Scam Email(s) from Peter Rooke to Miguel (Spain)


Letter 1

Hello Miguel,
Thanks for your message i really do appreciate the fact that you have taken your time to write to me,i have been in Spain,Galicia for the past 3 months now because i was posted from Georgia,Atlanta U.S.A where i live and work to come work on a designing contract here but presently i am on vacation from work so i decided to come to Dublin in Ireland to spend little time with my mother but i return to Galicia by next week.
I am the only child for my parents before my father died about 6 years ago and my mother decided to come to Ireland so that she can stay with her best friend since she did not like the way she was treated by my dad's family and she is getting old already and she needs company.
I enjoy having fun and it is my work that has taken me to many different countries because i work on the construction field doing remodeling and somehow i think it's a good experience because it has improved my level of exposure,i am also looking for sincere friendship and someone i can share my feelings with because i feel lonely deep inside me but i am not willing to rush into a relationship.........How about you? tell me more about you and feel free to ask me any question OK.
Stay cool,

Letter 2

Dear Miguel,
How are you doing? thanks for the nice reply and i respect your relationship.........i look forward to meeting you next week (11th of January) when i return to Galicia so we can meet, also i can get to visit you if it's comfortable for you and your also welcome to visit me in my apartment since i live alone.
I work on the construction field doing remodeling, I'm really passionate about urban planning, I specialize on designing house dwellings for poor and rich people, as well as all the engineering projects on earth movement, roads, fresh water pipes and sewers systems..........i got posted to come work on a new private mini estate in Vigo (which will last till December 2017) from the company i work for in Atlanta but i have my plans to be self established in the nearest future and i am considering Spain.
I am top in bed and i can be bottom,i like many others things in sex! sucking,spanking,nipple play,cuddling,kissing,licking a nice opened hole and fucking in different positions like 69,360 and scissors.
I have had just two relationships in the past and now i am single because things did not just work out and that is why i am taking my time to look,i believe in someone to enjoy life with, someone who likes sports,a responsible guy, Someone to laugh with... Neat, honest,organized,smart, well just a little good sex,romantic, good self esteem, no perfectionist,no violent.
Anyway sometimes we put so many things that what we like or dislike, but the real truth is some one who you feel connected,chemistry things in common. I'm not perfect and I'm looking for someone who can make mistakes too.

Letter 3

Dear Miguel,
Thanks for the nice reply and i really appreciate you so much for even taking your time out to write me despite how busy your work is right now,i like the way you write with passion and i must confess you do put a smile on my face.
Yes you are welcome to visit me in my apartment in Vigo because sometimes i get tired of doing things alone and asides that,i don't really enjoy going out especially to gay bars/clubs because i prefer to stay back home and have a nice time (may be i am old fashioned).
Honestly i like the fact that we are getting along easily because it matters a lot to me,i like it when things happen naturally and the most important thing is when two understands each other.
About fetish,i like it very much... with passion too... I like bondage, Leather, Role playing... and many others,depending on your dominant side... I am open to new experiences as i am
kind of new to this.
I am curious to get to know your hobbies? your favorite color? food? and how would you describe a romantic evening together with your partner?
As for me i am really having a great time here in Dublin and i love it that i am able to put a smile on my mom's face.
Have a great weekend,

Letter 4

My dear Miguel,
It's a beautiful Saturday morning here in Dublin and i am happy to come read from you,i am enjoying our conversation because you have a way of making me smile every time i read from you.
Am glad to hear that you had fun yesterday and hope you got enough rest as well? i am sorry to hear about the loss of your father and i can imagine how your mom feels ever since because my mom changed too somehow ever since my father died.
Also i feel excited to receive you as my guest once i return to my apartment in Castrelos,Vigo and we can do lots of things together to have fun.
I feel we have so much to talk about when we finally meet in person because i like to be very honest and open from the beginning of the friendship and not hide anything at all, yes i am new to fetish but i am willing to learn and explore.
Also i am sorry that i have not been able to check out your profile on Instagram because i don't have an Instagram profile or Facebook profile anymore because of my ex boyfriend and it's a long story but we can talk about it when we see for sure.
Thanks for your nice reply and i do like your answers to my questions because we have so much in common,as for me my favorite color is green because its brings out the beauty in nature and as for my food? i like different types of dishes but my favorite is my mama's dish(smiles)i enjoy fresh sea foods and fruits mostly.
One of my greatest hobbies are movies and music....I have a movie collection of nearly 2900 movies..and about 70.000 mp3's. These collections take a lot of my spare time. Many people don't understand but I love movies, as I like good books too...but movies impress me more than books...for me it's really magic...and - please don't laugh - but I'm a huge Disney Fan, and my favorite Disney characters are Pinocchio (but i don't lie)...and Peter Pan ..yeah, Disney makes me go wild, maybe I've never grown up??
Romantic evening with partner?... I like that question... I'm not into fast things. I like taking my time. To be with my partner on free evening when we decided to take time only for us is sort of celebration of our life together, of our friendship...I like a good meal that we prepare together, no phone to answer, face to face in the shadow and we talk and talk and talk slowly about how we see life, how we appreciate one another, how our life changed since we met,etc...Atmosphere is important: soft music, candles, 2 flowers in pot: the one each one of us prefer... some good wine but not a lot
After meal, dancing together even outside if weather is ok, taking time to take off our cloths and to appreciate each other like first time we met, shower together with candles and music with lot of gentle touches, long kissing,etc... We move candles and music in our room with slices of fresh fruits and ice wine. Each one will give fruit to eat to the other one and drop slowly some cold wine on others body; windows will be open so light wind will lift up curtains above our naked bodies and we make love slowly and with passion, caring for each other all along, using all that we like to enjoy this high moment of encounter. We are not having sex: we are expressing how we love each other from our minds, hearts and souls through our wet bodies.
As for your question about Atlanta,it's a very big and busy city which i miss but i am already getting used to Europe because i have been in Europe for a long time now and i have been to many places here like Sweden,Germany,France,Portugal and even Singapore and Taiwan in Asia but i think my favorite is France because i really had a wonderful time here last year.
Have a wonderful day,

Letter 5

Dear Miguel,
Sorry for the delay in writing you,i just got in from church together with my mom because i am raised catholic.....yes you are correct about my Spanish not fluent but i will appreciate if you can teach me to be fluent( smiles).
Thanks for your letter and i am glad that you enjoyed my description of a romantic evening because i was just in the perfect mood to talk about it,wow i just checked out your instagram page and i love the beautiful pictures and i can relate to the creative photos of nature and i really want to know what inspires you?
I am already packing my bags here in Dublin and i did told my mother about our friendship already because we are very close and she knows about my gay life, but she told me to be very careful not to fall into the wrong hand but i told her that you sound cool and i feel i can trust you.
Today i have to follow my mother to the hospital for medical check up because she did complained of pain in her chest and i would love to make sure that everything is perfectly alright with her before i can fly out of here......take care of yourself and i will write you later.

Letter 6

My dear Miguel,
How are you doing? i understand you have been busy but it's OK,actually i don't judge when it comes to beliefs in faith because going to church does not make anyone a saint, it's the heart that matters to me and treating others the way you love to be treated, so i understand your point about not going to church and i am cool with it.
I can't wait to learn and speak Spanish fluently by you and i promise to be a good student(smiles),actually i am so looking forward to our meeting because we have so much to talk about.
Thanks for your care and i have been to the hospital with my mother and she has Portal Hypertension, the doctor here told me this is a condition in which the normal flow of blood through the liver is slowed or blocked by scarring or other damage and now she s at risk of internal bleeding or other life-threatening complications....And he wants to treat her using a procedure called TIPS (transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt).
The doctor said he has to treat her this way cause he won't advise her to go for surgery,this is the only alternative she has .....He already assured me that there is nothing to worry about and that made me feel relieved.
I will keep you posted as things go for sure.


Letter 7

Dear Miguel,
Honestly it means a lot to me that you really care for me and my mom and i appreciate,i just wish i can give you a big hug right now.....the treatments have started and it's going on fine.
I feel relieved right now but mom won't be going home until later in the day..............I was just wondering which of these would you prefer for a celebration beer? wine? or champagne?

Letter 8

My dear Miguel,
How was your day? i am just getting home now and i wanted to come drop you an e mail since you have been on my mind, as for me i love coca-cola (hehehehe) i know it sounds childish but i do, well i prefer red wine but i drink occasionally.
I have to be sincere with you that i never thought i could find a good hearten man like you since most men that messaged me are always most particular about sex sex sex which is all they want,but you are different cause you are ready to listen to me and that's why i feel very comfortable with you.
Honestly i find myself thinking about what will happen when we meet and am a little anxious to meet you but i have to be sincere with you that i can be very shy at first but never mind.
Mom is feeling better now and thank you so much for taking your time to care for me,i do appreciate it.
lots of kisses and hugs,

Letter 9

My dear Miguel,
Thanks very much for your care and i really look forward to meeting you because i agree with all you have said......i got down your phone number and i will give you a call once i arrive Vigo for sure and we can arrange our meeting.
My mother is feeling better now and i am ready to leave Dublin but i can not fly now because i have a little problem right now.
I feel a bit uncomfortable to tell you about this but i only want to open up to you because i feel i can trust you to share anything with you.
The truth of the matter is that i need to settle an important bill for my mom and presently i am down on cash and now i do not know who to turn to here for help because i don't like to ask people for it.
I just feel i should open up to you since we are close and i would really appreciate if you can assist me even if it is for you to loan me till i get paid in Vigo by 23rd of January then i will surely get your money back at you.
Thanks very much and God bless.

Letter 10

Dear Miguel,
Actually i am not happy with the fact that i had to bother you with my problem because i don't think it speaks well of me and also since we have not met so i perfectly understand about your economic situation.
The amount i need to balance the bill is 650 euros and i only opened up to you because i feel comfortable with you and am sorry if that offends you but i will love to make sure that i take care of everything here with my mother before i can get on plane so that my mind will be at rest when i get back to Vigo.
Heaven knows i will so much appreciate if you can do this for me because i really don't want to sell my things to raise this amount because that is the only option i am left with right now since i can not cash my pay cheque here,i even attach a copy of my pay cheque for you to see and it's okay if you can't help me,i don't want anything to ruin our friendship and i can wait till next weekend before we meet.
Also just in-case you are able to assist me,here is my account information here in Dublin that you can make transfer but please help me only if it is coming from your heart because i don't want to inconvenience you at all.
Name: Peter Rooke
IBAN: IE96AIBK93357014379129
Acc NO : 143379129
Sort code :933570
Bank Name & Address:Allied Irish Banks, Lower Kilmacud Road, Stillorgan, Co.Dublin.
Home Address:85 St Gabriels,Johnstown Road
City:Cabinteely,Dublin 18