Scam Email(s) from Michael Bender to Annie (USA)


Letter 1

Hello Annie, First I want to thank you for contacting me as humbly requested by my friend, I was very surprised to hear from you but then I am also very grateful that you contacted me. I am 6"1, Irish/English by birth , 55 years of age, raised in England. I came to the United States a year ago to help a British construction company set up a branch but due to some internal issues between the board of directors in England they had to shut down the company just before it even started so I decided to remain in the United States and started working as an independent Contractor. Currently I am in South Africa busy with a project and after completion of the project I will be back to the U.S. Where exactly are you in the area ?

I am a widower, I lost my wife 3 years ago to ALS. I don't have any kid, I come from a small family as I am the only child of my late parents, it was boring growing up alone so I was always out with my friends playing soccer while growing up, I miss those times, life was much easier :) I have relatives back in Ireland but we are not very close since we never got together when my parents were alive. I have one best friend back in England who is like a brother to me.

I like almost all kinds of food and I enjoy cooking but eat out most times because I hate to eat alone after cooking , I like beef, pork, chicken, seafood's and pasta. I like to start my day with a cup of coffee and enjoy my tea before dinner, I like both red and white wine, depending on the season. My favorite spots are Aquariums, cinema, parks etc.. I can sleep on both sides and enjoy cuddling, I am affectionate, I like to hug and kiss a lot :), I enjoy dinning out in a nice restaurant with soft music on the background, my favorite music is soft rock but I can still enjoy all kinds of music. I am a huge European football fan and I have been supporting a club called Manchester united all my life, I played a lot of football growing up. I only started watching football when I came to the U.S.A. I love travelling and someday I will like to retire and travel round the world with the company of my partner.

I drink occasionally and just a few glass of wine, I don't smoke and don't have a pet for now, put down my dog 5 years ago.

My friend is also here in South Africa for a while and will be returning back to the state soon.

I hope I did not bore you. Please tell me about yourself and feel free to ask questions in any area I did not touch.

Smiling now,

Letter 2

Good Morning Annie, I am very pleased to hear from you again, I am sorry for your loss, I know what it is to loose a loved one especially when you have dreams to grow old together.

You sound like a happy, friendly, fun loving woman and someone I would love to meet. I am also a fun loving man and live life to its fullest but not in a reckless way. There is just one thing missing in my life and that is a soul mate, someone that I will spend the rest of my life with. I am a peaceful person and I like to keep to my self, I don't have families and close friends around me but am good to my neighbors around me although we have our boundaries.

I am happy that we are in communication and it will be important that we know what we are looking for in a man and woman. So my question is what are the qualities you like in a man ? For me, I am looking for a woman that makes me happy , family oriented, a caring, loving and respectful woman, respect they say is reciprocal and I always treat my woman with love and respect.

Honesty. Without mutual honesty on both sides, a relationship becomes weaker with each deception. Trust is the foundation of a good relationship and without honesty, trust cannot develop and be maintained. I don't like people who play mind games which I'll also include under the heading of honesty. A good sense of humor is also a key ingredient. I like someone who can be funny and I enjoy laughter in a relationship. Of course kindness, compassion and empathy are also traits I look for. I want someone who is warm hear ted to those she loves and to her fellow human beings. Along with this, I believe, comes compassion and empathy. Being able to put oneself in "someone else's shoes" and understand where they are coming from.

I hope I do not expect or ask for too much as I know no one is perfect and I am not also perfect.

I am in Capetown South Africa, the project am handling here is a Oil pipe line project, am replacing old Oil pipes that have possible leakage in the nearest future, I have 62 workers working for me, both skilled and unskilled workers. Its a very tedious project but very rewarding. I will be completing the project in 4 weeks time and back to the states. Yes David is here but will be heading back to the states this week, Pennsylvania is home for me when I get back to the states, I am an England citizen and am based in the US with a working VISA.

Looking forward to your next email exchange.

Warm regards,

Letter 3

I don't think my citizenship is a concern because I can always get my green card after some few years if I want.
I am a civil engineer, I design, build and construct.
My work VISA is for 10 years.
I have a degree in civil engineering.
I live in Pittsburgh and I rent a rent but plan to buy when I get back to the states.
Thanks for the compliment and hanks for the answer to my question about the qualities you look for in a partner, experience they say in life is the best teacher and I think that lessons we both have experienced in our past relationship is enough to help us through our future relationships or else lessons were not taking. lol If a relationship is meant to be then understanding plays a big impact. I am not the best man on the planet earth but I know that if I apply all the lessons I have learnt from my previous life and relationship then I know I will make a better partner. I am a one woman man and will not cheat on my partner, I will love my partner and cherish her as if there is no other woman in existence, she will be my best friend, lover and the queen of my heart.

Love is like a garden that needs to be watered often and the little things we sometimes neglect out of familiarity is what affects so many relationship, things like text messages to your partner just to say " I love you " even if he your partner just left the house, sending flowers with a card saying nice things, buying tickets to see the game together, never get tired of opening the door for your lady, pulling out the chair for her to sit. Act like boy friend and girl friend who cant do without each other, sneak out and make love, make sex fun. I can go on and on but am sure you understand what I mean. being who you with your partner is very important because you may not be able to fake for so long and when you begin to bring out your real self, then your partner will begin to wonder if he/she married a stranger and problem comes in.

I have not dated much since I lost my wife, I recently realized that I am ready, I have occupied my mind with a lot of things over the years because I was not ready and did not want to hurt anybody's feeling but now I am very sure from my heart that I am ready to move on, I want to fall in love and be the best partner ever.understanding and communication is very important, I think partners should be able to talk about anything, talk about feelings, know each others dislikes and avoid them and never go to bed angry because an issue lingers when you sleep over it.

With that said, What are your likes, dislikes and interest/passion ?

You sound like a very sweet, caring and loving woman and I look forward to knowing you more.

Warm regards,

Letter 4

Hello Annie, I can understand if I sound too good to be true but am not a dream either.
5 hours sound huge but I want you to know that its not for me and even if you were further I will be interested because distance is not a problem if two people are meant to be together, its not something that cant be worked out if they really want to be together.
I am ready to take it slow with you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
I am not sure I can cope with the hangout but if you want we can chat with text messaging, let me know.
Wishing you an amazing day ahead.

Letter 5

Hello Annie, Thanks for this email, I like a woman that can express herself very well.
I agree with you that there is something different since we started communicating because I also feel it, I think we have a rare connection because our spirits have agreed even before our bodies even meet, I think we are a match made by the heaven and there is something I believe strongly in and that is fate, I think fate connected us and I do not have a single doubt that we will have chemistry when we meet because I think there is already chemistry between us. When we started exchanging emails, something told me inside that you are the woman for me and like you, you linger in my thoughts all day. I enjoy texting you and it was amazing when I heard your voice, I feel like I have known you all my life and I don't have any single strange feeling when I think about you.
In all I look forward to meeting you, not to see if there is chemistry but because I want to hold your face, look into your eyes then give plant a kiss on your lips for the first time.
Lets just keep texting, talking, emailing and build a great connection and complete the connection when we finally meet.
Wishing you a beautiful day ahead and looking forward to talking to you later.
Hugs and Kisses,

Letter 6

My Darling Annie, I am sorry you have not been getting sleep but I assure you sleep if I was there with you.
I am glad that you have decided to give it a try with me even though you were not really looking for anything right now, it makes me feel like the luckiest man on the planet earth.

Like you my darling, I was born and raised Catholic but for few years I have not been going to church again, I will not be returning back to Catholic but maybe someday I will try others, so for now I am spiritual and not religious and my all hope is in God and not man.

I understand your mixed feelings about this and I cant wait to meet you so that we can complete the connection between us.

Can you share your likes, dislikes and interest/passion ?

I hope this mail finds you well and I look forward to hearing from you.


Letter 7

Hello Annie, I agree with you that its important to understand each other's beliefs.

I know you are very passionate about family, family is very important because family will always be there for you.

You answered my questions very well and thanks. I like picnics, I like parks, I enjoy the beach, I like swimming, I like skinny dipping, I like the aquarium. I enjoy travelling/adventure and meeting people, I like sitting in the park and just watch people. I enjoy watching sports, watching TV shows too and I enjoy working out to keep fit. I like camping but am not a big fan of it. I love music and enjoy dancing.

In as much as I love animals, I don't like the zoo because I feel those animals are caged against their wish and they are not happy, I hate selfishness, lies, I hate arrogant, ill mannered, sulky and inconsiderate people.

I am passionate about living a healthy life, I am passionate about being the best partner, I am also passionate about contributing to different course like charity, support orphanage and different foundations that helps and my latest passion now is to learn about you.

In a relationship I always protect my woman and be the man of the house, not in a controlling way. I am handy, I am not afraid to socialize and I do not have an inferiority complex but confident in anything I do. And lastly I know how to love and how to make my woman feel like a woman and make her happy.

I like a woman that is not afraid to express herself in all ways and especially love making. Appearance is good but the inner beauty of a woman is what appeals me most. Some women are beautiful but have the worse attitudes. I want a woman that will be my best friend, partner, a woman who can advice me, encourage me and not despise me, a woman that will support my dream and I support hers and lastly a companion and a lover.

To answer your questions, everything about your profile caught my attention and especially your beautiful face and you dont need to have all the qualities that I am looking for because I know no one is perfect and neither am I.

What is your favorite color ? What are you more comfortable with for dress code ? what is your favorite season and favorite holiday ?

Warm regards,

Letter 8

Good Morning my darling Annie, What a nice way to end my day yesterday chatting with you the whole time. Thanks for the lovely emails, its good to know that I take your breath away and sound like the man you are looking for, so far you also sound like the woman that will compliment my life.

I like that we are combining emails and text messages together and I miss hearing your voice, hopefully we get to talk today.

My favorite colors are blue and green. As for dress code, I like to dress according to the occasion and weather condition, during the summer, I go for button down short sleeve and pants, during the winter I go for sweat top and jean and for a dinner party I go for tux and suites, for work am on t shirt, jean and hard boots.

My favorite season is spring and my favorite holiday is christmas, I am still excited about christmas till this day, I love the christmas tree, I love the christmas songs and I enjoy spending time with friends and family on a eve night, singing and dancing.

How would you describe a perfect night out with your significant order ? Not first date....

Do you like surprises ?

I am really enjoying getting to know you and I look forward to meeting this amazing woman behind these emails.

Sending you warm hugs and sweet kisses to spice your sleep.


Letter 9

Good Morning my beautiful and adorable Annie, I am doing my favorite thing in the morning which is writing you an email.
I have not had the kind of christmas this past years and I look forward to celebrating this christmas with you and we can learn the carol songs on the piano together.
Your are right about outing with your partner, it is good to keep special date to keep everything exciting, every outing with my partner is special to me, even sitting in front of the TV with a bowl of pop corn with my partner is special also. But to answer the same question about a perfect night out with my partner would be dinning out in a cozy restaurant, a table for two, nice desert and meal served, we wash it down with a glass of wine as we chat and laugh, then a popular song is played and then I ask her for a dance and we dance slowly to a soft music and then she whispers into my ear and say take me home, I take her home and we sit by the fire place and enjoy the evening together and make love all night long.
I miss having a companion, partner and lover.
I enjoy trying new things and I love surprises, it doesn't have to be expensive, I value even the smallest surprises.
I am so ready to give my heart, I am ready to share all the love and be loved in return.
Sending you warm hugs and sweet kisses to spice your sleep.

Letter 10

My darling Annie, I have a feeling that this christmas will be my best christmas ever. I look forward to you playing jingle bells and I will be happy to do the singing, just like you my dearest, I am always ready to do things for my partner and for you, I will go around the world and back.
Thanks for opening your heart for me darling and I want you to know that my heart belongs to you now.
Sending you warm hugs and sweet kisses to spice your sleep,

Letter 11

My sweet love, that is a beautiful song and it put a smile on my face. I love you and you are that woman I want to be with forever, not just as partner but I will be honored to be called your husband someday. You are the only thing that is right in my life

Letter 12

My Darling and Beautiful love of mine, I look at your picture alot and your beautiful face and lovely smile fascinate me and I say to myself, " Michael !! you are a lucky man. I get a hard on whenever I think about just being with you, I fantasized about you stradling me while I was watching the game, I will just shift focus on you, kiss you, caress you, tease you and have you right there on the couch, we will be so good together and I am glad we are going to please each other so much.
I dont think we are truly soul mates, we are actually soul mates and I want to spend the rest of my life loving you.
Love forever,

Letter 13

I love you without end my beloved Annie.

Letter 14

My Darling love, I am so happy that I can email you right now, just want to inform you that the phone is currently being fixed and I am hoping to get it tomorrow and will text and call you when I do.
I love and miss you so much and I know you must have been worried sick about me, I apologize my love.
Love forever,

Letter 15

Hello my sweet love, I sent you a text message, please let me know if it came through. I miss and love you so much and I cant wait to hear your lovely voice again.
Love you forever,