Scam Email(s) from Marcus Sanches to Eloha (USA)


Letter 1

hello its so nice meeting u here,my name is marcus,i am single and a professional chef,i also do some jobs with the UNICEF,i hope we can be friends and learn about each other more..i am always positive and open minded,so i will be positive and hope for a reply from u soon.less i forget u have a wonderful smile
well i work as a volunteer and also contractor..can u tell me about your self?professional chef means i cook for a living..thats my pasion..tell me about u..i want to know ,and hope we can be great friends together..its always good to be positive
well thats nice ..glad to have u.and hope we can get along...well i can always make dishes for you if you want. why are u single? A unicorn represents a pure heart overflowing with love, innocence, kindness, charity, justice, sensitivity, truth, loyalty, beauty, and all things good. I'm sending you this unicorn greeting, because I see all of these special qualities in you. You're a magical spark in a world that sometimes seems dark. Your light never fails to touch my heart and soul leaving behind a feeling of peace and an assurance that goodness truly exists in the world. Thank you for being you
ok i understand. do u think we can give happiness a try together.
age does not matter ..what matters is happiness trust and love..i want your heart and not your u think u can give that to me ? is my email..why dont we communicate there..would be great
ok i will send u an email now and also some pictures of me. i am so delighted to have u in my world

Letter 2

Because you're a beautiful person,
I wanted to send something beautiful to you.
Because you always fill my world
with laughter and happiness,
I wanted to send something bright to you.
Because our friendship is true,
I wanted to send some pink roses to you.
It's not much,
but I hope this greeting will do.
In my own special way,
I just wanted to let you know that
you're in my thoughts today,
and I'm sending some good
wishes your way.

SANCHES MARCUS from tagged

Letter 3

you are welcome ,now i want u to tell me all about your that can make us closer..what do u do for a living?your likes and dislikes etc