Romance scam letter(s) from Charles Presten to Mel (USA)
Letter 1

Wow,you are very pretty Mel,i almost thought for a second you were 16,lol...I am sending to you the most recent pic i have left on my computer...Hope you like it baby.When you have time we can talk more on messenger...Take care beautiful Mel.
Letter 2

Beautiful smile honey...where have you been are you working?
I agree with everyone who calls you the smart one with a great personality because thats exactly who you are,i really cant wait to meet you in person and finally say i do and spend eternity with you,i miss you so much baby and i am waiting to hear from you soon,God bless you my pretty angel...
Letter 3

I am Eric Pedersen,the son of Anges (nee woods) and Solomon Pedersen,who was a Cadillac factory worker.May both of their souls rest in peace,Amen. Both parents came from small families in rural Georgia and were living in rural Tennessee when they met and married. My mother was only 16 when she married my father, who was 29. My mother subsequently discovered my dad had another family, for which my father eventually abandoned her.Following my parents' divorce, when i was eight years old, both i and my older brother, Jerry, were raised by our mother, who worked two or three jobs at a time, usually as a domestic servant. We were poor, and my mother occasionally relied on food stamps and other government assistance.My older brother Died of a fever. I spent much of my childhood in a very impoverished neighborhood in GA, but a good deal of my childhood took place in a middle-class neighborhood. Well to cut it all short i finally could go to school and i attended A medical college of Georgia,Augusta University,And had my Phd after that,i first worked at the Doctors hospital of Augusta,and in other health institutions in other states such as Alabama,California,Texas and Arizona.I met my late wife as a patient when i was working with a hospital in Texas,we fell madly in love and then we got married,Then we gave birth to Robert when we moved to Arizona.I lost my late wife 6 years ago and since then i have been alone.After she died,i decided to take this job just to keep my mind focus and to move away for a while,i was lonely so decided to work harder than i used to,just to stay occupied and keep myself for that one who can feel her space.Now the other half of my story will begin from the day i finally get married to you...Now i am hoping to start a whole new family,a big and happy family..when you have time,we chat better on yahoo messenger ok..i will drop my pen here now,i love you with all my heart .
Letter 4

WOW!!! I am very happy to read all this about you my love,making me feel i have known you for ages...My greatest joy is i finally found my family.You and your children and my son and i will make one wonderful and happy family,this is one thing i keep asking God to send my way.Believe me you are the greatest source of joy to me right now and all i do is think about you and that makes me happy. I will find the time during my leisure time to write you all you need to know about me my love.I from this minute accept your wonderful children as mine,and love them just as i love Robert with all my heart,and i love you just as a God fearing man should love his wife,i promise you with all my heart never to make you regret this for a minute. Last night i prayed hard to God,thanking him for answering my prayers,because most times i pray to God all i ask for was to meet you,and now God has answered that,i promise to be forever grateful to him.I am happy you want to get married again,i really want to make this right before God,get married and live together and forever,until death do us part. I still have the ring with my late wife on my finger,thats how much i loved her,i promised her never to take it off until i find a better replacement for her,and now i swear to you i am willing to take this off now with you by my side,i will do this when we are together and i will seal it with a kiss on your lips my beautiful wife,thank you for doubling my blessings . When i am done from the chapel,during my leisure time i will write you all you need to know about me ok.
I love you with all my heart and i will love you forever ...
Kissess my wife..
Letter 5

You are so amazing, and your love has completely transformed my life. If I was told that I would meet someone as wonderful as you, I wouldn't have believed. Now, It seems like I'm walking on air. You are unbelievable.
My angel, my love for you is unlimited. For you, I will do anything. With you, I'll do anything.
How a changed man I've been since I met you. Now my life has changed for good. I laugh More,
I give More, I eat more and I feel so loved just because of you my love.
This is my love for you. To give you the best things I can afford, to afford you the best time I can spare and to share my life with you, asking nothing in return.
Baby, my arms will hold you when you are weak. My eyes will find you charming in your worst appearance, my heart will love you more even when you are most vulnerable. I will be true to you when everybody walks away because I love you.
Good morning my wife...
Your husband Eric.!
Kiss kiss
Letter 6

Hi my wife,i hope you did get my email this morning honey.I miss you so much right now my wife,i seen the email you sent me,i felt deeply touched when you told me how your father (my father-in-law) RIP suffered.I wished i was around then to support him medically i would do with all my heart as if i knew i was going to marry his beautiful daughter.
Anyways,are you working honey? Please if you got time talk to me ok..i love you with all my heart and always will..
Its here now as i write you,i am about to rest for the day,i hope you would be around to talk with,if not i understand baby,just write me emails okay my wife..i miss you bad..
I love you!!
Kisses....... Your Husband Eric!!
Letter 7

Out of 325,032,172 people in the population, I've chosen one person to love, one person to cherish, one person to protect, one person to get married to and one person to stand up for. I've chosen you not because you were a choice from many, but because you are one in a million sent by God. Your love is as influential as a drug, as soothing as the spring, as sweet as a honeycomb, as high as the sky, as gracious as the lilies and as real as you. You mean everything to me right now dear,i love you so much i cant measure.I guess you must be very tired now my wife,please rest as much as you can okay,when you wake up read my emails and write me back honey.Thanks for taking out the time in your busy schedule to right me those sweet words,i really appreciate it so much because it makes me feel more alive and happy,like i am the happiest man in the whole universe.
I love you my wife...
Letter 8

Hi my love
Just thought of dropping a few lines,so you know i am thinking about you right now.
Hope you enjoyed your breakfast baby..I miss you so much and love you more than you can imagine.
Kisses ...My angel Eric
Letter 9

My Love,i need to share with you what bothers me bad as my partner and i really need your understanding this. You know there is no one else out there i trust just as much as i trust and believe in you. Soon i am having plans to find a way to apply for a vacation leave,i am making enquiries on how to go about this,and i plan to retire as soon as i get home,i told you before my love,im sick of this madness and i am tired of being in hell,yes i call this "Hell".
Well to cut the long story short,before i came here i had to deposit my personal briefcase to a security company under the UN,people who come here do use this method to save their important personal belongings with these security companies before coming here because normally we are not allowed to come with our personal stuffs to the camp,it is against the rules that govern these places,for security reasons. I had to deposit my briefcase with this company. My love,i am going to ask you to write to this security company ,tell them you are my wife and since i am away i have instructed you to apply to retrieve my briefcase from them because i cannot receive it from here,i want their delivery department to deliver my briefcase to you on whatever address you give to them,i believe within days they are going to deliver it to your door step. Right now i really do need that briefcase,i have some of my important documents in it. Once they deliver my briefcase to you,i can then apply for the vacation and be home finally,they might be needing some of the documents if i have to apply for leave i guess,secondly i have some money in there and i want to get some money across to robert,he sent me email reminding me of stuffs he needs,for study and up keep,i dont want him broke and stranded over there honey,that can be disatrous,i am all he has baby. I will give you their contact email address honey,and you write to them and i will also have to write to them just to identify you as my wife so you wont encounter any problem when you deal with them on my behalf. I hope you do understand me my love,i really need your support from the outside so bad,and i will forever appreciate everything my love,forever grateful for your role in getting me out of hell...
I love you.. Eric
Letter 10

All my love, my care, I pledge to only you
To be faithful and sincere all my life to you
To love you in pure truth, never lie to you
To be the best of lover, just for only you
To turn your frown to cute smile for you
And to make you ever happy I found you
For this I write this lovely note for you
I love you, you, you and forever only you
Good Morning my love Kisses and Hugs Eric

Letter 11

Dear Madam, Good day to you Madam, This is Mr Mark Benson of Sagnia Security company,London United Kingdom.
I will want you to know that we received your message but we had to take out time to verify the information given before replying your message. However,your partner has directed an immediate transfer and delivery of his luggage to you as soon as possible and note that we will make the delivery to you as directed by him. However,we will need the following information from you for processing and safe delivery of the luggage to your destination. 1. We need a copy of your passport or drivers license.
2. Residential Address.
3. Nearest international airport to you.
4. Name and place of employment.
5. Nationality. These are what we require for the safe delivery of your luggage. We will thereafter present to you our terms and conditions binding us with the United Nations Delivery Act.
Please get back to us as soon as possible.
Note that it is advice-able that business issues should be kept a secret for security reasons until the delivery is done.
Thank you and God bless.
Letter 12

Attention: Mrs. Mel.

Compliment of the day to you. In response to the e-mail we received from you Mrs. Mel, for the delivery of a parcel with Deposit Number:UN-DT-9867-906/A789, Serial Number 15222UIXX, Ref Number 0021190, deposited to us by Dr. Eric Pedersen, stationed in Aleppo,Syria,we hereby certify that you are the beneficiary of this parcel, and it will be delivered in the next three(3) business working days,as soon as the further requirements are met. Due to diplomatic policies, it will be inappropriate to ship parcel to you without the parcel being insured as it will violate the United Nations Rules Governing Diplomatic Delivery. This means payment for the registration and delivery fee must be made before shipment to avoid risk. This is because of some bad experiences we had in the past, We can not afford to re-issue your payment for delivery if anything goes wrong, so in this case payment for the registration and delivery fee is mandatory and it will only cost (1500 GBP). As soon as these fees are paid to the United Nations Diplomatic agent ,we will,with immediate effect, safely deliver to your doorstep your parcel at the provided address. most Importantly, prove of payment must be sent to us before parcel can be dispatched to your chosen point of delivery. The parcel will be register in your name and address as the said receiver, before it can be delivered to you by our diplomat.

NB: Failure to produce the registration fee will mean abortion of delivery by our diplomat. delivery cannot be made without prove of payment. We look forward to hear from you within the next 48 hours upon receipt of this email. After payment,kindly scan to us prove of payment. Payment will be made to our remittance office through the following means.

Means of Payment: Moneygram Money transfer Name: Vanessa Abbott Country: United States. Question: Color Answer: Blue Amount: 1500GBP Your parcel is protected by the United Nation Insurance policy, in accordance with section 13(1) (n) of the United Nation act as adopted in 1993 and amended on 3RD July 1996 by the constitutional assembly. This policy is also to protect recipients and to avoid misappropriation of consignment box.

Yours In Service,
Mr. Mark Benson
Letter 13

Good Morning my love
I hope you had a wonderful night honey,i have been thinking about you. I wrote you on messenger this morning but you were not there,i guess you went to bed early baby,i prayed to God to watch over you as you sleep so you can wake up and be here with me. I miss you so much baby,i cant wait to have you here to talk to...I love you.
Rise,shine and have a wonderful day ahead of you my sweet wife..
Kisses Eric
Letter 14

Good Morning My Wife!!! How are you doing this morning my beautiful angel? I hope you are doing good my love,i miss you baby.
Just wanted to say good morning and to be sure you are fine this morning. And how is mom doing this morning? Please kindly extend my love to her too.
I love you!
Kisses Eric
Letter 15

Every morning my love for you keeps growing and I feel like I am getting closer too you as each day passes by. You are the dream love of my life and I need you every day.I wish I could be besides you as you open those cute eyes.
Would brush my fingers by your hair and lay your hands aside.
Then I would say a prayer for today to protect you from falling.
Lastly I would take your hand in mine and wish u good morning.
I love you with all my heart baby.
please write me back when you get my email ok,i have to send this now.
Kisses Eric
Letter 16

Hello Madam In response to your request,i am going to suggest the easy way out for you in no distant time.
Firstly you will send us your phone number and we will have a representative call you from the USA.
Please you need to respond swiftly to show seriousness, once any lack of seriousness is perceived,it will lead to termination of delivery request. Secondly we must say thank you for your effort so far,help us to serve you more than you can imagine and God bless you. Yours in service
Mr. Mark Benson
Letter 17

Mel I am just seeing this email in particular you sent me. And i am shocked you could think that about me,i am not a bad person and i took the risk to show you myself on cam when we just met even though it was not allowed,i did that just for you to know who you talking with and so i know who i am talking with too. I dont know why you think you could find me on google just like that,i am not a celebrity you see on the internet,i dont come here to scam people for money,i only asked you a favor just because i trusted in you,how can you now turn your back on me because of a simple favor i asked of you. I knew you were now avoiding me,we were supposed to be for each others no matter what. How else do you want me to prove to you? You know i do love you even when i have not met with you,this is no fun for me Mel,if you cannot help me with this just say so rather than break my heart this way,how could you avoid me all day. I just needed you to help me get the briefcase so i can send some money to my some,i expplained everything to you from the start and you willingly accepted to help,why now brand me a scammer and turn your back on me just like that. What do you want me to do now? Not ask for your assistance anymore right? will that make you believe in me now? if you got anything you need to say talk to me on messenger ,we need to sort this out once and for all,i am not ready to lose you because you mean a lot to me right now...please dont turn your back on me,you will surely meet me soon when i am home and believe me you will be glad you didnt give up on me...I love you Mel no matter what and i will never give up on you.
Letter 18

Good Morning, Beautiful! Every sunrise gives me a new day to love you! Hope you had an amazing night my wife.
I just woke up and you're already on my mind.
I love you in the morning, in the middle of the day, in the hours we are together talking, and the hours we are apart.
Have an amazing day. I love you with all my heart and never will stop loving you. Can't wait to set my eyes on you soon.
I just wanted you to know how much I truly do care. You're always in my thoughts.
Being in love with you makes every morning worth getting up for...
Every minute spent with you on my mind is a minute well spent. Thats why i never want you away from me.
Just wanted to say good morning to the one person that means the world to me.
You were the first thing to come to my mind as I woke up this morning my wife,please write me some lines when you see this,you dont have any idea how much it makes me happy and keeps me lively and smart on the job. I love you so much baby,hope to talk with you soon. Kisses Eric
Letter 19

Its alright my angel, you cant imagine how happy i feel reading a letter from you,like i told you before it strengthens me all day knowing i have you by my side. I know its going to be very cold soon,it is best described as a weather for you two people,thats for me and you.I cant wait to be home to warm you up through the cold,you and me together can survive all odds thats what my spirit tells me and i believe it. Well i wish i had enough time to rest but with the recent happenings here no one can rest,not the government and not the citizens and not even the terrotists,it is total madness here baby,i dont wish you be here not even for a second. Well tonight i hope to be in bed early,after talking with you then i can doze off till its morning again. You need to take some time to rest too my love,because i dont want you breaking down. We need to talk shortly tonight my love,after that i will allow you to go to bed and rest all you can ok..Take good care of yourself honey,and always remember Eric is here who loves you like a teenager. You can as well leave a note when its break time,you know i will appreciate that my love..I love you with all my heart Mel,we will never have reasons to regret meeting each others,i promise that. Talk to you soon my wife..
Kisses Eric
Letter 20

Hello my love. I really need to talk to you about the issue on ground ok,i know it is not easy anywhere but you know i am counting on you really bad. Please help me get this briefcase my love,and i will be forever grateful to you. I know how hard enough life is, i just want to be home soon and far away from this madness. Please we cant ignore them for too long just like that,we need to respond and tell them when you can get the fees across to them,just tell me whats in your heart my love. I promise to pay back every single cent you spend on this,in three days time from the day you pay to them. I have cash inside the briefcase and you can get your money back from there. I also need to get money across to my son,i am really worried my love. It is just this one thing i ask of you and we are partners thats why i feel free sharing my problems with you,. Believe me honey,if i was in your position i would not think twice before helping you out,but i do understand your stand also. I want to be out of here and be home as soon as possible. Just write email to the company and give them a date my love,but let me know when first. I promise you with the name of God you and i serve,you will not regret this ,you will be glad you helped when i needed you,and i also promise you my life,i will do anything to pay you back for your kindness. Please write me back my love,i love you with all my heart..Kisses Eric
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