Scam Email(s) from Michael Middleton to Lucyna (Poland)


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Letter 1

Good morning to you honey, I believe you are doing great! Darling, I am so happier to know of your heart desire towards me, in fact I want nothing more in life right now than to be with you forever. I have been alone for 5 years now, my wife late passed away due to Kidney cancer. We were yet to have a baby, I loved her unconditionally. I've moved on and I am glad that I found you, my happiness has been renewed with you in my life. I requested for your email for the safety of our conversation because I want you to be safe for me until we meet, I don't want your husband to know anything about us for now because I am not there to protect you that is why we have to write by email because it is safe and secured.
I vow that from this day forward you shall not walk alone. My strength is your protection, my heart is your shelter, and my arms are your home. I shall serve you in all those ways that you require. I pledge to you my living and my dying, each equally in your care. Yours is the name I whisper at the close of each day and the eyes into which I smile each morning. I give you all that is mine to give. My heart and my soul I pledge to you. You are my chosen one, you are my mate, and you are bound to me for eternity. Together we will share a bond not even death would violate, I love you with passion. Kisses and hugs to keep you warm till I come to be with you

Letter 2

Good morning honey, thanks for the compliment. I want you to know that trust, honesty and respect are the key ingredient to a lasting union which you have to know that now that I will give my all in making sure that we stay faithful and trustworthy of each other forever. Your questions to me made me know that you really want to know everything about me and also be confident of me which I have been open to you right from the beginning and will always be honesty to you in everything. Like I told you before I am a good Christian, I have been in the military for 32 years and I have really served my country with all dignity and now it's time for me to retire and enjoy the rest of my life as a civilian. I had a younger brother who passed away 12 years ago through accident. My father passed away last year and mom died earlier this year. That is all you should know about me and I really need to go on my retirement leave soon to rest my body because I deserve it, I have been through a lot in recent years but I thank God for everything for He alone knows all. I have your phone number honey, we can always text each other by sms and also call whenever we can to hear each other's voices. Truth be told I love you and will always honor you with my love and care forever.

Letter 3

I am getting surprised at you changing towards me so soon everyday, seriously I am not expecting this coming from you. With all this doubts in your heart (head) we can never move forward or have something so serious and lasting between us. Seriously you are trying to make me get disappointed. Did you look at the photo I sent to you very well? I cleaned up myself to look very young and handsome for you yet you don't appreciate my efforts for doing that. Were you expecting me to give you Afghanistan number? Don't you realize we are soldiers and highly protective of private information about us which is why we use satellite phone here specially provided to us by the US defense authority. I don't think you understand what it means to be a soldier, you have to protect yourself in every areas of your life which is why my Facebook profile remains private for safety reasons. If you are not confident of me please tell me




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