Scam Email(s) from Raymond James to Lisa (USA)


Letter 1

Good Day beauty? Now i am having an affair with my computer, I go to bed looking at it and wake to run to it,lol, how soon shall my love come take over? When i run to the pc and finally see your name on it, a big smile escapes my mouth and i feel yeah i have another chance to to build the dream life and yeah it seem started! There is no mission without a vision, so the dream here is what we have in common, maybe i should just tell you how a typical day in the dream life looks like for a picture here, .

I wake up to her fresh breathe on my neck, make her breakfast and bring to bed so i can get paid with a kiss early in the morning lol, we probably go in shower together, i would love to drop her at work myself , while i return to my home office, i would love her to distract me most of the time while i work, i can chase her round the house, in fact a good dip in the pool at midnight would be fun. But who says such life cant be anymore? it takes will and zeal above all things. Who says i cant have the good life, i know i want it and would get it. After all people do almost anything for money, but for me, i will do everything for love, it is about compromises , sacrifices and forgiveness, how hard could that be, you only need to remember everyday that if you cant forgive her, you don't deserve her lol. I think Life can be sweet if you really want it to. I am still lucky to get your attention.

When you feel it , you can know it, for Love needs no map, for it can find it's way blindfolded. I just want to make my way to the depth of your heart first and see what it feels like, Guys always seem to wonder what it takes to get a girl. Like, what do they have to do to make a girl notice them? Guys have to realize that they have to be sweet, caring, gentle, honest and still have that sweet little thing about them that drives any girl crazy: and that's reaching her heart. No matter how much you try, if you don't reach her heart, it won't ever be worth-while lol.

I am on my rig for supplies and fixtures, but you would be the first person i see once i am off sea lol, but before then, everyday i shall send my thoughts your way until i can behold and stare in those sincere eyes, but i think more luck is this opportunity to know in depth about you so when we finally meet i dont think we would be strangers lol.
i will be waiting impatiently for your next note.
write soon
Your new friend