Scam Email(s) from Timothy Boone Adam to Lilac (France)


Letter 1

How are you doing and how is your day going? Thanks a lot for your passionate heart and emotional spirit which you have towards me and i do appreciate it a lot from the depth of my heart. My love, I have a very Important Businees that I have to Invest in AS fast as i can Right Now baby and this had been Borthering me Lately I just Do Not know how To Relate this to you for this Transaction is Huge and i don't know if youi are Willingh to help make Recieve and make a Transfer?.. Baby Just so you know it's SAFE AND LEGALLY. Honey this is very Important to me I would let you have a Percentage for the Transfer Don't Worry about that I just Need Your Trust here I ask Please For the Sake Of our lOVE i want to know if You could Do this Favour for me?..
I love you sweetie and love hearing from you soon.
Your sweetheart ?

Letter 2

No Honey You Don't have To Pay anything, You would Even get a Percentage from this all you have to Do is catch this Money in your Account if that Would work and then after I give you the Details To Forward This cash Honey.. Please this is No JOKE i have I want to TRUST you here please Don't let me Down Can you?.

Letter 3

Through My Financier Darling and he his a Very Busy man he travels a lot but Currently My financier is currently in the States and would probably he would be leaving for Europe so depending on where his arrival at the Time this Transaction is Ready so he would either wire directly from Europe or from the States depending on his location. As i was just informed and this is what he said..
have you done Huge Transactions with Your Bank before Honey?..
I would like to know Please Try and Understand me here for i Don't want anything To Disturb this Transaction and Promise ME YOU WOULD ACT fast I don't like Sluggishness in Business at all Honey..

Letter 4

baby Let me have you banking details.
All what is Need to make a transfer Into your Account Love.
This are the things he Needs to do the Transactions....
How about the Swift code and
security Question and Answer?
Then Online Details Just to be Informed when the Money Goes into the Account love..
I'm not the one making this Transaction Now Honey, this is what he asked.

Letter 5

Sweetheart a few day's ago i was contacted in regards to funds i am owed for almost a year now for a completed contract in Turkey, Sweetheart i need your help to receive this fund on my behalf. i Don't want it been transferred to my Bank account for there's an error on my Account about tax invasion and that's outrageous because i know that had been cleared adn I don't want them dedcuting any Money from my account just becauzse of this Error and also I figure we would be together soon and i would love to visit and spend some more time before i return back to the states Honey.... I already contacted my attorney to this effect, please send him a brief email on ( His name is Collins Lumpkin. Tell him you are my wife or whichever way you could address yourself to him love but make sure you mention my name and if possible send him my an attachments of my Photo so he could know it was I who sent you and that you are contacting him regarding my funds in Turkey.. Can I count on you love?

Letter 6

Usually my supplies comes to me by chopper that is when I get to pay the delivery, because I can gain access to bank from here so I have cash that I have in my bulk just for emergency cases Ike this, but he's not willing to do a business that way because it's my first time dealing with him. It's not much honey just $ 850.99 for two dozens of the led lights my dear...