Romance scam letter(s) from Ryan Scott to Jane (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Jane and how is your day going? My name is David, I am the son of Mr Jason Howard Lee.
My Daddy told me about you . First of all, I want to thank you for bringing happiness to him. I can tell from the sound of his voice that he is very happy.
He did tell me lots of interes?ng things about you and that got me excited also. I do hope you will be a mother to me. I want my Daddy to be very happy and from the things he said about you, there is no doubt that you will make him happy. My Mother passed on some years ago and I have since then not felt the love of a mother . I sure do need the love of a mother. Will you be my mother? My Daddy wanted me to call you on the phone but I am quite shy. That will change a??er I get to meet you.
I look forward to reading from you.
Letter 2

Good morning Jane,
Thanks so much for replying, it was nice reading a reply from you.
About my Dad, he is the best in the world. Some of my classmates tell me they wish my dad is there father. Lucky me!!!
About my studies, I take them very serious because my Dad told me that good grade is the key to a possible good life. Daddy taught me never to hate any subject as knowledge in all of them is what I need to attain the position I wanna attain in life. I'm studying to become a medical doctor and hopes to be the President of our country someday.
About computers, I love computers especially apply computers. My dad uses an apple laptop and an iPhone 7plus. I wish I can get an apple wristwatch that uses SIM card from him as a birthday gift, I'll be the happiest person in the world but now he is far away and will not be around on my birthday. Well I hope a miracle does happen.
You work on the computer everyday? Does that not have an effect on your eye sight? Daddy told me you work too hard. Please mum go slow!
My daddy has a different view of most things and I quite agree with him. He always tell people to quit working hard on their jobs and work harder on themselves. He says the universe is like a catalog. That all we have to do is pick the things that we want, believe we can have them and feel the feelings of having them already and then they universe will bring us those things. I must confess, it always worked for me and some of my friends here. It's called "The Secrete Law Of Attraction" You should try check it out mum, you can even have fun with it.
Daddy is a great teacher also.
Well I'll stop here for now and get some more sleep. I was studying and decided to respond to your email.
Have a beautiful morning and thanks for being my mother.
Love you!!!
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