Scam Email(s) from Jeremy Petry Ford to Diana (Puerto Rico)


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Letter 1

Diana i cant believe i have been with someone who never trusted me ,sometimes i stand to ask myself why did i become this stupid ,you don't really know how much am to pay when i get out of here for nothing ,since you don't trust me you don't know how much i have planned for us to be one never to part again neither do you know the plans i have for you ,i don't know when i will stop been a fool in love ,please if you feel you cant do anything about giving the agent what i asked you to help him with ,you just better forget this and stop asking me such stupid question ,you only know what a man worth when he is close and i was planning to big for us .please if you cant trust me then i don't know why i have been wasting my time trying to build my home on a shabby floor ,if you cant trust me you have to let go ,yes i will still love and i will wait till you learn to trust me .

Letter 2

i have tried talking to the agent but he said he cant do anything about it ,diana i can do anything again and i will have to pay him back his money when am out from here ,since you cant do anything let just leave it like that it has happened already ,let just forget about this issue




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