Scam Email(s) from Lewis Britz Kartel to Lilac (UK)


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Letter 1

Dear Madam

Complement of the season from management and staffs of ICB Bank Ghana PLC.We have received your email and also received email from your husband Gen.Henry Matthew of the U.S Army advising the transfer of his fund 2.6 Millions dollars which he has with our bank to be transfer to you and we have informed our management about the transfer and they advise i should inform you the procedures regarding this transfer.

First you should be informed that your husband Gen Henry Matthew has set up this Escrow account with our management for a long time now when he deposited this said fund 2.6 million united state dollars and since the account has not being operation hence dormant so before the transfer can be done,the account must be activated.

We have sent signal to the Governor bank of Ghana as regards to the activation and he said before the activation can be done and we have access to the fund,International Transfer permit must be obtain and activation fee must also be paid and both will cost 1,150 pounds and once this is paid,we shall be able to obtain the document and the account activated to enable us have access to the fund and make transfer immediately.

You should be inform that there are three (3) means of transfer we normally operate here in our bank.

1)Bank to bank transfer.This means of transfer is direct wire transfer to your account directly from our bank here and this means of transfer,your banking details is required.

2)Online transfer.This means of transfer,we are only to set up an online account in your name and all the information will be given to you and you make the transfer directly into your account with the online information that we shall be given to you by our management.

3)Diplomatic delivering:Our management can also make the transfer to you either through downloading the cash in an ATM Master card and deliver it to your door step or ask our agent to deliver the money to you in cash and this means of transfer only your name and residential address is needed.

You are therefore advise to select one of the option from the above name three option given above and with that,the transfer can be done but you should remember that the activation fee is compulsory.

Please kindly make the arrangement for the activation fee and send to our costumer care department office on the receiver details below to enable the account be activated and we have access to your husband account to complete the transfer

Receiver details.

Receiver name:SALOME NTIFUL

Country :Accra Ghana

Address:No 12 Spintex Road Accra

Amount:1,150 Dollars

Question:What for

Answer :Release

We do hope to hear from you soonest to enable the activation be done and transfer be completed


Dr.Abrah Salagha

Transfer manager ICB Bank

>> +233 200754952




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