Romance scam letter(s) from Martin James to April (England)
Letter 1

Good morning April. how are you doing?. why are you not talking to me anymore?. is something wrong?. i'm getting worried about you. hope everything is fine with you over there?. i'm missing you so much right now. please talk to me. i'm really enjoying talking to you here always please i really want to talk to you about my daughter she is in trouble. i'm in need of y help. please April i need your help me i beg you in the name of God please. Best regard
Letter 2

Good morning April. how are you doing?. why are you not talking to me anymore? l miss so .
I can’t wait to see you! But that shouldn’t come as a surprise, because you know I miss you a lot and I can’t wait for you to come back and to have you in my arms again, so that I can fill you with cuddles and kisses!
I’m not going crazy, but I have missed you so much that I’ve been going out looking for you, even though I know I won’t find you. I stroll along the square and the park, imagining that, all of a sudden, you will appear from behind a tree, with open arms, running towards me! I’m not mad, but the truth is I end up going to the same bars and cafes that we used to go, thinking that you can come in at any moment, apologizing for the delay!
No, I’m not delusional, because, deep down I know that it be a while before I’m with you again. I want you to know that I will be waiting for you with all the strength of my spirit, with all the energy of my soul and all the lust my body can carry.
I will be the happiest creature on earth when you return. I will feel complete as a woman, as well as a human being, because I will be certain that I the ideal partner of my life is again within my reach. And I hope that will be enough to make you happy too! I miss you. Love.
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