that have inspired her, and finding new people, experiences and places
Together to share!
It would be great if this ideal woman enjoyed my family! ( as I would to her family) Dutch are passionate and
Close knit families - get to know them and care about them!
I think that I enjoy being w someone that can share their feelings and communicate
With there partner -important!
And a bit passive in nature so I don't mind if my partner likes to take the lead but still considered
My wants and needs as well - make any sense? Well there is more but I will stop there... Do you think someone exists like the above? Hope so I'm finally at a place where I really like myself and I others around me... Just looking for the good
It has been a journey to get to this place.So as we proceed in this friendship just make sure your ok with all of me!
Letter 4

Hey Baby,
Hope you had a good night rest?So thrilled connecting with you on the phone last night,you made me smile.I want to be yours and you to be mine.I want to care for you and watch over you.I want to make you happy and at peace. I want you to wake up and fall asleep believing 100% in us and never doubting or underestimating my passion for you. I want to love you completely and endlessly. I want laugh, cry, and have you in my site when I take my last breath on this earth.
I'm terrified beyond description and no longer recognize who I am and the effect you've had on my spirit.
I did not know that I was capable of possessing any of these emotions. You have unlocked a treasure chest inside my soul that I never knew existed.
I have been so dead for so long and you've now set my heart on fire.
I did not know that this feeling of wanting a woman could be more powerful than air, water, and food.
I just want simple and pure and you have proven to me that this is who you are as well.
You are truly an exception to all other women that have ever entered my life. I do not have the words to describe how proud, justified I am with you.
No one would ever believe
our story.
So far, this is truly made for a movie screen and I only want to live out the rest of my life by holding your hand, heart, and body next to mine.
I'm going crazy over you and am super scared of my behavior. I've turned into a savage beast that will not allow any compromises to enter our goals. I just want you to be mine so that I may keep you forever,have a nice day.
Letter 5

Hello my Love,
Hope you had a good night rest?I dream of being with you until I leave this world and want nothing more than to spend my life in your embrace. I have never felt this amount of devotion and passion before and am consumed by your fire. I want nothing more than to belong to you. I want you to possess me and never give me up. I want to protect your heart and give myself all to YOU. I will do everything in my power to never disappoint you or your trust in me. You have made me understand my purpose in living and before you came into my heart, I had given up all hope in finding a woman that would devour me. I crave you like a drug. I've fallen under your magical spell and would obey every single one of your commands. You are intoxicating and I'm drunk in love with you. I never want to be awakened from this dream. I find it so difficult to breath when I think of you and am craving your body, mind, and soul. You are my definition of paradise. I've only dreamed of having these types of emotions and you've made my dreams come alive. I am sincerley committed to being your everything and want nothing else in my life but to be your man. I'm very selective and cautious of letting any woman into my heart, but you have conquered my fears and hesitations. I trust my intuitions and the only voices I hear is that I must be yours. Can't wait to be with you.......I'm dying to held by YOU!!!
Letter 6

My darling
Hope you had a good night rest?Tried getting in touch with you on the phone but no response.You are so beautiful and your thoughts makes me feel I am living and feeling every word of you. It transports me to a place where only you and I exist ...our bubble..and true love thrives. How could i have been so lucky to have found someone even remotely like you and single.. I am truly blessed. I have never felt so loved and cherished in my life. I am so addicted to you, it even scares me. Scared you will break my heart, scared I will not live up to your expectations, scared I will not fulfill your needs. You are my life, the center of my world. I adore you, heart, body and soul. I am willing to go with my feelings and pray it steers me in the right direction. I can't wait until I get to touch your skin, be held in your embrace, to, to see those eyes and to listen to your heart beat. This is when I will know, that I will never be able to let go of you because that will be a memory etched in my memory forever. You will always be that last piece of the puzzle that is needed for its completion, and without it, will never be the same. babe, our time is drawing closer. .Can't wait for our life to begin and to make some beautiful Memories that will last us a lifetime and beyond. love you my sweet
Letter 7

Hello my darling,
Hope you where able to have a good night rest?I just wanted to let you know how much it meant thinking of you last night.. It made me feel so important and loved when i asked if you would wait for me. I didn't approach you like a bully "tough-ass guy'' asking if you going to wait for another week for me but instead you collaborated with me and brought up your sincere feelings. To me, You are simply incredible and I will do everything in my power to keep you forever. I also wanted to let you know that I now realize that one day someone would come into my life and make me see why it never worked out with anyone else. You're that "someone" for me. You are mine and I am yours. I'm so grateful to have an opportunity to share this life with you and can't wait for us to begin. Kisses to you my love,
Letter 8

Hey babe,
meanwhile you fill my heart and mind with wild desire. I know we are going to make a wonderful partner as well beautiful, passionate love together.
Thoughts of you make me hard, i become wet with anticipation.
We're having dinner out at a fancy restaurant. During Dessert you seductively lick the strawberry, sucking the tip, putting it in and out of your mouth.You slip off your shoe and under the table, you then reach up with your foot and caress my cock. I become so hard as you run your foot up and down its shaft. I start to moan with delight. We both know what is about to happen. We quickly leave the restaurant a nd head back to your place. At the entrance to your door we're already starting to undress each other. I reach inside your blouse and take your juicy breast in my hand. Your nipple is erect at my touch. I reach around and unclip your bra, then take your nipple in my mouth, sucking so hard and you moan in ecstasy. You unzip my jeans and take a firm grip of my big, hard cock, l was fully erect.
I throw you on the bed, lifting your skirt up and pulling your panties down with my mouth. you were so wet you cant believe it. My tongue moves inside your juicy pussy, drinking in your honey. Then I move onto your clit, flicking it with the end of my tongue and then kissing it. you cum in my mouth and writhe around in sheer ecstasy. I kiss my way up to your body and find your mouth, we kiss long and hard and then I enter you, thrusting deeper and deeper. You shaking from the orgasm as i kiss your neck and suck your earlobe. I grip your buttocks in hand as i was so deep inside you. We cum together in beautiful , ecstatic harmony.
I love you baby.
Letter 9

Hi Babe
How are you doing?So nice to connect with you this am my time I hope this finds you well,l have miss you and l had some fantasy for you to think about hehehe...
You were waiting excitedly for my arrival.l was dressed in only the arrive at the appointed time,wearing a coat.
After opening the door,you step back into the room.As I walk into the room,I stop to remove your can see by the bulge under my towel that you like what you were wearing a sheer black lace teddy and black lacey walk over to me and you pull me against you and we share a long passionate kiss,as I run my hands over your body,down you stomach,then back up.
your hands trail slowly back down my body with a feather soft touch until you reach down and remove my towel,letting my hard cock reach up to meet your run your thumb over the tip.Back and forth,then around,taking my hard cock into a firm run your fingers down one side of my length and then up the took my balls into your hand and gently tease them with your thumb.l kiss you down your neck and over your shoulder as l slip the strap down.l reach around to your back and undo the clip.Your teddy falls to the ground.l kiss down over your breast.Taking it into my hand as l lick around your nipple.You feel my nipple going hard and erect at your touch.You take me into your mouth and suck.Your other hand trails down my body and l remove your panties as you go.My fingers come to rest inside your wet folds and l rub it up and down.As my fingers go inside your,my thumb teases your clit.l hear you moan softly as l began work with my fingers in and out of you,slowly at first then getting faster as l continue to suck on your nippe,I head towards your first orgasm.
"Now it's your turn" l led over to the bed.l lie on my back.your run your body up against mine as you whisper in my ears
"now close my eyes and just feel" As l close my eyes,you kiss down my run your tongue over my top lip then the bottom lip as you suck my lip into your mouth.I kiss you long and hard as you trail your fingers up and down my body.l can see by my hard throbbing cock that enjoy your touch,as you run grip on my cock firmly in your hand and rub up and down your kiss your way down my body and replace your hand with your tongue.With long slow strokes you cover every inch of my hard cock with your spread my legs and kneel between lick up one thigh as you run your hand up the took my balls gently into your mouth and suck on them and run your tongue teasingly over them.the rest remain
Letter 10

Hey baby girl,excited to hear your voice last night,you simply driving me crazy out here.You care about me and I love that! It's so special to be cared about ! You make me feel cherished! Can't wait just to be with you and spend time together! You always tell me your feelings .Your such a wonderful woman and you always make me smile - Sometimes you make me feel so much love I cry! A good cry !
These days r so special love doesn't often come around ti everyone but we have it! I'm in so deep now love! Can't live
Without you! You know that right? I adore you! I adore you so much! I want to wrap my life around you and give your heart happiness and true love!
I know I get carried away with my feelings about you and what our sex life will be like but most of all I want you too know that
I truly adore you - your spirit and your sweet heart! I think physical love is a reflection of that pure love too! All pieces of
Our live ! I got myself so horny
Thinking of you! I never did that at work before! Goodness I came out of there with a big smile on my face!
Imagine what it will be when
We are together....I've never felt
This connected to anyone before! I am just going to shower you with love and passion! You make me so crazy! I'm dying for you ' You mean everything to me each day more And more..
Talk with you soon babe and have a nice day

Letter 11

l hope you woke up fine this morning?Thanks so much for your concern,Honey things are you going bad for me today with treats from the company, told me the will terminate my contract since l haven't been able to get the chemicals been trying all means to complete the order but no luck l am just stuck and confuse but l want to let you know I have never in my life met someone more beautiful, enjoyable, loving, and comforting as you. Since the very first day l met you I knew there was something very special about you. I had no idea then that I would fall in love, but now that I have, I am so grateful. I am grateful for us to have wandered into one another's world so softly and unexpectedly. Nature took its course on our hearts and joined them in a way never imaginable.

I want you to know, that from the very depths of my heart, I love you. And I love everything that creates you, from your hair - that I wish I could play in more often... to your forehead - that I wish I could kiss while you sleep; from your eyes - that sparkle when you smile (just for me)... to your nose - that I wish I could rub my nose against; from your lips - that I just know were made perfectly to fit against mine... to your chin - that I would love to place my finger under to pull you close for a kiss; down your neck and to your heart - that in my own, I claim as mine, and down past every inch of every part of your existence.

All I wish more than anything that you and I could grow together, love together, learn together, and laugh together, forever. I sincerely feel that between the two of us, we have the kind of love that some people never get a chance to experience. I promise to love you as much as I can, as best as I can, and for as long as I can. And no matter what, it's very important to me for you to know that you are an irreplaceable spirit that will always be a part of me.
Love always,
Letter 12

Hi Honey,
Good morning!hope you had a good night rest?Honey it hurts me a lot since l didn't make it back to the states but l want to let you know l will be all yours when l get back.l will never leave you or travel without you.l am so addicted to you.Baby i have from now to Wednesday to get the contract completed or the going to terminate my project and l will loss everything l have put into this,today haven't been good for me and l'll so screwed if l don't get paid.

I am glad that finally, I have found someone like you., I would like to let you know how happy and grateful I am for you... I may not tell you this as often as you expect me to, but trust me, I love you with all my heart and my soul. You mean so much to me.

It is you that I want to see waiting for me at the altar... it is also you that I want to hold my hand and it is you that I want to spend my life with. soon we're going to be together I promise to be always true to you, to love you and trust you. I love you more than anything this life can offer me.

You made me realize that I don't need to wait for everybody's approval for anything... as long as I am happy and as long as it feels right for me. I guess destiny has lead you to me so I guess we're really meant for each other. Now I know everything's going to be okay because I have you with me now....
Love always
Letter 13

Hey baby cakes!Believe me when i say i understand & empathise with your nerves & fears. Mine rise & fall mildly too at times. But we are both schooled in life's ups & downs, and should have confidence in our instincts. We are both ready for a special someone. So that critical fact is sorted. We both are intelligent, & compassionate, so should be able to negotiate & thrive. We are probably realistic enough to know some aspects & pressure points in life will need more effort. We dont need to throw roadblocks in this early.
A life lived on fear is wasted. I know!!!! Never again!!!
So it's head up, face the sun, shoulders back & stride towards the rest of your life. What will be will be! Just live it day by day 100% in the present.
In military terms, the first rule of engagement is- Don't Panic! And if you do just hug me till it subsides please.
We made the choice to take a chance by meeting on dating site for the express purpose of changing our lives. Mission accomplished thus far.
Meeting will certainly ease the unknowns & add the full 3D picture for each of us. So much to look forward to.
One of the hardest things in life is the manage expectations , chiefly our own then others. Significant challenge at times.
But know this pretty. I have no expectations and am happy to build our jigsaw without pressure or deadlines or false demands. One day at a time. i know it will evolve naturally.
I hope this helps reassure you in some small way. Having not walked in your shoes through life I can not begin to guess what you have face & survived nor how that influences your actions & reactions but with time we can meander thru those fields gently together.
With honesty & openness, goodwill & teamwork anything is possible.
The only way to live fully in this life is to give & to love. If things are shaky, just increase the dose of love. You are in my thoughts and know you driving me crazy my beautiful queen, .
Letter 14

Dear Baby,
Hello, Sweetheart.How are you?I'm so sorry have been so busy today. Actually where will I start from? Should I ask after your heart, or should I just go straight to the point? Let me say something to you; your love is like the morning star that brightens the day that makes the day look good. Your love is like the water that flows down the stream that has no end, it keep on flowing and flowing to eternity. Your love is incomparable, is unbeatable, it makes me want to move on, it gives me hope, trust, caring, and a future that shows someone special is out there for me that cares, that loves, and trusts. Sweetheart, I am so happy to find you. I knew from the very first day that you are the right one for me. I will forever be grateful to you, for giving me that opportunity to love you, for opening your heart for me, for showing me what is called real love. I am forever grateful to you. There is nothing that will separate us; we are for each other. For better or for worse, no matter what the future may hold, I love you and I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Love always
Letter 15

Dear Honey ,
l hope you doing great today?You practically occupied my thoughts through out last night I can't believe such a sweety like you exists! You have been the sweetest, most understanding person I have ever needed. I promise you the best future ever and I owe my entire life to you. You are my inspiration everyday and I wake up every morning thinking of how wonderful it would be to wake up with you.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you. No one can ever take your place because there isn't a person like you in the world. please let me shower you with lots of love and kisses. Thank you for accepting me and taking care of me. I do notice every little thing you do. I love you very much, This feeling is always present when I think of you.

Love always,
Letter 16

Dear sweet pie,
I miss you, my darling, as I always do. I can almost feel you beside me as I write this letter, and I can smell the scent of wildflowers that always reminds me of you. Last night, in my dreams, I saw you on the pier. The wind was blowing through your hair, and your eyes held the fading sunlight. I was speechless as I watched you leaning against the rail. You are beautiful, I thought as I saw you, a vision that I could never find in anyone else. I slowly began to walk toward you, and when you finally turned to me, I noticed that others had been watching you as well. "Do you know her?" they asked me in jealous whispers, and as you smiled at me I simply answered with the truth, "Better than I know myself." I stop when I reach you and I take you in my arms. I long for this moment more than any other. It is what I live for, and when you return my embrace, I give myself over to this moment, at peace once again. I raise my hand and gently touch your cheek and you tilt your head and close your eyes. My hands are hard and your skin is soft, and I wonder for a moment if you'll pull back, but of course, you don't. I know that this is the moment I have been waiting for, and I pray that the moment never ends.l love you so much. Love always,
Letter 17

Hey babe,
You always drive me crazy when l think about you,am so horny now reading your email and l can't wait to make you happy in bed.l hope you had a nice night rest and you doing perfectly great today?Just wanted to let you know l am so grateful for you coming into my life and how happy l have been ever since l met you.l am just going crazy about you and can't wait to be with you and spend the my entire life with you. Baby,things are a bit slow for me,the customs refused to release the chemicals citing l need to pay up for the custom duties before it can be deliver to me,been trying everything to get things done but no luck yet and am so screwed up. You are my world Babe. you're always lighting up my heart with the things you do and say. I feel so happy just being with you this way. You're my baby, and will forever be my baby. You will always be the love of my life, and please never give up, always have faith in yourself and you will gain the greatest gift of all, the gift of hope and love you righteously deserve. Every time I think of you my heart misses a beat. You're my theme for a dream! Every moment we share together we grow closer. I'm simply hanging by a moment, waiting to see you so you can hold me so tight that all else fades; l will never forget you. I hope you still think of me too. I love you with all that I am, all that I was and all that I will ever be. Please know that my love and I are inseparable and I would want it no other way and if time could express my love for you then it's forever and a day. I can't wait to be with you, see your smile, look in your eyes, feel your sweet touch, hear your perfect words and kiss your perfect lips. The way I feel about you some people call it crazy, some call it insane, but I call it true love. I really love you, Baby Bear. Love always
Letter 18

I don't know how or what your experiences are from the dating network but let me paint this picture for you. According to law of matter, "change is always in transit" for instance, the cup of water you got from a stream at point A in 2pm will never be the same quality of water you will draw from the same point A at 2:01 Pm. It would be an empirical error if you were to conclude that the same water will be drawn from point A at any given time. If this doesn't make sense to you, i can't explain it further.
This has been my mind set- my positive mind set and outlook towards situation which most people would fret. i believe that the moment i started writing you, i believed that something good is about to happen in my life because things do not happen by chance. I believed in this faith because i never had any ounce of doubt or discouragement so my positive thinking and outlook can only bring positive and good things in my life- that is you This is a new process, a new beginning and a different personality. Bringing old experience concerns doesn't make this any easier. This is the iceberg to most relationships - "Baggage". I really can't stress enough on open communication nor the importance of trust.i will make the best of what i am given for this relationship to work because i wasn't planing on being a pen pal with you rather i was looking forward to establishing a loving relationship.
Letter 19

Hey baby,
l hope you having they bliss of day today?I tried calling several times but you don't pick neither do you return my calls back,is everything ok?Just want you to know I can't wait for me to be back home, holding you, being with you, looking into your eyes knowing and hoping you feel the same way about me. The feel of your skin is more than I can take; I can't keep my hands off you! I love you so much, words sometimes cannot express it. Your hugs and kisses I long for. Every moment spent with you is a moment I cherish. You are my night sky. I look to you for everything.

Love and friendship is what I feel with you, we are friends, and that is what makes our relationship much better. The greatest of lovers don't make the best of friends, remember that, and when there comes a time when you feel that things can't get any worse, think of me, for I can try my best to bring you all the happiness in the world. I grow to love you more and more everyday, and I do not know right now what I would do without you. Sometimes I would like to think my love for you is like a great dream, I don't want to wake up because I don't want to lose that love. I will be by your side whenever you need me and I hope I am and always will be in your heart and in your dreams forever. I Love you,
Love always,
Letter 20

Goede dag
Hoe gaat het met je?My english is not good,Richard gave me your contact if he is any emergency,have not heard from him all through yesterday and now and am so worried.Did he talk to you or he's back to the USA?I hope someday l can see you,he have told me alot about you.fijne dag!
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