Scam Email(s) from Martin James to Fran (USA)


Letter 1

I just want you to know that your husband has been shot by. Group of robbers and he is been admitted but don't know the hospital I wanted to check on him to see if he got the package has he said I should send it to him not you a man who claim to be the care giver said he has been shot and he is at the hospital

Letter 2

Hope you talked with your husband??

Letter 3

You welcome tell your husband to reply my mail it left with one document for me to finish the process ask your husband to read my mail

Letter 4

Hello Mrs Brown i just got the money and am processing the document for you ok ..The package will be in your state soon ok

Letter 5

Hello fran i want you to know that we need to be quick about how to raise the funds for your husband to be able to survive and as we have 8000$ only so with the 2000 Mrs how will you be able to raise or how much

Letter 6

i know that Mrs fran..
you seems to be difficult in understanding i want you to know if nothing is done the doctor's wont further the surgery am done and if you arent willing to help your husband dont be mailing with suggestion..