Romance scam letter(s) from Paul Antunes to Jennifer (USA)
Letter 1

How are you doing? Its been a busy but a good day on my side. I had a nice time with my prospective partners and the rest will be business formalities by tomorrow when we sign the crude oil supply deal.
How has your Sunday been? I did want to write you a detailed email thus my not calling you before sleep, i will call you in your morning. I believe continuous communication like this will help to learn and understand ourselves better until we get to meet in person. You do make me feel so good, its possible that you make me feel better than i make you feel. I just want to thank you for being open and thus taking us this far in our relationship, I do appreciate you.

You are such a beautiful person, it's amazing how we have been able to learn about each other without meeting in reality. I am well traveled either for my work or for relaxation, i have also come across a lot of people in my travels but its been difficult coming across that special lady to capture my heart just like you have done.. I like your simplicity, it makes interaction flow easily with you. I am happy to trust and share my life with you! You bring me so much unquantified happiness!!! I hope you don't mind me asking you a few question? 1. Looking back now, what do you think of your past relationship/s? 2. Have you learned something about yourself from every past relationship? 3. How ready are you to love and be loved? 4. How ready are you to share your families with the right man? 5. What's your greatest fear? 6. What's your favorite Color? 7. What's your favorite Food? 8. Where's your favorite vacation spot? 9. What do you consider your greatest achievement? 10. what are your future goals? Would be helpful to know as much about us with each communication. I will answer same questions and any additions from you in my next email. Have a good night.
Kisses and Hugs.
Letter 2

Hello my sweet lady, How is your morning coming along? I am fine on this side with the beautiful London weather. I just signed the supply deal and waiting for them to sign their portion...This is such an exciting moment for me and my company, it means i will travel again to get the products processed and shipped to the buyers. I will be going to Indonesia for the first time this week, i have made extensive consultations and will get the best pricing for crude from... I will be there for about 10 days to buy and ship my products out. This is somewhat the biggest deal for my me and my company, i am excited to share in this moment with you. It is very fulfilling to know i get the same sparks from you. I am very open to your feelings and at the stage of my life that i am ready to stake it all for the strong love i have for you. Let me attempt to answer these same questions i posted to you; 1. Looking back now, what do you think of your past relationship/s? I have had fond and memorable time with my ex wife but i have to move on from her, I never cheated on her and wanted the kind of marriage that my parents have to be replicate in my own marriage. Well all that is past now and my life is with you, i look forward to the physical emotions and love we have to offer one another. 2. Have you learned something about yourself from every past relationship? I try to take the positives out from my past and carry it into the future. 3. How ready are you to love and be loved? My coming on the dating site is proof of my readiness to make a new relationship work. I am not perfect but one thing i am sure of is my readiness to make mistakes and learn from them. 4. How ready are you to share your families with the right man? I don't happen to have much family but the little i have are very open to having you be a part of us. I would definitely come to your end, sooner rather than later and it would be a privilege to meet your family then. 5. What's your greatest fear? I used to fear i will die a lonely man, not anymore now that i have you in my life. I am so positive about my future with you that i begin to throw away all the negatives i got from my marriage. Thank you for helping me get through that phase of my life . 6. What's your favorite Color? My favorite colors are white, blue and yellow. 7. What's your favorite Food? Being Portuguese means i grew up with a lot of seafood, i still crave for seafood all day. I also enjoy homemade dishes that combine pasta, vegetables, greens and fish or red meat. 8. Where's your favorite vacation spot? My favorite vacation spot is usually going back to Portugal, it reminds me of my parents and also give me quality time with my daughter. 9. What do you consider your greatest achievement? My greatest achievement remains my son Eduardo... I live for him!! 10. What are your future goals? My future goals involved getting married to you in the near future and be able to share our lives together. I am also working on company expansion. All my work in the past weeks and coming ones are all in the direction of our expansion work. 11. Do you like to dance? Yes, I like to dance and enjoy the rythm of music sound. I can beat you in a dance competition haha. 12. Would you speak to me in Portuguese sometimes? Hmmm, dont you think it will be most sexy to teach you Portuguese in bed? That moment after such sweet loving making session, you will pick up lines best. 13. What is your citizenship? I am a Portuguese/British citizen... I am able to travel in and out of the states with both Passports. 14. What is your dog's name? Slimmy Every morning when I wake, you are the first thought that come to me, my mind is longing for you. My formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night.. In between, I occupy myself as best I can but the best feeling is actually knowing i have you and will be able to share our lives together. I want you to know that i have fallen deeply in love with you, with all my heart i say this and believing my feelings would be reciprocated. I want to bring PEACE into your beautiful life. I hope i was able to answer all the questions explanatorily.. Looking forward to hear from you always.
I will call you when i get free, have me in mind as i will you at all times. Paul.
Letter 3

Hello babe, It is always refreshing and sweet to hear your voice, i wish i could listen to it all day here lol. I am so sorry i missed our anniversary but be sure that i am coming back soon to make it up to you. You will definitely like my pleasant anniversary gift to you. I have been thinking if you would like any thing from my trips, any thing you have always wanted from either of England, Portugal or Asia continent. Do let me know so i can fly with it to you in the coming days. Like i said earlier in our talks, i got set up here and the refiners have commenced work, so I'm hopeful of leaving here by early next week back to Europe then to come over to you for a deserved time together. I am so tired honey, thought to drop you a few lines... I have an early morning tomorrow but will call you before i head out. You can ask me about my parents marriage when i call. I did say i love you in my last email, are you afraid to tell me you love me in return? haha stop being shy as i am yours for eternity. See you in my dreams babe.
Letter 4

Hello my sweet woman, It was good to hear your voice a while ago, i am here to write you as promised... I am always so tired and exhausted from my day's activities but yesterday was quite a hurtful day ( I am still hurting) That uncle of mine was like my second father, he doted on me like his own son.. I am full of smiles whenever i think of you, you know i do think of you very often... Thank you for being in my life sunshine!! You simply complete me!!! Every morning when I wake, you are the first thoughts that come to my mind, my longing for you keep growing with each passing moment. My formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between, I occupy myself as best I can but the best feeling right now is actually knowing i have you to share our lives together. I want you to know that i am deeply in love with you, with all my heart i say this and believing my feelings would be reciprocated. I want to be in your beautiful and glowing life. To answer the questions you asked; 1. Where did you go to college? I went to University of Setubal. 2. Do you travel alone for business? I think i already answered this, for now i travel alone for my work. 3. What is the name of your business? Do you have business partners/co-owners? I am the sole owner of the business, the name is Panoon suplly 4. What do you wear when you sleep? Haha, how about you find out yourself? Mostly joggers and sometimes shorts. 5. Do you use Social Media? I am not a very technological person, i tried to do facebook many many years ago but didn't fully understand the process... Maybe you will teach me when i come 6. Do you speak any other languages? Portuguese and English. 7. What type movies do you like? I like romantic movies, history, story of wars and a bit of Mario Puzo and Martin Scorsese haha. 8. What is the last book you read? The Rules of Life by Richard Templar. 9. What are you thoughts/plans/expectations about visiting me? I want to be happy being with you as much as you are with me. I just want the satisfaction that i can make you HAPPY. 10. Tell me more about the future you envision for us. How do our children each fit in. I believe in romance, faithfulness, loyalty, respect, care and above all love between two people who are genuinely in love. Our kids will naturally be our children, i expect them to fit into our lives perfectly with being Eduardo's elder sister. We will have more to talk about this by the time we meet honey. I have attached a few pictures for the pleasure of your eyes. Looking forward to read from you, Kindly answer same in your reply...
Letter 5

My Sweet Woman, I agree no one can say NO to our angel Grace, i'd wake up in the middle of the night to run errands for her haha... We really do have a bright future ahead of us, i just cant wait to start up life with you by my side all times. I bless the day i met you, the feeling i have for you grows each passing day and my ladder of feeling just look like its been there forever. It is true we don't know what we have got until its gone, but we don't know what we have been missing until it arrives!! Baby this short time we have known ourselves has been a wonderful period for me both on personal, emotional and even spiritual level. I have just known that love exist in most unsuspicious places, i have given you the keys to my heart, please irrigate the veins with all your love, maintain it with your fidelity, take care of it with all the tenderness for this is the opening to our eternal love. All I want is to be part of your heart and for us to be together to never be apart. I know there is no perfection in humans but i only see a perfect you in my eyes, you are my sexy and irresistible baby. Those pictures have me glowing and day dreaming about our much we would look good together, you are so so beautiful. Honey I miss you so much and can not wait till the day we meet to able to express how we feel for each other. I am looking forward to our first date!! I came across this very self explanatory poem; "I never knew our short friendship could be so pure, I never realized it would feel so sure, I'd prayed so long for a real soul mate. Someone to open my heart and release all the feelings therein to.. Looking for that one that would always be true. You came along with your strong feelings for me, you saw something in me no one else could see. And i began to pray if this only could be what i have always wished for. You opened your heart to me and allowed the floodgate of our feelings meet half-way. We share all our hopes and dreams, together we make a strong team. I continue to pray to God above To bless us and our wonderful love. You have taken my breath away, i cannot wait until the blessed moment we unite. To finally be yours and know that it's right. I never want to break your heart, i never want to be apart from you. I know ours would be the greatest love story ever". I'll love you until the end of forever, i will never ever make you cry. Kisses and hugs,
Have a good afternoon on your side.
I Love You always and forever
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