Romance scam letter(s) from George Summer to Eloha (USA)
Letter 1

Hi beautiful how are you?
Yes I am doing good as the way my name is Casey and what is your name? have a nice name....Nice to meet you
How long have you been on this site if I may ask and are you looking for a serious long term relationship or just a friendship
Are you looking for a serious long term relationship or just a friendship?
Ok...Are married,single,dating,seperated,divorce or in a relationship?
It's very important to me because you're so beautiful and charming that any man would love to have you as his woman and I am here looking for a serious long term relationship...a woman that I can love and cherish for the rest of my life.
Letter 2

big fool, crazy bitch, scammer, your useless family , old monkey, stinking blooding old pussy like you, fuck off my profile village goat
Letter 3

Hello My Dear Pretty. Hoe doe je vandaag, ik bekijk je profiel en ik moet bekennen dat je erg mooie vrouw en je ziet er zo schattig, dacht ik ben een nieuwe persoon in deze site op zoek naar de juiste vrouw, kan ik zie het in je ogen dat je zo'n vrouw die speciale liefde verdient en ik kan doen mijn best om u speciaal voelen en gelukkigste vrouw op aarde, ik heb alleen zijn voor een lange tijd, maar ik heb een partner in mijn leven dat ik mijn rust zal besteden van mijn leven met. Kan ik een match voor u? want je bent zo geweldig in mijn ogen en je bent de blik van de vrouw elke man bidt om te hebben in het leven en ik zal blij zijn om een dergelijke mooie dame als jij in mijn leven. en ik zal graag voor ons om elkaar te leren kennen zeer kan me hier uw emailadres in te schrijven of je schrijven op me te richten op mijn prive e-mail op (, zodat ik mijn foto kunt doorsturen naar je en vertel u meer over mijn zelf en ik zal graag als je Skype stuur me dan uw gebruikersnaam zodat ik zal u toevoegt en praat met je goed daar of voeg me met deze gebruikersnaam op Skype [sweethome5613155] oke. dank je wel en een mooie dag verder. gezondheid. David
Letter 4

Hello Dear, how are you? I'm new here and I mean no harms to you but would like us to be friends in trust and understanding if you don't mind language, age, distance, culture or tradition doesn't matter in friendship and relationship, trust and understanding is all that matters
Letter 5

Adam did not expect or thoughts about Eve, but the love of God in him, he gave him the day before, I think, to love anything is possible in life, and I want you to understand that distance is not a barrier, but to lay the foundation of true love, love this universe, but true love is unique, that you can love brought us
Letter 6

HI how are you doing and nice to meet you. My name is Alex,and am also new to this site so i dont know much about the site and am here looking for my soul mate who will love me and trust and i will also love her in a return and i will also spend the rest of my life with her so when you are interesting just give me your email address so that we talk there Thank you. here is my email address:
Letter 7

Hello Nice to meet you dear. I am a widower for years now and i am looking for a single or divorced lady who i will start a long term relationship with and spend the rest of my life with, are you single, my email is write to me and i will reply you with my photos and also details about me. thanks
Letter 8

Hello my name is Charles R Swider, how are you today? hope you are fine and in good health.I came online to look for a true and loving friend saw your profile today and admire only to see your beautiful pictures brightens my darkest day, I felt it necessary to write you immediately.I really appreciate you to reciprocate my message by dropping email back to me.I live far from the case that most people get in, born in Houston Texas U.S.A, currently in North Carolina and am looking for a long term relationship that can lead to marriage, I'm looking the truthful and honest woman who is willing to love me.I believe we can move from here! i am waiting for your mail. {remember that distance or color does not matter but love matters alot in his life in love....Or you can find me on FACEBOOK with my Full name Charles R Swider. Thank Charles Swider
Letter 9

hello, how are you, I am a single father of an honest and faithful man, looking for an honest and understanding woman with whom I can build a serious relationship that can lead to marriage
Letter 10

Hello, my name is colleague Kelvin David Almond. I'm interested in you after reading your short profile here in Tag. I decided to add you. I am a sincere and honest man. I want to start a relationship with perfect understanding with you. I think the distance does not matter because I can live with you in any country in the world when we love and understand each other. Please give me your e-mail address and your Whatsapp number. This is my email address ( and this is my whatsapp number, please add me. 15188411494. Thank you for your positive response to this message
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