Romance scam letter(s) from David Sullivan to Sherry (Canada)
Letter 1

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Letter 2

Hello Beautiful, I can't stop smiling at the thoughts of you. Well, I should tell you that I absolutely like the way you think and and I want you to know that a mutual relationship is not 50/50 or some other percentage. It is 2 people working together toward similar goals. It is nice knowing that you are the one I can trust and cherish as I miss love and companionship the most. Thanks for opening and letting me into your heart and life, I promise to hold and handle your heart (that fragile part of you) with care. I will nurse and tend it with love and then water it with respect & affection. I love the fact that have taken your time to learn about me, and that you don't hold back from sharing yourself with me. I think it's really important to get to know and trust one another. We should be comfortable having our own opinions and know that they won't always be the same, but we can still respect one another for the people we are. Just like me, you are a very kind and considerate person, you always put the needs of others ahead of yourself and sometimes you lose and forget yourself while attending to the needs of others. Baby thanks for supporting, standing up for me and believing in the goodness of our relationship. I am an extremely loyal and loving person. I will do anything I can to help my lover or a friend in need, but unfortunately I have not had a lot of people do the same for me. You have given me reason to love and be happy again, you are honest, original, loyal and true to your beliefs. There is never a dull moment when you're around and you know how to make me smile. I always laugh so hard when we talk because you have a good sense of humor. Relationships take walk and dedication and you have given enough of that to this beautiful thing that we both have. I hope and pray that our love will last forever and stand through the tests of time. Attached is a picture of I and Mrs. Joy. Thabo and Joy are a local Christian couple that I work with here. Thabo is a construction worker at the site while Joy his wife works both as my secretary and also handles all financial matters. This couple have really shown me love and helped me get my feet on the ground in this country. I have told them so much about you and I hope, one day we can invite them to our home in Canada. Lol
Letter 3

Darling Sherry, Thank you for supporting and standing by me. I really appreciate the effort, resources and time you put into meeting my needs. I have treasured at first your friendship and then more as our relationship has grown and will grow further and deeper with time, love and sharing of our deepest secrets openly with one another.At the very thought of you, a smile comes to my face and a twinkle in my eyes but most importantly, love fills my heart. The darkness is gone and everywhere is light and joy. You have given to me so much more than I shall ever be able to tell you.Listen to my soul as it will always speak volumes to you near or far, listen to your heart as it beats in time with mine and feel peace and contentment. When I think of you I wonder how can this be real? Do dreams really come true? In this moment, my answer in volumes to the world would be YES! YES!! YES!!!Your inner beauty shines so brightly that it is blinding. Your soul so beautiful that peace comes to me when I hear your voice. The lilt in your laughter makes me join you and my spirits ascend to a place that is ours alone. For as long as life brings you to me, each moment of my life is precious and this happiness I feel is sublime. I love you Sherry. You are my everything. I cannot wait to journey with you anywhere and everywhere because the truth is such that I always be home. My home lies within your heart. Looking forward to talking to you later, Forever yours David
Letter 4

Thanks Love for everything. You have shown me that I can always rely and count on you. The items should be sent by DHL, I want you to devalue the price of the items when sending, because the VAT, cost of duty/customs clearance here is quite expensive. You are to declare the value of the items as 1. Suits - $400 ? 3 = $1,200
2. Belt - $100
3. Shoe - $150
4. Parfum - $100
Total = $1,550 You are to send by DHL to me using the info below; Name: David Sullivan
Address: Kingfisher Glen 51 Gie Rd Tableview Cape Town 7441 South Africa
Phone: +27629670998
Letter 5

Hello Baby, How are you honey? I have been thinking about you and couldn't wait to write and know how you are faring. It is Saturday 07:33 pm here. Thanks for the beautiful email you sent me, I really appreciate the care, love and affection you've shown me. Sherry, you are my precious baby, my diamond, my queen. From your words, I can tell that I am safe and secured with you. Baby, I am writing to let you know that I finally arrived my destination Cape Town safely. Upon arrival, I spent several hours undergoing clearance at the airport due to the money that I brought in with me for the job. I will be going back to the airport in about 10 hours because am still waiting for two of my luggage's. I checked in four luggage's while I was transiting in Paris but only found two upon my arrival here, the airport authority said it's common and asked that I come back tomorrow. I am worried and just hope they were not stolen by someone while the police at the airport was interrogating me about why I came into the country with so much money in cash. The bags that are missing contains some of my personal stuff as well as the brand new iPhones, computers and gadgets that I just purchased from the Apple Store in California as gifts for the local workers as well as project inspector who was very helpful and partly instrumental in me getting this project. He helped get many of the documents that I needed and also advised the board to select me and eventually he will give me the final remarks when I complete this project. Honey, I am currently in a guest house in Camps Bay, Cape Town. It is a two bed room apartment and the rooms are spacious and hopefully I will be here until I have completed my job. I am using the public computer in the hotel cafe to write you this letter and I hate the fact that I have to email you in public instead of privately. However, I do not have a computer right now. You can call or text me on +27 62-967-0998. I paid for international texting so you can text me and I can also text you. South Africa is quite a beautiful place, it is lovely, nice and I can barely see black Africans here. I really don't understand this place. I am wondering if it really is an African Country, because there are few blacks here and more people like me and you. There are lots of tourists from the Netherlands, Europe, Asia and more. I have to end this letter by saying I love you. I love every little thing about you. I love your voice whenever I talk to you, your magical voice, you make me happy babe. You complete me. You mean the world to me. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You are the one I've always wished for. I am so tired from the long hours in flight, I can't wait to go back to the airport and sort out my baggage's. Sweetie, I will looking forward to your email, call or text. I love you. David
Letter 6

Hello Babe, My day has been quite hectic and eventful. I did my final presentation before the contract Board of Directors this morning, they were about 10 contractors including myself who auditioned for the contracts. Out of the 10 contractors who auditioned, only 3 were selected. I came 3rd place and I was given the contract of the African region while the other 2 who came before me, were given the Asian and North American regions respectively. I was really hoping and praying that I would get the North American job which involves Canada and the U.S but I am still grateful for getting something rather than nothing. I was instructed to report straight away to the site and commence operations on or before Monday (23rd January 2017). Honey, as it stands I will be flying directly to Cape Town in Southern Africa tomorrow so that I can finalize operations in time. I would be gone for just 2 weeks and then I will be back home to you. I'm really sorry for this sudden development but please understand that I have been working and praying for so long to get this opportunity. I have attached a copy of the contract award document for you to see. I am very excited and grateful, It's quite a huge contract and I am set to make a huge fortune from this job. I guess I will finally get an early retirement once this is over and we can both travel the world together and do the things that we have always wanted to do but have never been able to. I can't wait to enjoy myself in your company babe...I can't wait. Sherry, do you realize that I have been working to get this job since last year but it never happened? but suddenly you come into my live and everything begins to work in my favor, My days are happier just because I have someone like you in my life, you make my world happier and more complete. It feels great to be able to count on your love, care, affection and friendship because you are the type of friend that everyone should have. A friend like you makes everything easier! Your friendship brings me nothing but joy and satisfaction. Having you close by, makes my days more pleasant and there's nothing better than to always enjoy your happiness and good sense of humor whenever we are chatting/communicating. I am a calm person and I don't like fighting, but I would go to war with the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and every terrorist or evil empire, just to keep your friendship. LOL You can't imagine how good it makes me feel to know that I have someone as special as you to call my mine. I want you to know that in moments of joy or when you are a bit sadder, in health or during flu, you can always count on my friendship and my affection! Don't ever forget that, OK? A kiss from yours
Letter 7

Good Evening Sherry, I want to start this letter by apologizing for being slow with my response, calls and communication with you. I have been busy with work. I must however confess that it has been really nice talking and getting to know you. Who said you can't make good friends as you used to anymore? Because that's not how I feel when I think of you, you are one of the coolest friends/people on earth, someone who always finds the right word to say! This letter is just to send you all the love and affection of someone who cares about you and rejoices with every single good news coming from you.
Friends forever? You bet! After all, it's not everyday you come across someone you can trust completely and relentlessly. Although we don't get together as much as I would like to, it's good to know you're there and that I can always count on you. My love and loyalty are forever yours and you can always come to me even if just for a good chat or to toast this friendship with a fine glass of wine! I agree completely that for one to be beautiful it must encompass them entirely as looks will fade but a soul remains true to the end. I prefer solitude except for my family or a few select friends as social pretense is not something I care to waste energy in pursuing. For each and everyone of us, the best gift in life we have is ourselves, our true self. One must accept themselves first before they can accept another. Confidence in who you are as person comes I believe with time, age and experience. Friendship, trust, respect and loyalty all build into a lifelong relationship. Loving someone else can be the greatest pleasure or the most painful experience in the world. One must find their soulmate and then all comes naturally without being forced or having awkward moments between them. To respect and appreciate the differences in each other, listen, learn and love one another and watch them flourish in your love is a true relationship worth investing of both yourself and your time. Like you, I have no time at this stage of life for anything less or settling as I see so many do. Often to agree to disagree is the wisest choice as the similarities are attractive in another however so are the differences. Learning to listen to each other and accept them is one way to grow together and better yourself and each other in your relationship. This is a little corny but I believe one must always kiss each other good morning and say I love you and kiss each other goodnight and say I love you for you never know what the next moment holds. There will always be trials and tribulations but never forget the one you chose is the one you love. Love is a gift. It is the most priceless gift of all. It can not be purchased or tricked or cajoled from another it must be given freely thus the hardest to obtain. If one finds true love one must hold onto it, cherish it and protect it for it is precious. I am extremely passionate in all ways. I am always listening and growing and learning something new each day. I feel deeply from my heart thus yes, at times, this makes me vulnerable so I too hesitate to let others' into my inner circle. You want to know what true love means to me? True love is both complicated and simple...true love is when for no reason at all you find yourself smiling at just the thought of someone, it is when you do something special for them without an expected occasion, it is when at your most joyous moments and heart wrenching times you want that one, and only person beside you. That one person adds to your life and never takes from it. The two are one on a path with direction that is felt not always spoken with words. An understanding if you will, of the hearts. The person whom your heartbeat quickens when you see them, your body aches for them when you miss them and your thoughts constantly drift to them when apart. I appreciate that you have always shared openly and honestly your thoughts and feelings as that is genuine and heartfelt and I honestly appreciate that you took your time to do that for me. I am in agreement and see myself in the traits you have mentioned. I find in the world of today technology has overtaken the old fashioned world of meeting one another, getting to know one another, of eye contact, hearing laughter, and being with a person not a device. Albeit I also believe technology has its' place in the world, and seen great and wondrous technical advances in time. I do however, still believe, that time is precious and one must sometimes take a leap of faith and meet the person. I shall not take up to much more of your time thus I will close in saying these few words. May your heart be happy and may you always have a spare smile to give away. The secret to happiness is knowing and loving oneself in order to love another. Be humble and kind at all times as how we live our lives does come back to us sooner or later. I believe in doing good to others and expecting and even more so, wanting nothing in return but to see them have a better day and perhaps give them a reason to smile, lessen their burden or suffering for even one moment in time, is what gives us a reason to smile tomorrow. I too shall close and in doing so bid you a goodnight. May you dream of beauty and find peace there that stays with you always. I wish you all the happiness in the world, and I want you to know you can always count on my friendship and attention. I pray you have a beautiful day...looking forward to talking tonight. Fondest regards,
Letter 8

Hello Sherry, It has been really nice talking and getting to know you. Let me start this letter by remembering a movie I watched not too long ago: “Never met you, but have always loved you”. Please don't think that I'm joking or dreaming or something like that. It's just that, despite the fact that we've been together for not so long, I'm under the impression that we've know each other for ages, that's how much in common we have, how our dreams match so closely and how special is the way you tease and touch me, kiss me or run your fingers through my hair, just the same way in which I caress you with all my soul. I don't want you to think that I'm exaggerating. Your presence alone makes me notice the happiness in simple things, makes me realize that the greatest love doesn't have to be the one you hurt or cry the most; the greatest love is the one that brings you the peace, courage, safety and joy to face every day's setbacks. The greatest love, be sure of that, is the one that makes you happy, the one we share, this mutual affection and attention, where every gesture, word and intention are careful, aiming at each others comfort and happiness, this love is not selfish and it comes effortless. I want you to know that I'm very happy to be by your side, to share your smile, your bed, your nights and also your voice, when you say “good morning”. I miss you a lot every time especially now that we are apart, but I feel so happy and at peace with myself that I can only reach one conclusion: I've been truly overtaken by this sublime feeling they call Love. I seek my best friend, my copilot, my partner in woman who knows that IF we should argue we can still hold hands...I am not a fighter!! but its fun making up...Wink ..A woman who I can tell anything. Love has no bounds..what is important is the love and memories you share and make together. Love is priceless. It engulfs your soul and your inner beauty. So yes it a fairy tale where dreams do come true. When I love, I love hard. It is for ONE woman and it is genuine and true. This is my take on Love... I can't wait to talk to you again tonight. Music is a huge part of my life and I sometimes choose to express myself and emotions through this medium (music). I have included 2 love songs for you...kindly use the below link to listen.
Be Humble and Kind..Tim McGraw
Love of A Lifetime..Firehouse A kiss from yours,
Letter 9

Happy New Year! Thanks for writing back, I must confess you're slowly making me feel this internet dating thing is really working out more than people thought. I would love to know more about you. I really love everything you shared with me about yourself and I think we have so many similarities, we just need to learn more about each other. I love a hardworking and reliable soul mate. I love the way you make me feel inside and I think we both have a lot in common, we just need to keep communicating and learn more about each other and see how thing would work out. Here's more about me:
I had a beautiful childhood, my dad was in the military so he always took us with him whenever he was transferred or posted to a new place. We lived briefly in Belgium, England and France. But I spent a lot of my years in the Netherlands. As a kid, I was mostly home schooled but also attended a few private high schools. I do have a degree from the University of Sheffield in South Yorkshire, England. I am very close to my family. I have just a sister, she's married and has two kids. She lives in Texas with her family. My son Bryan and I are extremely close, I am very protective of him but he dislikes it because he feels he is now a man (22 years), but to me, he will always be my baby boy. He is currently studying overseas in the U.K.
I would like to describe myself as a Jack of all trades and master of all. LOL. I am a self employed Architect/Interior Designer/Construction Engineer. I own my company 100%, the company initially belonged to my late father in-law but I helped revive the company when it almost went bankrupt. I brought in new ideas, my knowledge and expertise and transformed the business from a struggling failure to a successful venture/brand. My father in-law was so impressed and he willed the company to me and his daughter (my late wife). However she also passed away leaving everything to me and our son. You can view my company website for more info on what we do. I want a reliable, honest, loyal, faithful, hardworking, caring, supportive and understanding woman that can always stand by me as her man. I am a very hardworking man and I am willing to do anything to make my woman happy and I will always be there for her and make sure she never lacks anything. Love, Care, Security (financial, physical & emotional), loyalty, honesty and respect are some of the packages that comes with me. Do you believe in destiny?? I believe it's destiny that has brought us together. I was really hurt and devastated when I lost my wife but I am willing to take chances again and give love another shot. It's been long since I last made love/had sex, what about you?? I think I should also share my dislikes and likes with you... let me start off by saying my dislikes first Dislikes Includes.....Inequity of any kind, rudeness, dishonesty, infidelity, offensive behavior, brutality in any form, greed, love of money and materialism, laziness, and any disrespect of "God". And Likes.. Compassion, generosity, understanding, ability to listen and comprehend, ability to give and receive love/knowledge, fidelity, honesty, equality, manners and courtesy, intelligence, open heart/mind, ambitious people, willingness and desire to help others, respect of money and resources-economy and preservation, music, life in all of its splendor-here and In other worlds...Smile, respect-knowledge and respect of God, and all in this universe. I think I should stop here for now, Hope to hear from you soon and you take good care of yourself. I called and texted you but got no response, you can text me on 705-415-2202. Sincerely Yours.
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