Romance scam letter(s) from Gabriel Robinson to Jane (USA)
Letter 1

Hello sweetheart, how are you doing, i visited your profile and found you captivating, i don't really spend much time here but i'd like to know you more, can i have your e-mail address to write you in my free time. thank you
Letter 2

My Dear,

Accept my candid greetings, it gladdens my heart to write you immediately you gave me your e-mail. I am moved by your beautiful look and content of your profile that i saw. My dear, life have given us the opportunities and experience to watch and become more careful to go into relationship because of finding partner to aid us handle relationship for what it is. Also, good number of people have abused and discouraged many good and promising relationships, but despite all that, some of us still believe we have good people out there.

However, I have a strong faith that guide me in a certain way, you must have read my profile but i will not hesitate to introduce myself, I'm Ernie Duke, I live and work in Manchester a project manager, an engineer by profession, i am about 5.8ft tall , weighs 68 kg and a June 3rd, 1965 Baby.

I am seriously in search for a soul mate, a virtuous woman, a woman i will love and who will love me in return and take me for who i am. I checked your page and believe you and I can be good soul mates, if we can be honest, dedicated and trustworthy to each other.

My hobbies are swimming, traveling and meeting people, I am too emotional and cannot stand heartbreak, that is why I need a woman who will love me for real and who will understand and take me for who I am. I strongly believe that we can make a good match. I am a free and open minded person and will be very happy if I find a person with all this qualities.

Ernie Duke.
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