Scam Email(s) from Jeffery Luster to Marita (Norway)


Letter 1

hello my friend....i am mrs Luster Susan from Carlifornia USA. i got a mail from my son in the army telling me about some woman who takes care of him while in service and he sent some pictures of you to me . i was kind of surprised when i download your picture... then i mailed my son telling him he is crazy i am sure he discussed it with you too ? well nice he is happy and you two are happy friends. thank you very much for your time you put to who you do not know....i bet my son is a nice person and he will be true to you. His kids say hi to you here.. i guess you write back when you receive this mail. bye for now and take care of yourself.

Letter 2

this me honey when i was hit
i was unconscious when snapped here and i receive this of when she was undergoing her this Wednesday is the deadline of the balance of the $700 but you could send about $500 or $400 to them. My mum said she is to go for a wrap up check and tertiary implantation... I do not really know what all this is but i am so scared for my daughter... Please try your best to send to them tomorrow for the sake of me and my daughter> I love you honey and thanks for your support