Scam Email(s) from Kenneth Carter to Marg (New Zealand)


Letter 1

Look honey do"t call me a liar again don"t like it, because i am a very simple man with a good heart of loving!

Letter 2

Honey i don"t treat you like a dumbie you, i know it will be very hard for you to believe me

Letter 3

Honey money is not my problem in life, what i need is happiness and good woman to live the rest of my life with

Letter 4

Honey i could not live here in war zone with my international passport, and all my life document are inside my military luggage honey, i could not have access to do anything here on my hands in war zone if not i could have do everything my self!

Letter 5

I have a lot of money inside that my life, please help me pay this 1000eur to the United Nation so that they will bring my luggage to you in New Zealand honey, them when my luggage get to you, i will give you the code of my luggage them you will open it and collact my international passport and send it to me turth DHL to me here in war zone, them you will take the 1000eur you use, so that i will be with you in New Zealand!

Letter 6

Honey you know i have taken my leave, you don"t have to leave me here!

Letter 7

Honey the general is now asking me when will i live here in war zone, because i have taken my leave, please don"t live me here my love!