Romance scam letter(s) from Anthony Adams to Patricia (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Pat .How are you doing today ? Hello My Dear Pat
The Muritala Muhamed Lagos Air Port Authority today called me on phone to inform me that i have to have BTA of 3000$ before i could travel back on today Wed 19 Dec 12 to United State Of America. I went to the ATM Machine today with my access travelers card i found out that there was a problem with my my access travelers card. Citibank and Bank of America which i used told me that my credit card will not work here in Lagos Nigeria because i didn't inform them before traveling out of the State. After making my flight payments and settling my hotel bills i don't have any money left with me please my dear so now i need like 1500$ to complete the money i have on me now to be able to complete the BTA Fees of 3000$. I have to have with me before they can allow me to travel back to the states. I have account with Citibank and Bank of America i have called to notify them about my credit card they told me until i return home they will get restore because they will be needing my finger print. So when i arrive in United State NY i will have a full access to my money then i will pay you back your 1500$. I don't have all the money they wanted and that's my problem now, i need (1500$) to complete with the one i have on me right now to sort out this problem with the Air Port Authority to enable me travel on today Wed 19 Dec 12. MY DEAR HERE IS ALSO THE BTA DOCUMENT THEY SENT TO ME THROUGH EMAIL THIS MORNING, I ATTACHED IT TO THIS MAIL, PLEASE READ IT MY DEAR SO THAT YOU CAN UNDERSTAND WHAT AM TALKING ABOUT. My Dear, Please i need you to assist me now with (1500$) to enable me travel today i will pay you back as soon as i arrive in United State NY, Here is the information where you will send the money through Money Gram Money transfer shop in your city area today. My Dear please use this information to send the money through to the man in charge of the airport (1500$) today. Here is his name below, Send the money through his name thanks my dear. RECEIVER NAME: UJOMU SUNDAY OKECHUKWU
COUNTRY: LAGOS NIGERIA Remember to send me the information you used when you send the 1500$ Hoping to hear back from you soon.
Yours Sincerely,
Tony Adams
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