Scam Email(s) from Ramon Smith to Larry (USA)


Letter 1

Good day Larry.This is Morris on SD.Profile ID 1891704.Original Ramon Smith Walter from Mercer(Illinois)Chicago.43 years young.Am a honest down to earth guy here single for several years...Now its getting lonely and am on here to find a good man I can get know,with aim of developing serious monogamous ltr with.As we date,I want to build this base on frequent communicate,trust,respect and honesty.I love to swim go biking,hiking and hanging out with a loved one on the beach to have fun at times that's if there's one.Am a very romantic guy and want the same here.Am not into the daddy and son stuff,just want an equal loving relationship. am ready to open new windows and doors,I get pumped to cook and offer the very best for family,friends, and an awaiting best friend,partner,and hopefully a life companion.I like to be upfront,honest,loyal and expect the same from my man.Trust respect and frequent communication to be in touch with my man and know part and parcel of him.I am a curious sort of guy,I love day trips/night adventures,anything self made, created, and absolutely delighted if we,thee/me, purchase prepare, and consume our shared efforts, and the product we both had a hand in,whether b/fast,lunch, dinner, or night snacks, sharing, or famished,for any and all equations found along our road of life.I only share with all people I welcome into my inner circle.I will likely be the best friend you have known so far.I have only two ingredient to know me 1.I never lie ever I am highly intuitive.If found you can not also be strait up,we will have a major hurtle and road block. 2.I never steal,If you desire anything,perhaps we can find one for you,purchase,barter,trade,or possibly gift.However I/we will likely not ever heal the pain and probably no longer have/association.I am way into being found a lover not a fighter,protective of those in any and all levels in our strata.Feel free to ask me any question because that's the only way we can get to know ourselves better.A great future always has small beginnings.Hugs.