Romance scam letter(s) from Richard Murphy to Carole (USA)
Letter 1

Hello hun,
I sat down here thinking of a whole lot of things and i just decided i write and let you know all i think baby,i think you should try doing that once in a while too.Hun the very day i saw your picture and profile,i knew there was something special about you.i showed interest and thanks Dr Helen helped out to see if we were really matches and i suppose he saw we could get along well that why we were matched.but here is the question i want to ask,while filling those information and showing interest what was on your mind ? well i believe after going through the whole process down there on chemistry,we are meant for each other.all we needed was to create genuine connection and feelings our self,Hun i have being single for 4 years and few months and it not that i loved it then.i just thought i could never find some one that will so suit me as much as evan mum,didnt know i was some wort wrong till i met you...the only person i have ever felt this way to was evans mum and now it you baby..I just want to make something clear,well it might take a while for me to earn your total trust ok.but i am a man of my words and i dont change .I want you in my life and i want us to be happy together as a family.i want us to share our inner most heart desire and feelings and fears,pain and gains..hun what are lover for ? we are suppose to be supportive,understanding,caring,loving,romantic and kind at heart..hun all this i am more willing than willing to give you,i want you to have me all in all and remember when you having need to have my princess too,so you can see other than me my little girl heart is at stake.ask your self will i want to do any thing to put my daughter in an unstable relationship that will affect her emotionally,bad enough she lost her mum..but i thank God for giving me strength to play both roles for her ,but sincerely love there is no love for a kids more than both parent love and i know you willing to do that and more..this is all i need baby and all i want from you LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE,i need you to be loyal,accomodating,understanding ..most importantly i want you to trust me for this word..I WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN LOVE,promise to make you happy all the time my love..ok now i have to stop writing.i will try sending you some of my writes up..ok remember A ring is round, it turns forever and that's how long we'll be together, and If we are meant to be together forever, you will survive any obstacle or trouble that comes to us
here is another piece of this loving heart.....
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