Scam Email(s) from Richard Arkadiusz to Donna (Canada)


Letter 1

Hello honey This is the last mail i got from you. Love You

Letter 2

My Prudent Queen,

Hello my love and compliments of the day to you, I do hope your night was good as well and I know you dream't well. I hope the night wasn’t too cold for you, wish I was there to cuddle up with you Lol

However honey I did act as we discussed last night and was able to see the contract director, he in turn said same thing as that nothing could be done on that regards, as they them self never had any idea that things will suddenly change in respect of import duty fees or as the case maybe. Furthermore he did advice if I could go get a loan from the local banks here so I can go ahead with the job at hand. I immediately told him I told him I have since contacted the local bank to see if they can avail me with loan so I can progress with the task at hand and they as well turned me down as well. This really made things worse for me beginning of the day. I had no option left rather contacting my debtor who owes me some money he is willing and ready to pay me via his Canadian BITCOIN account.

In light to the above honey please do help me open the CANADIAN BITCOIN ACCOUNT you are to open the account and verify it with your ID Honey and after which you are to furnish me with the online username and password as well as the security questions and answers. Please my love get this done so he can immediately pay me what he owes me. Honey please do help me on this regards so he would not have another excuse to pay up his debt. Thanks my love

I will wait to hear positive from you my love. Love and miss you great. And once again thanks for your advice and moral support, this I sincerely appreciate

Your Sunray