Romance scam letter(s) from Allen J. Arckerman to Eloha (USA)
Letter 1

hi pretty nice profile how are you doing i will like us to be friends
Letter 2

Hello Beautiful It really nice and lovely hearing you beautiful queen,How are you today..fine I guess..I can see a very beautiful heart behind the looks..... Uhmm well if i may say that i snapped though your profile and i found your picture irresistible and beautiful so i decided to say Hi,I am looking for an attractive and honest woman like you to spend time with and get to know, friends at first... maybe more later. Looks are definitely not everything, but some physical attraction has to exist for a relationship to begin.. But, just as important I do believe people become more attractive or less attractive as you get to know them... PERSONALITY is important too, I want to have that special something deep inside that can't be described in words. You can only know what it is by experiencing it. That mutual connection between two people that is just there naturally,do you have yahoo messenger.i will be glad if we can chat and get to know each other better.Am truly interested in you,i am looking for serious relationship.I hope the distance doesn't bothered you I believe is a way of getting to know each other before meeting in person,Am truly interested in you sweetie,hope to hear from you soon
Letter 3

Hello Angel, What a wonderful and charming smile you have here. Can I be your friend if you don't mind.... With love Raymond Cristo
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