Scam Email(s) from Roy Salinas to Rubi (USA)


Letter 1

i don't just know what keeps me getting attracted to you , maybe that's nature and life for you, actually i must tell you that i am seriously interested in making a matured relationship, i mean i love matured women since they have insight and knowlegde on how to go about in making a lasting relationship, as a matter of fact i have been involved in some relationship and was cheated which has made me to never wanted to get into any relationship , but i came to realise the fact that love goes on and on, and the fact that someone has cheated on me does not make all women equal. I had to come back to my senses, all i am demanding now is your trust, honesty and care and well its been really nice to really know your actual feelings towards me and it was so nice to share mine with you,we really know the prinicples of love and what surrounds its, its all about care,love feelings emotions honesty,loyaty,building up your own heart to a level to love someone, you are really great, you know what you seek and you know how to find it,its just as easy as ABC, if you know what you seek you will surellly find it and its all about hard work and faith,you work towards building faith in you and how stronger you can hold on to your self for some while till you see the right person you looking for,your words make me see the future,your words make me see what is in your heart,your life is full of joy,your feelings make me happy i grow in you while you grow in me, i love the way we talk about things,its all about maturity in the human sense and body,we know we can handle things and we know how to handle our feelings and thats the best way to develope and build a solid future ahead of us,life is full of good things if you seek it with honesty..