Scam Email(s) from Stuart Boch William to Alison (Australia)


Letter 1

I'm focus to work and my live. I let things go smoothly without having to stress.

Letter 2


yeah, i m here as well for real date. been divorced for two years now and its boring so i want a woman back to complete me as a man, do u have skype id? u look great and i love to meet an Ausssie, i was in melbourne once, interesting . add me pls , we could get along and chat on cam for real , my id is stuart4goodhomes@gma

Letter 3

My full name is Suart Boch William, Bloodline traced all the way down to Ireland, grand dad and mom came here century ago, and we all live here in LA. I m an a nature enthusiast and i love swimming and reading as much. I got married seven years ago , it didnt work cos she is an Asian, didnt get to adjust to my standard and she is less educated than a normal woman to keep pace of the things and challenges in western environment. i might also be blames cos i wasnt there most time to be with her at home and she flooded my house with her cousins and one of them starts sleeping with her on my back, i didnt know if thats true though but i was overwhelmed to noticed she was using my credit card for his shopping. anyway, thats past , i got in to this that dating platform to see how it works, i m still abusy person but i intend to come to terms with each moment i perceive myself breathing, i meant i want to be true to myself and accept time as precious gift given to us by nature and i want to really take my time to see how i might learn from others here and there, i want an online companionship, to share my daily routine, be open to share my life cos its more of the people around me and not me alone and perhaps plan for vacations and all that, i also believe that through this means love can grow and one never can tell, we could meet in no time if we share alot ofthings in common. i sensed we both share some crucial hobbies that could link two souls together and for the sake of time and space, i dont mind making the online thing reality by being so honest to tell u that we might click in some ways and if need be grow to learn in others ways to enable us adjust to oen another in areas where we might differ, i love diversity of lives among what nature has in her home and i believe we could explore each others wellspring and intercourse in ways that makes us human. i love western Au. and i was once in melbourne. i might visit u and u come over here in Guam where i work, i m US marine and i have been serving for 20 years now. pardon my error i like your photos, mine are bellow...

Letter 4

Guam is a satellite state of the united states of america. u can google it baby, anyway i will show u my photo in guam , its a beautiful photo. try take a little time to know where i m located baby.
thats me and my brother , shortly before his death.
i work mostly on our facility so we can chat whenever u are free.

Letter 5

poor me , i m always at the facility baby and its only skype that can come in where i m working cos i m using laptop most times and phones arent allowed inside. if u could get a skype in app store i will be grateful and i will owe for such favor. i understand i dont have to push u hard to cam with me but its something worth doing to keep us closer and warmer baby, pls pls pls.. how are u bty the way?

Letter 6

i have diactivated my CB please i m really interested in u , u cant see me there anymore baby, i have u now so dont disappoint me ., please message me here

Letter 7

Thats ok, we could hang out here, i couldnt get back my google hangout password, lol. how are u baby? wht keeps u busy on weekends? for me i swim and read.

this is me today baby