Scam Email(s) from Boris Geroux to Lilac (France)


Letter 1

I looked up the more love letters, the most beautiful messages of love and the most beautiful quotes romantic but none of these texts sentimental was quite beautiful and poetic to tell you the beauty of my love for you. you are the goddess of love the one that ignites my heart invaded my night. who touches my dreams tenderly.. you're the one who brightens my life every moment sensually dreams delicious beings.. you are my morning sun that brightens every minute of my life. you're the one that everyone loves. a dream enchanted that application has to be visit. gently I'm up at dawn the crowing of the cock wake up already, ayer the day is here the sun is shining I caress the soft face my night was beautiful.

Letter 2

I want you to lend me 200 € that I'll pay you back, it's just to manage some thing here for the moment you know it's not my nature to ask as her for help her my never happened but I Not the choice and that is the only solution. I know that it is difficult for you but I am well dressed you must believe me I promise you please.