Romance scam letter(s) from John Martin to Erika (USA)
Letter 1

Thanks so much ma'am,here are few things about me.
I'm Sgt Martin,I am single but once married with one kid,i am a widow since few years ago but i still want more of kids someday.I was born in houston,,,Texas.I am a US army officer but currently in Afghanistan for a peace keeping.I'm hoping to have a lady of my own immediately i'm on vacation cos i like spending my holiday times in my great and beautiful country .My life is simple and somewhat complicated.I'm very communicative,easy going,outspoken,also a very Romantic type,love to cuddle with my woman,hold each other hands while walking,I'm trustworthy so far as people's tell me may be I'm just laid back,lol.I also tend to have a good heart with so much of love to give and to receive.God. I want her to feel that her relationship with me is truly a blessing from God and thus he would treat it as such taking time to nuture it as time passes. Less i forget ma'am,you look beautiful and it really motivate my feelings.
love always.
Letter 2

How are you doing and How was your day .i was very happy when i got your message and thank for it I am that easy going type,open minded and a good listener .I laugh a lot and try to make people around me all the time happy.My hobbies are too many but to mentioned a few; sports,watching movies, going for walks, playing with kids, listening to all types of music), making love at the beach, dancing in the dark etc. My favorite movies are romantic movies, eating
habits: just about anything.My hair is brown which is one of my most attractive features. Like i told you earlier am a widow and i lost my wife long ago and
i have a kid and i hope that's not a problem with you for now, I do smoke because of the weather here in Afghan but if you don't like it i can stop okay.I
always make sure to share the little that I have with someone and Im also satisfied with whatever I 've. I love the idea of loving someone and giving them all that I have to give. I am the man that can make you feel like you are the only woman in the room.mostly importantly i want to get married to a caring, down to earth, romantic,God fearing wife y soonest. the main thing is life that will make me happy is to have a loving, passionately wife y and a happy family as well. am religiously indicted, God fearing , and believe Jesus died for us on the cross of Calvary and massive care is mandatory in every relationship and i really want can you pls tell me more about you too.we can adopt there is no big deal in that ,thanks i care so much
Hope To always hear from you and will you like to chat on the IM soon? Sgt Martin
Letter 3

Hello Erika
How are you doing?Im good and how is your family and work going?hope all is well with you over there.. I was surprised to your messages. That is so awesome.Guess why,because I never thought any lady would be interested in a man who is just trying to find love Online dating..well am new to all these online stuff i hope its work out..I'm Sgt John Martin and i will be 37 next birthday,single,widow,And i have a lovely kids called Jayden Martin shes my everything,I was born in houston,,,Texas and spend all my life in houston,,,Texas.i have a University Degree in Nuclear Effects Engineering from university of TX in Austin and Graduate of the Army War College located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.i lost my wife long ago thru auto crash that's terrible for me but i now get my life back on track and ready for serious relationship again...have been in the united state army for 15 years now and am in Afghanistan right now but will be coming back home soon.I totally believed we could be a good fit if it up to God almighty and our hearts too.I can't wait to hear from u soon and hope to get to know more about u too.well I pray u like what u see and let God do the rest.Tell me more about yourself...if you have some picture to send it to me. Sgt Martin
Letter 4

Sweetie Erika thank you for your tender, heartfelt words you seem to to the kind of woan I long for in my life. It is such a gift to converse with someone that truly loves for the sake of loving. I can only imagine the beauty, grace, and peace as I lread ur messages, God does not want us to be alone but to love and be loved. Sometimes that is from a distance and if we never do meet, but just correspond that is also a gift. True love is patient, kind, not jealous and pure if it is of God. My life has been littered with men that are just plain controlling, manipulative and about themselves. I think We seem to share some things in common which is good, and I also like the fact that you are very affectionate, that to me is very special.well i will love to tell u that i only need a woman that will never do anything to hurt me i am a guy who treat a woman like the queen of my life,My lovely parents told me I should never do anything to hurt a woman but i have try to be honest with women but is like they take me like a fool so i did not want to just say but right now i need a woman i could just trust and she will trust me so that will could just have a long term relationship together and have a lovely kids if possible and a happy home can;t wait to see this in a relationship i just believe as soon as the man and a woman is honest in a relationship everthing is going to be alright try to understand my feeling about this..I'm tired of bein single in my life..I need someone like you to be there for me,Love me,Care for me,Never let me down.Supportive.Never try to hurt me/Cheated on me or Hit me once...
With all this time we've had together Can I share my worries with you?
But I hope you can understand That I don't want to go too far Without knowing just one answer .. . . Can I trust you with my heart?
Yours truely
Letter 5

Hello How are you doing?
You need trust to love, but first you need to love in order to trust.To love someone is to understand each other, to laugh together, to smile with your heart and to trust one another. One important thing is to let each other go if you can't do this.Love is like a wonderful feeling of compassion and satisfaction. It should be given respect and trust; and it should receive that love back.The best proof of love is trust.True love is the greatest thing that you canexperience; it can weather any storm. Loving, trusting and respecting each other totally can bring you to true love and happiness It's hard to love and hard to trust; but finding love and finding trust was a gift from you to me.Relationships should never be taken for granted.
The choice of being with another life is an amazing thing. Trust, loyalty and respect are a must for eternal happiness. No matter how much you love someone if you don't have these ingredients you will never succeed.To be in love means being patient but to be patient you must trust him/her first.You can never find love through the eye or ear, so you must trust the only thing that will never fade until you die, your heart.Love is like trust, when you find your special someone it is as if you're trusting them with your heart.Trust is what you put in someone's hands. Faith is what you hold on to.Trust is what makes everyone realize that you are always there for them. Faith is what makes everyone realize that you are always there to help them in case they need some help. Love makes not everyone, but the only one in your life who is special, think that you are always there for him, to be with him, to cherish him, to fulfill her dreams, to share with him and most of all, to make her realize how much you really love her.Distance doesn't matter if you really love the person,what matters most is your honesty and trust for that relationship to work out.Without romance, love gets dry. Without respect, love gets lost.
Without caring, love gets boring. Without honesty, love gets unhappy, and without trust, love gets unstable.Love is a wonderful gift; trust in it, believe in it, give it, and it will be returned to you to give again and again.You can get advice from family, friends and strangers, but the best advice comes from your heart; it never lies - trust it.There may be many people that are trustworthy, but only a few are worth trusting with your heart; choose wisely.To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved. For you can love many, but without trust you have nothing.The heart already knows what the mind can only dream of. Trust your heart.Distance cannot, and will not hurt a bond between two people that is based on mutual respect, trust, commitment,and love.Jealousy is not a sign of true love; it's insecurities that comes in the way, 'cause love has just one important ingredient: Trust.Do you trust me?Love means never doubting anything. It means trusting and being honest with each otherSomeone can be as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside, but when he or she betrays your trust, they become the ugliest person in the world.Love is patient. Love is kind. It does not envy.
It does not boast. It is not proud. It is not rude. It is not self-seeking. It is not easily angered. It keeps no record of wrong doing. It does not delight in evil, but rejoices in the truth. It always protects, trusts, hopes,perseveres.Love takes many things: trust, hope, wishes, dreams, and everything you've got, even when you know it's not going be enough.Love is not always fireworks and shooting stars; sometimes it's a simple understanding and trust between two people.Hope to read from you soon. Martin
Letter 6

Thanks for writing me know one had hurt me i lost my wife in an auto accident years back thanks for askin
Letter 7

Beth D Lomax
101 Cedar Oaks Dr
Brenham, TX 77833-6385
Age: 30-34 - 31 1981
Associated: Darlene S Lomax, Jeffery Lomax
Teacher Assistant/ Teacher at First Baptist church school of Brenham texas Thanks for getting back to me you are a true mother i glad i found you thanks so much for accepting me as your one and only i promise i will never let you down or hurt you in any way , you can have the money tranfer to the below name via moneygram money transfer here below is the name and the address Name-Beth Lomax Cith-Brenham State-Texas zip code-77833 After you might have send the money feed me back with the following details
1-sender's name and address
2-8 digit mtcn moneygram money transfer control number
3-Amount sent Thanks for your assistance i promise to pay you back as soon as i m back to state Martin
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