Scam Email(s) from Micheal Tony to Eloha (USA)


Letter 1

hello how are you doing what a nice profile
you are welcome what are you doing now so nice to here from you
am looking for true love here. are you single or married
yes maybe i can fine its my friends told me to open this site can you see am new here
and what about you why are you here on this site have you meet anyone right here i mean nice man tell me more about you honey. you are looking good here
that is nice honey and i believe i we fine my true love here. so how are you doing you sound good here. am not always here did you have email
thank you honey am waiting for you since and what are you doing right now and how was your day
thank you for the email am going to come and come there its oke bye you. wrote on the email come there
i remember now and how life with you honey come email or are you busy right now what are you doing for living honey

Letter 2

hello how are you doing thank you for email am so happy and how are you doing and what are you doing for living i mean your work honey take care