Romance scam letter(s) from Martin James to Valerie (USA)
Letter 1

I was born in Memphis,Tennessee and moved to FL because of the Military. I graduated from M.A.S.S. Professional Aeronautics-Management/Operati ons at Embryo-Riddle FL/AZ in 1997. I lost my Parents long time ago, and I have no brother or sister. I got married in 2001 and lost my wife in 2012. I just have you now to talk to and my son. My son is Kelvin by name, he is 14 years old, nice kid to talk to. He is planning on becoming an Electrical Engineer, and I am ready to make him achieve his dreams.I have a house with Swimming pool, a Ford explorer Jeep, a private Helicopter and a private Boat. I am a man who is nice, caring, honest, God fearing, Sincere, good sense of humor and Understanding. Because understanding and communication is the most important thing in a relationship to make it strong and last forever.. when two couples understand themselves I don't see anything that will happen to that will be a happy one...I am looking for someone who is nice, caring, loving, honest and understanding..someone who have inner beauty because inner beauty tells the true and real character of a lady because is from the inner side of her you can tell if she is good or is not all about the physical appearance but the inner feelings which is the true feelings...I love reading the Bible, novels, poets..I love watching movies such as Romance, comedy, thriller and TV Shows...I listen to music like Rn B and Gospel. I am looking for and am interested in a relationship on a long term basis with one woman. I am by nature kind, romantic, very affectionate, understanding and very passionate and in intimacy I enjoy giving and receiving affection, and am very open-minded and adventurous as well. I am a well-educated, working professional. I enjoy reading, dancing, walking on the beach, fishing, camping, just hanging out, and other fun things. I am very sincere and would enjoy a true romantic and fulfilling relationship. I am also down to earth, honest, not judgmental in any way, and very giving in a relationship as well as in intimacy. I'm a gentle man with big heart and beautiful personality! I'm the caretaker type. When you are on the side of the road with a flat Tyre, I'm the guy who stops. When you are coming through the door, I'm the guy who holds it for you and gives you a humble smile and a soft hello. I work hard with my mind and my hands and I am more "in tune" with life than most people. well educated professional man ,am a Cool ,respectful, and comprehensive person..who really wants to experience love in its full sense.I am very social,an outgoing person. I am well balanced in my life. I am a man of true character who believes in giving everyone a fair chance. I have established some very well throughout career goals with a clear path and plan to achieve success which is controlling my own destiny and not all the money in the world. I do have my Christian faith to credit for my life, attitude and success; however, I don't use the name of God to attract women for my character speaks for itself. I am not the type of man who is focused entirely on himself, I am a man of my word. Attached are some of my pics and I hope you do love them. I will be waiting for your pics too. Your admirer,
Letter 2

How are you doing today?. I've been missing you so much and thinking about you, I want you to know that I am ready to build a family and something that will last forever and Eternity, I am willing to love and sacrifices everything for the only one I love, I want her to do the same for me because my late dad always told me that believe In someone that believes In you because this Life is short Of everything you cant really make an Impression on. I am really Interested In spending the rest of my life with you, I understand the fact that we just met and I don't want you to think that I'm going too fast. I am a man that like to express his feelings so please understand my point of view, Stay well and God bless you. I hope this wakes you up with a smile on your face. Love Always, Mark.
Letter 3

Honey, there is so much I want to tell you, a lot has been running through my head lately. I'm having trouble putting my thoughts into words so you will have to bare with me through this.
I keep thinking about the future, about life after retirement, and what I want out of it. I keep thinking about us and what this relationship means to me. I keep thinking about these things and I realize they go hand in hand. This relationship is my future; it is what I want out of life. I want to grow old with you. I want to experience this crazy love forever and ever, and I really think I'm going to get to. I want us to walk through new houses picking the one that would be just right for us. I want to see you walk around our house in a big t-shirt with your hair down and catch me staring at how gorgeous you are. I want you to pull the covers off me at night and then I have to get even closer, if it's possible, to you to keep warm. I want to see you laugh like crazy at me when I do stupid stuff. I want to rub lotion all over your body because you laid out in the sun too long. I want to hold you when you cry and smile with you when you smile. I want to fall asleep every night with you in my arms. I want you to fall asleep on my chest listening to the beat of my heart and know it beats for you I want you to be the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I see when I go to sleep. I want to see your bad morning hair; I think it will be so cute. Please spend and end the rest of your life with me.
Can we please text what is your mobile number
Letter 4

Can we please text what is your mobile number
Letter 5

I want us to chat and know each other better,Better still if you don't want to give me your mobile number you can give me your skype Id
Letter 6

Good morning dear,Hope you are fine I sent you a contact request on skype and I am waiting for your response
Letter 7

It makes me happy knowing that I would talk to you every day and it feel so good not just talking to you everyday but looking forward to what each day brings to both our lives, all these feelings I just can't hide.You will always be in my heart and I hope you are beginning to see just how much I care for you and all my feelings will always be true. I can't describe how much I care but when you need me I will be there to wipe those tears, when you are sad I will be always be there make you happy, all these things I can really do Just remember I'm thinking of you always. I've been in this lonely custody for years but that changed the minute I met you, you broke the walls and entered my heart. You untied the chains, held my hand and let me out. You released my soul that was held deep within, You held my hand and let love begin! I want to see you live your dreams,achieve greatness and be happy. I want to be a part of your life forever, sharing moments where we are both breathless lost for words. I want to see you smiling, hear you laugh and I want to love you the best way I can. My sunshine I want to be able to share memories with you, good and bad. I want to be able to hold you when you are upset and tell you things are going to be okay cos I would try my best to make it okay and make it better for you, I know you would do the same for me. Words are not enough to explain the way I feel about you, I want you to know that I will always cherish you forever. Love Always,
Letter 8

Ever since you came into my life, my future looks bright and exciting, You have given me hope at a life full of love again. You are in my thoughts every minute of every day, as each day goes by the distance between us gets closer and closer.I don't only want to share my mind with you, but my body too. I want to kiss you like it's the first time and I want to feel my love for you flowing through my veins like blood Warming me up and making my heart beat faster. I want you to take my hand and lead the way,Pour out all your deeper thoughts, Let your soft voice whisper swiftly into my ear. All these lovely things I want to share with you for the rest of my life, I am a man that is not just after the beauty of a woman's body but the inner beauty because inner beauty tells the true and real character of a lady. You have so much inner beauty in you and I feel blessed with you in my life.
Honey you are my heartbeat now and forever. Love Always,
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