Romance scam letter(s) from David Krushner to Jenny (Philippines)
Letter 1

Hello Dear, nice meeting you here. I just want you to know that i met other women in the site for some reason you especially caught my eyes you re beautiful absolutely no doubt bout that but am looking beyond beauty alone,Just by merely looking at your picture you make my heart to skip a beat like we have some kind of connection, I like to follow their heart, instincts,what i need to survive and make it through this lonely camp can only be conquered with you by my side.No words really that could describe the way I actually feel about you. All I know is that i have genuine feelings for ya, you are the only woman there that is on my mind, they only woman who truly and unconditionally capture my heart for whatever reason, Just the thought of you some how keep going through my head and keep me longing for you that i decided to open up this communication with you . I like you and would appreciate to get to know you a lil more.
Am David Kushner. Everyone call me Dave, Am from The US Navy from Fort worth Texas, stationed righ here in Gulf of Alaska .Just wanna let you know,We will be deploy to the Philippines soon for the issue with south china sea,i am also selected in a team that going to survey a Philippine military facility in a place call Subic bay in the Philippine. As a commandant in the combat unit for the mission in South china sea we re in preparation of deploying thousands of US military personnel over the next decade for strategic and joint training effort with the Philippines navy. .Am writing from my pre- deployment training facility here in gulf of Alaska US, We could be there in Philippines real soon as some of our troops has reportedly starting arriving already from different bases.
We are ready but was put on hold due to the new government in your country was in concluding new negotiation with US.Apart from the Philippines We re also stationing our air defense in Singapore and other south east Asian countries. Giving my very tight schedule on the water and a board ship, it became important that i get to meet someone ahead of my arrival over there in Philippine, we will be staying for about six months or more depending on the situation with china sea.I have made some inquiry about the Philippines when a friend here recommended tagged and suggested i do get started from here am now feeling as lucky to get to know you. Be free please to tell me lil about yourself, i have this true feelings for you. lets be open to each other. Am a solider, i have always been. My life is typical of that of soldiers everywhere really, little bit difference being in the US military is, You got deployed almost all the time.From everythin i heard and learned, Philippine and Filipinos are generally good. Hope we will have an exciting time in your country.
Lots of Love
Letter 2

My dearest ,Am sorry i couldn't reply sooner like i would like to due to the nature of life in the military camp here,i promise to always check on you as soon as i got lil bit of chance to do so. I like you the moment i saw your pic and instinctively develop very deep interest in you, but quite frankly i wouldn't know what you looking for exactly or if you felt exactly the way i do...
You re obviously a very beautiful woman i think we will compliments each other, ,I am well convinced of my strong feelings to you. What i desires mostly is someone who really in love with me and understands the nature of my work.
To be very honest, its a time consuming job as am mostly away from home, living in ship basically, traveling to different ports and countries, it does put relationship to a test, like strain with my ex to the point it became a struggle for both of us that we decided in the best fate and interest for both of us to path leaving me with two little kids that i adore so much.
Please promise me to always be open and honest about your feelings and i will do everything possible withing my power to make you happy.We are here still in the gulf of Alaska. Our re deployment to the Philippines could be real soon,and am especially looking forward to this one because of you, Just Can't wait to get back to the life that i missed so much. My love i appreciate your warm heart. Please be aware that you are now always on my mind and thought,I love the way you making me feel, the strengths and hope you brings. Mail me always and take good care of yourself.I admire you. You are my inspiration for anything and everything worthwhile on this camp. I never thought my time would come to love,and then it came, and I was hit with so much emotion and power I did not know where to put it all. I have stacked it, piece by piece, in my heart for you.
Devotedly yours
Letter 3

My love my life is an open book I originally came from Montana and was raised by my grand pa, We re known for hunting and for our family values i left Montana pretty young and mostly grew up in Texas. Just like the Filipinos we re very family oriented people,these quality that we shared was actually the deciding factor in my decision in looking for a Filipino partner and also because of the fact i have seen and known many colleagues who has pretty successful marriages with Filipino women,My kids are in the fore front of my mind in making this decision and also In order and efffort to maintain a traditional family, Divorce isn't an easy thing to go through or to be experimented with. I did try to make My first marriage work especially for my children and for family sake.I try to reconsider and make amends because i know one can never get to a place where every thing is good what does happen is progress but despite my effort its proves to be somthin in long time coming.Some time i think bout that and i believe its mostly due to the nature of our job. Though Some people do get it right ''lucky'' on the second try,having said that, i know you are very sound, informed woman and have got a lovely family, We just have to go with the flow In truth cause if love is genuine,it will grow organically and stronger. I always thought that dreams were just dreams. No matter how far you are and no matter what you do,I always want you to know how much you meant to me, and how much I truly love you and appreciate you just the way you are. I love you so much and wish I could be there to hug and kiss you all night long, but for now this letter will have to be my message.
Please know that you are a big part of me and I think of you all the time. I love you, because I believe we re made to meet, .We re now friends and we getting along well, but I never imagined I'd be falling so hard for you. The more I got to know you, the more I want to be with you. You bring my smile back, and without you I was very different you have changed me in this way.As a solider I usually wake up in the morning to see what life was going to throw at me each and every day. After we started exchanging letters and were talking, Your friendship brings hope and so much more to me and I can't help but think about you all the time now. Every morning you are always on my mind and I wish you knew how strongly I felt and that am really really fallin in love with you.
Sincerely yours
Letter 4

My love We are out with the troop for a drill assignment and it has been a very very busy week for us.My love I appreciate your kind gesture of choosing me among those men in the site. The admiration you have for me creates gladness and joy to me. I also admire you for telling me your honest intention and purpose. These certainly gave me interest of knowing you even more. More so, the pureness of your intent has certainly made me happy.It been a roller coaster for us, We are right now stationed in Gulf of Alaska Lapland and have been very busy for the past days, have got through a great amount of work. I fancy we shall be here for a time yet . we had a terrific weather and should have left the ship to go away and do some work on another ship but could not get away from our ship it was so rough. We have no night now, the sun goes down but it never goes dark, it is eternally daylight.I have not half the time I used to have but I enjoy the robust work much better, get up at 6.30 and work until 1.00. We put in some good quality hours, When ever we get to shore, we normally go out shopping everything from gadgets to toys for the kids, its just me and kids as their mother had re-married.But am glad because like me they re also been well look after by my grand mother the old fashioned way, When am aint on active duty, because i have traveled alot through deployment i just like to stay a home relax with they kids, i like to observe them together because i aint got blood sibling myself , it was just me
My parents had me when they re relatively young So my dad is more like a brother,My gran pa is the father figure, a strong and honest man,we do everythin together watch football,go shopping,hunting, stuff like that.Your friendship meant so much more to me. and I can't help but think about you all the time now. Every morning when I wake up, then during the day, and before I go to sleep, you are always on my mind and sometimes in my dreams too ,I wish you knew how strongly I felt and that I am falling in love with you. Looking fwd to hear from you Dear.
Lots of love
Letter 5

Love how you doing dear Today. It's been a while now for me though it felt like forever really, am sorry I rush with the troops to down town Alaska and i was unable to communicating from there. Thanks for keeping up with me, it only show hw much you care. I love you with all my hear and missing you terribly already. I’m nervous about telling you this,our friendship is important to me to my well being and I would never want to ruin what we have got now, I think I’m seriously in love with you, just cant think of anyone that has ever treated me more nicely.You re really well spoken from the heart, family- oriented and down to earth. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you, its amazing what started as friendly affection has deepened into something beautiful and I am confident you feel the same way about me too.
I often think about all the things I would do,To show how much I really love and appreciate you. In many ways i could express my love and appreciation but some times when our busy lives get in the way it’s easy to forget the love of a dear one and how much we meant to each other, for me As in life it these small things that re really the big things. We’ve been training vigorously lately, and i know you’ve had your share of work too,
Our regional chief of naval staff visited and we were granted a rare brake from duty and rush out to down town Alaska for Navy charity events and we managed to do some lil shopping too, it been pretty long we got chance to travel to down town Alaska,as we mostly in sea and shores. I ended up buying quite a lot of things ,I bought few stuffs for you too my love, stuffs i know you would like...i cant wait anymore to express my love to you in a tangible way so you know am very serious about my deep feelings ,You did brighten up my day with smile,picture and your words inspire me to look up to tomorrow please i dont want to misrepresent and am here tr yin to do the same in the way of gift to you, appreciate my small loving gesture.Your love has help me to cope in what its other wise a difficult time, Our job is really a very very demanding one.You did keep smile on my face that why i was determine that will do every thing i possibly can to make you happy,I can do more however in this lil way am able to do from here now, Just know its a gift from my heart wrap with love and care. Thank you for everything you do , your prayers your constant support, and for always being there writing or replying my letters, cant begin to tell you how grateful i am to have you in my life!
I love and appreciate you in my humble heart.
Yours Truly
Letter 6

My love I truly believe you are my soul mate, and you are the woman I will give all I have to offer,just the thought of you brightens my day completely. I treasure you, and keep you locked in the big steel safe of my heart. I love you, Sweetheart, and that is the only thing that is never going to change. I enjoy watching your picture and understand you pretty busy yourself. Its only just been confirmed officially that we be staying six months in Philippines, but we re yet to be inform about the actual date of deployment as everything in military especially mission trip information is considered highly classified, Some of our troops have arrived already. So depending on the cause of events and situations it could be just about any time. I will be bringing with me a lot of luggage and will need to rent a condo or house in the city before my arrival,to enable me move in straight without having to go through the hassles of government allocated military Quarters.
I heard its not always safe in manila in particular understand also that theres a new elected government now. Am bringing along many of my personal stuffs, Military things, awards, medals that are of extremely important and irreplaceable and thus has sentimental value to me which i need to keep in the safe confine of my own apartment .Please Dear,You will have to help me out right-away in finding a good safe place in a safe quiet gated community for a six months period. i will like to know before hand some locations close to subic bay or little bit off subic as we re usually granted an official military vehicles to commute while in mission abroad I felt i can trust you dear, something in me just felt that way and i will be glad to get to spend quality time together with you in the Philippines taking our relationship even further.
I love you and the way you made me feel ever since i meet you and want you to feel the same way that i do... Like i told you in my last mail, i have bought some special things for you from here in Alaska,. These gifts are the expression of my sincere regards and affection for you,please appreciate it with love.
Send me your full address and your contact details to have it send directly to your home or work address. I will have details forward to you through email as soon as they re done sending. It's not intended to win your heart, but to show how glad and excited i am getting to know you, now that I have found you, I am very determine to do everything possible to protect the relationship that we have and make it stronger. It's true we have not meet but i believe you for you for who you are through your messages to me, and I have faith that after my official assignment we will have a special time together in some romantic island there in your country.
You alone will know exact details before our arrival as we are now making necessary adjustment finalizing this trip to south east Asia .
Honey pls in replying this latter tell me about the cost of living in Philippines,We got right now a very strict-tight schedule,i can be reach on phone no +19047019023 If we in session i will have to call you back as soon as i can, It's not the easiest job working in the military department in US Navy especially, You can't have things plan out your way as we get deployed regularly and in sea the weather dictates most of our activities .I promise to make up our lost time when am there with you finally, Be safe , prayerful and happy, i love you with all ma heart and wish you all the best in all your endeavor. Cheers up dear, and be Happy! i got to go now looking fwd to your details,
(5) CITY:
( I Will be sending you email keep eye on it to know once it arrives. Send my regards to family always pray for us. Looking forward to hear from you. Lots of kisses and hug, i love you with all my heart. You re a very special woman to me and i owe the world to ya. i love you dear.
Devotedly Yours
Letter 7

Many Compliments my love Jenny, Its 10:27 pm local time here in Alaska, Dear the package has been sent through Naval Union Cargo Service, Track it with this 0472374846384 Here at It should be there in Philippines on tuesday 6th, We got absolutely very tight schedule and just been giving a day brake We hardly had any time now as our deployment is certain this month ending ,Thank you so much for keeping up with me it only get to show how much you care.Am very glad to get this chance to be with you in person my love.Please open the attachment of this massage to view the picture of the items sent to you my love. The lap top battery is outside, there is 5000 usd concealed. hidden within the laptop battery compartment, let no one know about the money, keep it in the bank. The money is for part payment for apartment and other minor expenses that may arise. Items sent include my full photo album of a life living at sea and a special rose flower for you. Other items included are
[1] Bouquet rose flower,[2] Chanel perfume,[1]Louise Vuitton Hand bag,[1] box sea salt chocolate,[1]Apple Laptop, [1]i pad [1] cell phones.All for you dear.
Always track it to know when and once it arrive in your country,Heres my no +19047019023 inform me immediately you receive the package, We in drill now i will call back or email at any giving chance,Honey, please manage this money wisely, show me how careful you are, I give you my heart and trust. My regards to you and your family,, the chocolate is for them especially. Am looking forward to meeting all of you guys, Thanks for Ur kindness and care. I love you with all my heart Can't wait to see you. As a christian I believe in divine order, i truly believe you re the one for me, and am very excited about meeting you my love.
Devotedly yours
Letter 8

My love i so much appreciate your effort on this it goes to show who you are really and I know its like a lot to ask for someone in your shoe to lend this penalty money , but i really don’t have any options. Am getting a great deal of headache because of this box and what inside and the stress that i have cause you has gave me sleepless night and unable to concentrate my love, I very much appreciate, trust and believe in you and have to let you know that am a hardworking man who is very capable of taking care of his own and this situation make me vulnerable and ashamed because we barely knew each other. You have got to help Us get out of this situation i will never have to ask for help ever again. please lend this money on my behalf and have it send to them right away,
Where i am here in camp warranted me to insert the money in there as our deployment camp is far from the city and we have also get alot of restriction on movement.Please if we dont act fast they will confiscate the whole money and it could get me blacklisted from this mission trip if made public,
Am so worried right now. Please contact them, you will have to deduct the whole money you spent from my money inside immediately you got the package so you can pay back your lender at once.I really believe in you and have an extra ordinary confidence in you my love. I will call you from the harbor hopefully you should have receive it by then.
Am sorry i got to go now, Take care of everything, i love you with all my heart, and i owe you a lot already. There no doubt that ours together will be a life full of joy, laughter and excitement . i love you dear! you such a remarkable woman and blessing to me
I love you Jenny!
Letter 9

Alright dear , am very concern about your well being , please stop crying , no one died, just an ordeal everyone of us experience now and then, pick yaself up and find way to lend money for your sis tuition fee while i deal with the cargo company directly to see what i can do to get it deliver to you . i love you and want to see you happy and joyful , you have indeed done all you could already and i will be forever grateful for your love and kindness, i love you even more
Letter 10

Wednesday 12/7/2016 .
ATT; Mrs Jenny
Our inspectors reported a case involving about US$5,000 cash that was discovered in an express outbound mail courier shipment destined to your work address at 193 Dama de noche st. Pinneda Pasig City As part of global regulatory measures designed to minimize risks of money laundering and financing of terrorism, financial institutions and other designated businesses are required to report certain financial transactions to government regulators. This increased the probability that transactions involving the proceeds of crime will be detected and reported officially. In order to avoid such detection, criminals simply retain the proceeds of their crimes in cash or use bearer negotiable instruments in connection with their money laundering activities and some illegal movement of cash and strategies to circumvent regulatory controls which requires all money transactions involving certain amounts to be reported to the Anti-Money Laundering Council (even if the transaction is done through the banks).Foreign nationals very often attempt to hide their money for tax purposes, making Philippines a target for money laundering and cash smuggling. Our inspectors reported your case involving about US$5,000 cash that was discovered in an express outbound mail courier shipment destined to your home/work address at 193 Dama de noche st. Pinneda Pasig City. The money was found during a last minute door to door dispatch check , when inspectors found a second compartment in the inner part of a bag hidden by a fake bottom which concealed bundles of money in US $100 bills.It been concealed, hidden in cash money [THIS INFRINGMENT NOTICE} is in pursuant to the Anti-Money Laundering Act ], Act includes an obligation on people mailing or shipping currency overseas to declare this to a customs officer, a police officer or directly to the Philippines Transaction Reports and Analysis Center. Individuals who fail to comply with this mandatory disclosure and declaration requirements concerning the movement of currency are liable to enforcement action through criminal prosecution or the use of civil Infringement notices which carry a pecuniary penalty.I hereby issue this :
INFRINGEMENT NOTICE , resulting in warning and in fines totaling 30 percent of total amount of the money found. Indeed an expensive mistake not to declare currencies and definitely more serious to hide the undeclared monies inside a hidden compartment.
A criminal charge or conviction is not required to seize this type of money, merely notice is enough. That only enables authorities to confiscate undeclared cash obtained or transported through illicit means, and, funnel the proceeds directly into the fight against crime. However, after much consideration your sender Captain David Kushner as an active serving member of the US military in state of US Alaska, and is among the troop that coming to the china sea military excising here in the Philippines, it was decided to let him get away with a pecuniary penalty.even though Criminal forfeiture is a punitive action by the government against such offender still we also recognize and take into account that People who fight our wars and serve our country should absolutely get special treatment. Please be advice to avoid the trouble of having to face forfeiture or criminal charges next time, one should not hesitate to declare currencies especially if the money is from a legitimate source, an alternative suggestion is to wire the money to a reputable bank or a trustee. If there is like in this case a legitimate reason for forfeiture, the person must take diligent steps to follow through with the case instead of waiting for a criminal complaint to be served at an unexpected moment.The Bulk Cash Smuggling Statute dramatically increased the criminal penalties for currency smuggling. The criminal sanctions for violation is a term of imprisonment for not more than five years as well as the forfeiture of all monies, involved in the offense. Sentencing guidelines call for a sentence of 15 to 21 months for smuggling personnel, involved in the offence.Prior to this statute being enacted, the Supreme Court had approved the government’s right to forfeit the entire amount of currency that was reported in violation With respect to the declaration obligations, persons who make false disclosures or declarations are subject to a wide range of criminal, civil and administrative sanctions. Civil and criminal penalties, including under certain circumstances an administrative fine , penalties and of course imprisonment are provided for failure to file a report. Filing a report containing a material omission or misstatement, or filing a false or fraudulent report.incarceration of up to 6 months for smuggling, If currency or monetary instruments are not declared, it is considered a false declaration and they are subject to seizure and forfeiture by the authority. You re advised to comply now than later because When unreported currency as yours is found, it could be turned over to a Seized Property Custodian for storage or Special Agent for further investigation.
We appreciate your cooperation
Alberto Imelda
Union Cargo Service phils.
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