Scam Email(s) from Mario Bachmeier to Mary (Switzerland)


Letter 1

My Dear Mary,

I could not write you an email yesterday because I was not able to access the internet for the rest of the day yesterday when my internet was restored coupled withhe fact that I was in a depressed state of mind. So worried about your health, me, your mom and there's still mine that I don't even know how she is faring amongs several other ups and downs. Yet, here I am helpless and just can't do anything about it owing to my seized documents which has made me an indirect prisoner in another's land. I think I just had an emotional and psychological breakdown but I'm a man and have to learn to keep strong. You need me more now than ever. As such, I'm going to enjoy the luxury of a long walk in the evening as a therapy but first must leave you a few lines - oh how I have so missed writing you my baby. I hope you were able to relax well yesterday, a lot has been running through my head lately. I'm having trouble putting my thoughts into words so you will have to bare with me through this.

I keep thinking about the future, about life, and what I want out of it. I keep thinking about us and what this relationship means to me. I keep thinking about these things and I realize they go hand in hand. I want this relationship to be my future it's what I want out of life. I want to grow old with you. I want to experience this crazy feelings forever and ever, and I really think I'm going to get to. When all these is over, I want us to walk through new houses picking the one that would be just right for us. I want to see you walk around our house in a big t-shirt with your hair down and catch me staring at how gorgeous you are. I want you to pull the covers off me at night and then I have to get even closer, if it's possible, to you to keep warm. I want to see you laugh like crazy at me when I do stupid stuff. I want to rub lotion all over your body because you laid out in the sun too long. I want to hold you when you cry and smile with you when you smile. I want to fall asleep every night with you in my arms. I want you to fall asleep on my chest listening to the beat of my heart and know it beats for you I want you to be the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I see when I go to sleep. I want to see your bad morning hair; I think it will be so cute. I want to sit on the beach with you and watch the sun set, and I want all the people who pass us to envy what we share...

I want to spend all night, and maybe the next day, making love to you with an undying passion (sorry to be so blunt). I want to be 90 years old and still make out with you like a little schoolboy. I want to cook a meal with you and us totally ruin it and end up doing take out. I want to sit there talking to you for hours about nothing at all but in the same time everything or maybe we won't talk at all and just grin at each other realizing how lucky we are. I want you to get mad at me for doing something stupid, and I want you to bust out laughing when you try to yell at me. I want to lay with you in front of a fireplace and keep the heat going long after the fire goes out. I want to take trips with you to places we've never been and experience them together. I want us to go skinny-dipping in our yacht...and get caught and streak back to our room waking laughing so hard. I want us to go and pick out the hot tub we want with the biggest grins on our faces the whole time. I want the sales rep to get embarrassed when we sit in them and make sure we have enough room to do the things we want to do. I want our friends to come over and get totally jealous because they don't share a feelings like we do. I want to be walking into a store with you and trip and fall on my face and turn around to see you rolling on the ground laughing at me. I want us to run outside in the rain and act like total kids getting completely soaked, and when we come back in stripping down to nothing as we stumble into the bedroom, or the kitchen counter, or the balcony, or the dining room table, or an office desk, or the shower, which ever one we feel like at the time

I just want you to know that I had never found someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with after I became a widow. I really am crazy about you, everything about you... I also see that I just got a text message from you - isn't it fascinating how we seem to always be on the same page thinking about one another? I mean we are so close in our mind and spirit yet so distant physically but hopefully with prayers, all these would be stories to tell and laugh over. I have to go now so I can read and respond to your sms.

Yours always,


Letter 2

Hello Mary,
Thanks for your email. I hope you are having a great day so far. You have been here so long that you are way more of a Swiss than myself.
I have been living in Bern for the past 12 months now. I grew up mainly in California. However, I'm Originally Swiss and my Father was from Bern. I initially came here on a business contract late last year and I have found this city lovable and decided to stay here.
I have only one Son and he's married. I was advised to register with this website by a friend who had met someone through the service sometime ago. I'm actually new to internet dating, have you had any experiences so far and would you mind sharing them? I have your phone number now and I will give you a call but please let me know a time that is convenient for you
I wish you a very happy Easter,

Letter 3

Hello again Mary,
I hope you had a nice day and apologies for my delayed response owing to a few commitments with work. However, just about settling down today and thought to write you some more. How I came to Switzerland is a complicated story but I would try to give you the short version of it. I had some work related business with Siemens and so I had to travel to Bern for the first time in over 28 years, last year June. Although the contract with Siemens was never concluded for 5 months, I've ended up staying in Switzerland Collectively for almost a year now. It was plenty of fun at first but it now seems to get lonely this past few months. So when a friend suggested meeting people on this Website I decided to give it a try for 1 month.
I have been widowed for about 4 years now and I never really noticed being lonely because my job is something I find interesting. I'm an Engineer and Economist by profession, However for the past 5 years I've been the CEO of a Medium sized company which deals in Rare Earth Minerals.
In my free time, I like to see movies or read books and sometimes just enjoy the pleasure of eating out. I also like to visit Art Galleries and Museums of all kinds from time to time. It all depends on who I'm with and where I am.
I saw your profile and something told me we might be able to connect. I really can't say the exact factor that attracted me to your profile, however the overall image of the person it painted, gave me the impression that you were the type of person I could have a decent conversation with. I'm not used to describing myself in writing, so I hope I did not do a poor job on my profile. Well, I think I've said enough now. Your turn.
Hope to read from you soon,

Letter 4

Good Evening Mary,
Thanks for taking the time to write me a message amongst your busy schedule and hope today was calmer. What do you do at work? I would have written you sooner but so much has been going on around me. I have also been very busy preparing for a Business trip to Dubai. I would be Flying to Birmingham Tomorrow Evening, I will spend 2 days there after which I would be flying to the U.A.E. I wont be returning to Bern for the next 3 weeks. Do you think we could possibly meet before that time. Yes, I do Ski and live in a Serviced apartment off KIRCHENFELD not too far from Italienische Botschaft in Bern.
My Company is primarily involved in the developing and processing of Rare Earths Materials in the High purity sector. What that entails in simple English is to extract special metal elements from Ore residues and process them into varying forms of concentrations and oxides. We also provide consulting services and the Administrative quarters of the Company is based in Yermo, California. However, I've been thinking along the lines of settling down here in Bern for various professional and personal reasons. Switzerland sure so far has helped with the healing process. It feels like a whole new world to explore and connect with, after my first month in Switzerland, it became clear that demand for my services was much higher in Europe than I thought.
Towards the end of the year 2004, my father was hit by a severe case of Pneumonia after he came back from a vacation in Iceland, he never recovered from it and passed away in December that same year. I felt really bad because we were very close and he was very fit and healthy, I basically assumed he would be alive for much longer. My mother comes from Austria and still lives in the San Francisco Bay area.
I enjoy movies involved with science and technology, biographies, documentary, epic and of course comedy among others. My kind regards to the nieces. Now it's over to you, tell me some more about yourself.
Sweet dreams

Letter 5

Dear Mary ,
How are you today? Unfortunately some unforeseen delays made our meeting impossible. I was delayed by a car rental company I was returning a car to. The whole ordeal disrupted my schedule and I knew our meeting would have to wait for when I return from Dubai. On the bright side, I think by that time we would have known each other well enough for us to know if we are what we both seek, plus it would be much more comfortable and convenient. I agree with you that working from home does permits to stay more organized, efficient and focused. How is your mother doing today? As well as your family and friends.
Life in Birmingham has been busy so far. I had to travel to the outskirts of the city to meet with some people. By the time I got back I was so tired already, I hardly had time for much. My flight to Dubai has been rescheduled for a 4 hour delay, but Emirates Airlines has compensated by upgrading my business class ticket to First class.
Most evenings I try to catch up with the news on Technology, take a long walk or go to a nearby cafe or restaurant to drink some wine and have a good meal, however all of this would be much more fun if I had someone from the opposite sex to share them with.
I've hardly had time for any kind of relaxation for the last couple of days. Thankfully, the most crucial steps have already been taken care of and everything is moving accordingly. This weekend will be the first chance I get to actually relax. I usually endeavor to take time out to enjoy where ever I find myself on mother earth and also try to learn something about the culture and people there. So this trip to Fujairah, U.A.E is something I'm also looking forward to in terms of exploration.
When I first came down to Bern, I lived in Hotels for about 2 months. After being alone, The most suitable choice for me during that time was a serviced/furnished apartment because an old time friend and colleague was living there, And so I decided to move there for sometime before I decided to make it a permanent decision. There are several reasons why I've decided to relocate to Switzerland other than professional reasons. I am going to tell you about them in the future when/if we meet.
I will write more after I read from you, which I hope should be soon.
Bye for now.

Letter 6

Calvary Greetings Mary ,
How is your cold? I hope you are feeling much better. Thanks for your understanding and hopefully our meeting could be 'first class' as well, lol for it was indeed worth it at the end of the day which was a positive relief. However, today has also been a very busy day for me, I woke up very early after a short nap and I had to travel almost 200km to a neighboring city for some appointments. I was thinking about you and I thought it would be a good time to tell you how I was faring. I believe life is just like a book, persons that don't travel just read only a few pages. I'm letting you know this right now because the possibility of relocating to some other place in the future is not something I have ruled out yet. This could be for the sake of my Partner or some other reason. It appears to be a trait that runs in my family. However, I am not saying that it is something that is bound to happen. I'm just trying to explain my mind frame and how I perceive the future generally. I lived in Bern as a child for about 4 years from 7-11, then came back to spend another 5 months when I was 18 with my Grandmother.
I can eat almost anything, I'm very adventurous towards food. Dubai has been okay so far, I've been here twice in the past on short trips, the first was for vacation and the second time was earlier this year to secure the contract I'm presently working on.
My son(26) is actually Gay(homosexual) and he is married to a 40 year old man :). He lives in Los Angeles and runs a small cafe with his partner. Initially we hard a very distant relationship when I first discovered he was not straight. It was hard to take in because he was my only son and I wanted grandchildren. Anyway thats a long time ago and now I have accepted him for who he is and I try to appreciate him that way. Our relationship is a very complex one with ups and downs but I try to remember that life is short and enjoy it all the same. Sometimes I tend to feel guilty about not showing him enough love as a child because I wanted to toughen him up and maybe this had the wrong effect on his sexuality by seeking fatherly love elsewhere.
I hope at this point you can tell I am always very direct and straight forward. I'm inclined to be very spontaneous, I tell you precisely what is on my mind when I feel it and this has made me a honest person naturally. I don't usually use age as a very important factor when I'm seeking a true companion. I'm looking for a true companion and a permanent partner. However, I feel if you are going to find that person you have to take things slowly and start out as friends and let things proceed from there.
I used to like singing but my voice limits my singing to a very basso kind :). I used to smoke but I quit in 2004. I still drink occasionally but it is usually Champagne or Red Wine. I'm also a very Optimistic and Open Minded person, and this quality has always attracted others to me. I'm not the kind of man who basis his feelings around the outer beauty or physique alone. I believe in the Beauty on the inside because I learned in the past that it is far better. I still know little about you and would really like to know much more. Just so you know, I do think you are a sincere and Honest person.
I just felt like sending you a message on the topics of conversation we would be having if I was in the same room with you. So now its your turn. Let me know something about yourself that you would usually not tell people when you first meet them. Or maybe you can just tell me what you were like when you were younger.
Have a lovely day and I hope to read from you soon,

PS: Do you go to Church and could you please share some of your pictures with me?

Letter 7

Good Evening to you,
It's late over here in Fujaraih, Dubai and you occupied my thoughts for most of today after our brief correspondence so far. After reading your last message, I have chosen to tell you some important aspects about my life from the beginning. My parents met in London, so it was only natural for them to communicate in English. After they got married, they had only one son (me) and decided to keep it that way. We stayed in London for about 7 years after I was born before my father decided that we should move back to Bern. My Dad tried to pursue a career in Bern as a Professional Antiques Art collector but after about 4 years he once again decided we would be happier in California when he got an opening to become a Lecturer of Archaeology. So that's how I ended up spending most of my teen years in San Francisco. I met my late wife while I was at Stanford University. She was a very pretty woman, we were very good friends and after graduating from the University we did not see each other for about 3 years. The next time we were opportuned to meet again we decided we wanted to be together forever. She passed away in 2011 after a long battle with Breast Cancer.
My expectation of a woman is to love, honor and cherish me as I will do the same for her. I believe that the woman in my life and I are partners and will help each other any way possible. My partner first and foremost will be my friend. You see, my father and mother had non conventional roles. My father actually taught my mother how to cook when they got married and for many years did most of the laundry and cleaning before mother took on the traditional role fully on retirement. In a nutshell, Im looking for a sincere, honest and loyal friend. I will look up the Bahai site over the next couple of days and when would you love to Skype?
My mother has a small circle of friends in her neighborhood and they keep themselves active and busy. She's fairly healthy for her age and that makes me happy. I call her about twice a week and when I'm in California I try to visit her as often as I can.
One thing I never do is regret and it has brought me to the level of understanding of the Human world that I have today. Since I have been widowed, I did not try dating until early 2015. I was in a brief relationship that nothing really ever came out of. I believe that every face has its own purpose. I do not exist in the past and I have always believed in LIVING in the HERE AND NOW!! TODAY is a gift that is why it is called the PRESENT!
I have incessantly desired to explore my roots in Europe and living in Switzerland has been very fulfilling in many different ways for me. I am unable to really say I'm living the dream however I think happiness is basically something we give ourselves. I travel a great deal and exploring the globe is a hobby I hope to continuously undertake for the rest of my days. I was born into a Christian home but as time passed, the circumstances surrounding me made it imperative that I experienced other ways of life while growing up.
I'm inquisitive about many things including: history, humanity and world cultures. I enjoy hiking in the mountains and by the sea. Nature has a therapeutic and positive effect upon my spirit, in addition to its beauty, it makes me feel connected to the Universe. I have come to acknowledge the fact that I am a practical individual who is complex at times but established in a few values that I believe are universally good. Am I perfect? Certainly not! Who is? But my sincere desire is always to understand and make use of my imperfections, with the intention to become the best that I could possibly be as an ordinary functioning man.
I must confess I already find you very interesting and I can hardly wait to read a message from you.
Sweet dreams

Letter 8

Bonjour Mary,
I hope you had a pleasant time with your nieces and kids. Today was my first opportunity to actually take time out to do some sightseeing. I also went swimming earlier in the day, swimming is something I like to do very much. Attached is a picture of me - Hope you like and wont mind sharing some of yours?
Dad was of course a very interesting mentor and friend. Growing up in a household with a father who was a dedicated collector of various kinds of antiques, it was only natural for me to appreciate certain ancient works of art. My interest however always seemed to lean towards metal works and mostly Silverware from various ancient cultures. Thanks so much for opening up to me more about you and your person as a whole. We actually share a lot of similarities, hmmm and you are indeed right. We are a total package and must be civil enough to accept the other persons totality as they are. For peaceful coexistence between partners, they must be willing and ready to accept the logical fact that, they both are two highways that must meet at a point and proceed together on a One way highway (don't know if I'm nailing the nail straight to the head with this practical illustration).
Happiness is only real when it is shared, this is a lesson I learnt over the last few years. I worked very hard, for many years to ensure that I acquired a great deal of wealth. However, it became clearer that in the grand scheme of things, aside from the money to purchase some luxuries, more money cannot buy you happiness. There came a time during my life when I embarked on a spiritual and self realization journey. I have reached the resolution that life is simple, for people who take it simple. I can confidently say I am personally satisfied with where I am today. I don't like to complicate things, there is always joy in each and every given situation, if you understand an appropriate viewpoint to see it from. However, we humans live inside a Monetary system that makes us spend the most part of our lives working to acquire wealth and secondary wants, while our primary needs and goals remain unseen.
Emotional needs and physical needs are both needed for us to be truly happy. I know I have spent more than half of my lifetime on this planet already, this realization has made me begin to reassess what my Main Goals in life are. What could be more important than a happy ending? For a person to live his/her life full of joy and happiness.
It does not matter what achievements you've accomplished, there is really no happy ending if there’s no one to crown you, which is your partner and Best friend. A woman who knows that even while arguing we still ought to hold hands. A woman whom I can call a partner to steal horses with :-). A woman who I can tell anything. I think the time is right for me to locate this woman or die trying, because I embraced my work for such a long time trying to get over the death of my late wife, that I made an attempt to convince myself that I had no chance of finding true love again but now the time has come for me to move on and rediscover Love and Happiness.
Why am I letting you know about the sort of woman I want and all these things now? Because I don't want to become really attached to someone who might not be looking for the same things I'm looking for in a relationship. However, I also just felt compelled to tell you some more about me.
I hope to read from you soon but right now I need to hit the sack and get some much needed rest if I intend to be functional when I wake up later today.
Thinking about you,
Sweet dreams,

Letter 9

Dear Mary,

I hope your weekend has started in a positive way. How are the pugs? I do admire your principle about not going out with your friends ex'es and I fully comprehend all you have written to me so far, I only wish I was there sitting in front of you - sharing thoughts with each other. The two of us seem to have quite a few things in common. Each and every time I read an email from you, I get more and more enthusiastic about meeting you in reality.

I like to believe that rare earth minerals would help a great dealing in paving the way for the transition to renewable energy sources for the human race, a solution we must embrace if we truly care about. China only released their tight hold placed on export quotas in 2013. Restricting export quotas was China's way of trying to monopolize the rare earth minerals industry and that has made it possible for an operation like the materials refinery plant currently built over here in Fujairah. When it comes to the politics of the high purity sector of rare earth's, there's so much to discuss, I'm not even sure where to start from.

I like metal sculptures as well as other hand carved artifacts, especially works which clearly shows how much attention to detail the artist can bring to reality. I sometimes like to acknowledge to myself that I am a strong-willed person. I think it is due to the fact that I have a good number of dreams and goals I still desire to achieve
before I finally leave this Planet and I must admit that you have there a beautiful part of this planets paradise which seems peaceful. :) I can almost hear the cheerfulness of your personality inside the words you write me, whenever I'm thinking about you, I picture you as a person who smiles a lot. That is something I find intriguing and also a quality I appreciate, I try to be that way as well. Like I told you previously, I am a positive person temperamentally and try to remain that way, no matter the circumstances I find myself.

I've always liked skiing but after an accident in 2010, my right knee has reduced how much I Ski, I was practically forced to stop for almost 3 years (somewhat like horse riding for you). I'm a person who is always open to new Experiences and adventures. I'm willing to try things previously untried, with humor and wit, while engaging all my faculties to absorb all that I can. I think it is all as a result of my insatiable appetite for understanding the mechanisms of our reality and human behavior as a whole. In this regard, I have traveled fairly well around the globe - I've been to Africa, most of Western Europe, Japan (I’m sure your brother-in-law would love it there), India, China, The Middle East, around the US and the Caribbean Islands; Shortly before I finally decided to make my move to Switzerland a more permanent thing last year, I was on a 3 weeks cruise around the Caribbean (my 3rd around the islands).

I have reached a level of understanding in which the qualities that attract me to a woman usually have little to do with her physical appearance. I'm not the kind of man who wants a woman for just sex or her body. True love and Compassion cannot be based on physical attraction(or lust) alone. This is one of the important reasons why I don't date often. I don't have a problem with age, younger or older than me.... I feel as long as we have a connection and the person is matured enough to understand that Mental Happiness is far more important than physical happiness, major physical differences do not matter so much. Making the world a better place is an Enormous task that can not be accomplished by any individual or group alone. It can only be accomplished by the cooperation of all human beings.

I am very glad writing this message to you now and freely expressing my thoughts reminded me of a song (What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong). I better stop myself, if not I might start explaining the worlds problems to you and all my Wonderful ideas on how to solve some of them :).

So I'll say, Bye for now, and as always, I'll be waiting for a message from you. And please do make out some time to enjoy the weekend. Winks.

Smile on,

Letter 10

Dearest Mary,

My giggle box. How was your time out/diner with your neighbor yesterday? Hope you are having a stress free and enjoyable weekend. Glad you liked the song. I'll look up some more for you. Do you also like poetry? Thanks to the digital age, I can never grow old. My body might but my mind remains sharp as ever. This is something I never anticipated. However, I'm glad you're able to feel good by our communication, I also feel that way every time I get a message from you. I will be leaving Dubai on Saturday the 16th of this month.

As soon as I'm done with work here in Fujairah, my vacation begins and I planned on spending half of it in Switzerland, I have not made any concrete plans yet. Right now my schedule is very unstable because of some unforeseen issues I'm having with my project here. I know by now you are already thinking of me as a workaholic. I'm just the kind of person who believes in a balanced life. I set my professional and personal goals and I always work hard to achieve them. I am sometimes competitive when the situation warrants it.

Einige Zeilen in deutscher Sprache;

Ihre Aufrichtigkeit brachte das Vertrauen in mich. Ich konnte Ihre echte Personlichkeit uber den Abstand zwischen uns fuhlen. Sie kommen in sehr gro?!
Als jemand, der einen offenen Geist immer gehabt hat, kann ich sehr viel auf die Meinung uber die Hohe der Hulle und Fulle auf dem Planeten betreffen und wie viel arme Menschen noch existieren. Die Ungleichheit Lucke wird nur zu erhohen, und ich glaube, dass von fossilen Brennstoffen "Verbrauch unsere Abhangigkeit reduzieren im digitalen Zeitalter eine sehr wichtige Rolle spielt. Ich bewundere das Interesse und die Eingabe Ihrer Nichte in diesem.

Ich glaube, dass die Menschen eine sehr kleine Manifestation des Universums sind (auch als Gott, das Hochste Wesen, die gro?ere Kraft \ Energie bekannt). Ich sehe die organisierte Religion auf der anderen Seite als eine Moglichkeit, Kinder zu verstehen, die grundlegenden Konzepte der guten und schlechten sowie Recht und Ordnung einzufuhren. Alle Religionen betonen die Notwendigkeit einer friedlichen Koexistenz und Toleranz. Ich denke, das eigentliche Problem zu religiosen Lehrer zuruckzufuhren ist, die Dinge in einer Weise zu interpretieren, dass die Anhanger nicht in der Lage zu machen, um wirklich die universelle Botschaft der Liebe zu verstehen. Dies wiederum fuhrt zu Diskriminierungen, die auch zu Ressentiments fuhren, die schlie?lich im Laufe der Zeit zu bauen, bis Blut vergossen wird und die Anhanger vergessen, was sie fur tatsachlich kampfen. Auf den Punkt gebracht, ist meine Philosophie, dass Spiritualitat ist die Form, mit der wir zu unserem Gott verbinden - das Hochste Wesen, wahrend Religion ist nur dann erforderlich, Recht und Ordnung zu vermitteln - Werte der Gerechtigkeit).

Ich wunsche Ihren Besuch bei den Mopse Mutter war ereignis- und freudig mit dem Gedanken an mich dazwischen, wink wink.

Zuruck zu Englisch;

I work hard and play harder these days. I am blessed to be able to travel and explore many parts of this beautiful planet. I love to pamper and be pampered by my woman. I am very affectionate and romantic. As you know each day is a gift and we have a choice as to how we will spend each moment. While I am a deeply emotional man, and have moments of sadness, feelings of disappointment and anger, I try to address each emotion appropriately. I always try to take responsibility for my own actions and so I also like to define my own boundaries.

I don't know if I seem very serious and formal in the messages I write you, I just hope you understand I am only trying to give you a very clear picture of who I am. This morning I was thinking to myself and it became clearer to me that all the messages you have written to me are the kind I would expect from someone I would like to have a true relationship. I think that is mainly why we have written to ourselves these much already. I enjoy being with someone, I prefer the company of the opposite sex and I do not want to be lonely or unhappy. I believe that being with someone brings more happiness and more enjoyment to life.

I have a whole lot of things I do to give myself a good time but it greatly depends on who I'm with and where we are. Sometimes I go to see a movie at the Cinema or maybe just listen to some good music. I enjoy taking cruises, shopping, hanging out at the park or museum. You can also catch me taking long walks at the beach but all these activities have become lonely and not as attractive as they used to be when you don't have someone to share that time with, someone to hold hands with and dig our feet into the sand, to Listen to the waves crash on the shore. To feel the sun upon our faces. Someone willing to travel to new exotic places and appreciate the things we've got, Even if it's not a lot. To feel the wind flow through our hair. To feel as if you are in heaven on earth because that special someone is next to me and there's no other place I would rather be.

In my short journey in life, I've noticed public opinions about relationships that usually do more harm than good. For this reason I like to keep my relationships private because when both partners sit down and talk about their differences they usually arrive at better Solutions together. I used to be a perfectionist and always wanted to be in control but I grew older and a lot of things changed. I truly took time out to study love relationships to understand how the male and female interact, what was important and necessary to ensure true happiness. I'm no expert yet but so far I am happy for you and happy for me. We are two good human beings and two beautiful souls that deserve the best.

I'd like you to tell me about some of the turning points in your life. Maybe something you learned about yourself that you feel has changed your life and your outlook to dating. Do you truly believe in finding true love and happiness?

I will bring this long email to an end now and look forward to receiving one back from you.

Thinking about you,


Letter 11

My Dear Princess Mary,
How are you doing today? I hope your weekend started out nicely and wishing wonderful moments with your mom today. As for me I have had incredibly busy days these past few days coupled with the fact that I dropped my laptop mistakenly on site and just had it fixed and returned today. And although I was able to read your emails, I was having difficulties reading on small screens (phone). The project is still having trouble with some of the deadlines it has to meet so I have been working round the clock and just got opportuned to have some me time now and as always this includes my time out with you. I have been trying to get things set up because the production date is already behind Schedule and the plant already has waiting orders. I was also trying to get things to a self sustainable level. So that the bulk of my job would be to coordinate orders and payments from wherever I am, since I already have the contacts I require.

I would like you to actually express your feelings about our connection and its ok to know you feel concerned about us to some extent but please never think you are being too straight forward as I am very accommodating and I would never treat you otherwise or hurt you. As regards your questions, I hope I have been able to answer them all in my poem to you which you should be getting later on today but wanted to send this out first. I already told you, I am monogamous and when Im here, Im here fully and totally!. I am very pleased with our communication and intense connection. Whatever happens, wherever all of this gets us to, I'm very grateful as it has been a very special style of communicating, of sharing emotions and deep seated longing. It is precious having the ability to express one's self like this, since it doesn't occur on a regular basis. I am personally trying to never hurt anyone but to like them and serve them when they need assistance. I trust in the Universal forces holding this world together and I am after his/her heart. In the last relationship I was in, neither my heart nor my mind agreed to bring things to the next level which could lead to a long lasting relationship. I am very romantic and like to cuddle and make the environment very inviting. On the subject of food, I really like seafood, I like chocolate with nuts, and white chocolate also. I love all kinds of fruits, especially berries. I like coffee every day. Perhaps you have heard about ceviche (it is raw shrimp or fish, that really has been cooked in lime juice with onions, Serrano peppers etc), it's fantastic.
I am a chameleon I can wear jeans, as well as a suit. I can be sitting down on the floor with children just being silly and laughing, or having dinner together with the president. I can be comfortable both ways. Which one would I enjoy the most? That usually depends on my mood. I can go for a walk or to dance. I can stay in or go out for dinner. I can be considered a good conversational person, say funny jokes, or just be silent enjoying one another's company. I do not mind doing dirty or hard work. I will do what it takes to arise to the situation. I am going to continue being who I am, but I also invite new ideas, I have opened my mind to constructive criticism. I respect the child and the elder. As you already know; I love antiques, and open spaces. I love flowers and animals. I love to discover beauty on things and people. I do not mind to make a fool of myself if I can put a smile on someone else's face. I am tough and I like to think of myself as a man of character.
We've actually been friends for such a short while now yet everyday that passes makes me imagine being together with you and you have no idea how these past 4 days has been for me without being able to have access to you. Right now all i do is hope my imagination has not yet made my expectations too high. I have made an attempt to relax, watch, and listen to you. You make me feel brand new; a message from you always makes my day brighter. But these are all words and the reality might not be so blissful, therefore I will just continue to sit back and watch until the day we finally meet.
Someone is thinking about you with a smile on his face and I also hope this leave a smile on your face. I will be anxiously waiting to read from you again my angel.
Blowing you Kisses from your Prince Charming,
PS; I have tried calling but for some reasons it hasnt been connecting - I guess the configuration for my mobile was not well done... Would you mind giving it a shot from your ends as Im eager to hear your voice as well.

Letter 12

Good morning my Princess,

Woke up this morning all smiles with fond thoughts of you and as promised here is your poem and I hope you enjoy it;
The heart of me is easy to find
If you just look beyond the obvious
It lies protected behind walls constructed from pain
But there is a door with no lock or key
just push past the obvious

The soul of me is easy to find
It is tucked beneath logic and reasoning
encased in grace and understanding
cemented in an undying love for God

Can you give what matters most?
Can you give past your own pain?
If my heart and soul is all you seek, then this journey is light
If my boyish charm is what you crave, then your search will be brief
If my masculine wiles tantalize your heart, then open it up to me completely

Half a love is no love at all
Partial understanding is ignorance
To push past the door to my heart takes heroic trust
The capture of my love requires transparency

This is the only way I know how to love
The only way I can trust
The only way I will be caught

Many have started the journey
Daily they pursue, so distant with such clear paths
And my heart and soul waits for a victor!

Are you up for the challenge?
How did I do? And I hope you were able to relate with this. Just thought to send this out to you this morning with the hopes of putting a smile on your face just like serving you breakfast in bed before my day gets too busy and perhaps get caught up in a web of activities. Anyways, off I go now to get ready and set off for some early appointments I have this morning. I will respond to your mail later on - perhaps in the evening when I return from the field.
Candy thots and warm kisses.
Your Prince Charming,

Letter 13

Mary my angel,

Here's a short note to check up on my lovely. Thanks for the call. And glad you loved the poem! Be sure to get some more from me as I'm so inspired just by reading from you as well as confirming you liked this pretty much, smiles.

I don't know what's wrong with my roaming configuration request & why I didn't hear the phone ring though I did get the voicemail you left - Oh how nice your voice sounded even admist your sore throat ??. I kept listening to it over and over again, smile. Have you had any meds yet for it? Btw how about you try to call say like 12midnight the time here - I should be back to the hotel from my appointments. That should be about 10pm in Geneva.

Fond thots,

Letter 14

Dear Mary,
Good evening to you my friend in whom I have found the happiest and strongest friendship in recent times and hope you have had a lovely day. How are you today generally? I hope you are feeling ok and thanks so much for your calls and mails - Its always a welcoming and relieving feeling to hear from you. No its fine being woken up to your call and I'll be happy to answer my princess whenever she calls again,wink wink. I must confess that im still mesmerized by finally being able to talk and communicate with you and hope my accent is audible to your ears. You indeed have got a lovely voice and I look forward to talking with you again later on tonight. Imagin our first conversation on the day of the deliberated green moon, hmmm... Funny or coincidentally enough, from my bed, I could also see the sky through the window but not the green moon as you also experienced...
How are your allergies now? and how was your visit to your mom on Tuesday? I hope she is getting better and your plans for her are falling into place. And your tires? Tell me, what will it take to sweep you off your feet and make you fall in love totally seeing you a hard nut to crack at that, smile. But atleast I pray you keep the doors open like the heart of me :) seeing that I happen to find blue eyed blondes quite attractive!! Coffee and custom-ordered rock lobster and perhaps red or white wine sounds like a nice coffee date night right?

Well, I just I am not doing too happy over here because coupled with a few minor setbacks earlier experienced, just yesterday, I stumbled again upon some more complications with my mission here and returning to Bern next week is not so certain which leaves me quite saddened. This I also have been coping with most of today. (So, on the contrary, I really felt happy and relived just hearing your voice - thank you). Having said that, if it is possible to solve the difficulties here earlier, I might still be able to make it back in the near future. Once I reschedule my return ticket, I will let you know the specifics of my flight time. I would be glad to see you the same day, I'm sure I won't be too tired. Once I come back to Switzerland my plan is to take some time in order to select a new suitable residence. Once that is settled, I would be flying to California for about 10 days to put together a few of my personal belongings together and also start preparing for a move.
I have been thinking about you after going through your emails. I would be lying if I say I do not feel attracted to the individual who writes me these emails. For these last 3 weeks I actually have felt very relaxed writing about my desires and wants together with you. The prospect of concluding my project here has been one thing I've been looking forward to especially because I would finally get to meet you. Family and friends for the past 4-5 years has been more or less for people, who don't live significantly close to me, so settling down and residing in Switzerland is something that would be easy for me due to the fact that it really doesn't affect any of my close relationships negatively.
Furthermore, I appreciate that you see me as someone you can talk to. I know what it takes to have somebody to communicate with, Someone with whom you are able to share your innermost thoughts and desires. Someone with whom my/our love will never dilute with. Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi are two people I've always admired, they may be two of the most selfless fellows that ever existed with power. They are actually the only true heroes that I can think of in the last Century.
I usually take my time to understand the person on the inside rather than just judge by appearances, present status or peoples opinions. One trait I have noticed in couples who have maintained a steady caring relationship for a very long time is the ability for them to not always put things on a Gold scale. Both partners are willing to trust and compromise for the other. An interest I would like for my partner to share with me is my vision for making the planet a much better place for the human race. It doesn't necessarily mean we have to setup charity organizations or travel to Africa to feed hungry children. It just means being willing to try and do our own little bit, it could even mean impacting a better perspective of our values or just simply supporting a project within your vicinity that ensures sustainability.
Amongst Respect, Money, Fame or power, which would you rather have lots of? If you had three wishes, what would they be? and What is the most adventurous thing you think you have ever done? what do you prefer to do when you stay at home for the evening? watch TV? clean? talk on the phone? read?
Still thinking about you and looking forward to talking with you soon. Its about 3 minutes past midnight here but I would still be up for another 30 minutes or so if you wanna call.

Letter 15

My Dear Mary,
You welcome and thanks for all the care you have shown me throughout this difficult period. How is your or shall I say 'our (since im with you on this one,winks) much anticipated big Saturday 'Free the Space' promo going? Smile. Well, yesterday and today I've been very busy trying to raise the funds I require to pay the fine. The problems with the project here seem to have become slightly better and worse at the same time. As usual, here is a song for my princess;
Thanks for elaborating more on our Zodiac signs, mind teaching also about Aries, Virgo, Libra? and their relationship compability with a Gemini? Im quite intrigued and interested with this knowledge vs Character traits having being able to express me as much as you did, hmmmm.
I want to say once more, Thank you for all your care and concern this period, I truly appreciate it. I know the conditions in which our feelings for each other have manifested makes it easy for us to be doubtful and uncertain of what they might actually be like in reality. I'm sure like me you must have had these doubtful thoughts but the fact still remains that my feelings for you are growing stronger and stronger every day. I think that if we take our time and do everything right, these feelings could blossom into a fairytale romance. All I ask, is that you be true to me and be true to yourself.
I have put all my trust in you, and I have opened every fibre of my being to you and only you. I am after a love that will give me a reason to breathe. I sincerely hope that you feel the same as I do about you. You make bad things seem not so bad. You brighten every aspect of my life just by being a part of it. it is amazing that we have grown so close in such a short amount of time. The feelings blossomed rapidly and I don't want to lose that. I know I am not perfect, but I do have goals in my life and one of them is I want you by my side. To this end, I believe that everything happens for a reason and where ever we eventually ended up living, we would be not only comfort one another but also be there for each other .
In order for you to understand how things really are over here, I will try to give you an insight of my current situation. The Lawyers I spoke with, told me to be on guard and be very careful about what I say to the Government officials. They also told me that there was little I could do legally to get the plant running except paying the ridiculous fines. Especially with the frustrating nomadic language barrier that I would need to deal with by having an Arabic speaking lawyer to defend me in their court even before an hearing could be arranged. The lawyers sounded quite pessimistic about the whole situation, they seemed to be familiar with stories like mine and even told me to not bother paying for the consultation session. That made me even more uneasy.
Anyways, I was able to raise about 85% of the fines after pulling all my resources together over this past few days. Unfortunately after I deposited the funds at the "Freezone Authorities" account, they still were not willing to negotiate or compromise. They insisted that I pay the rest of the Fines before any form of activity can resume on the plant. My bigger worries right now are how to get this whole thing settled and fulfill the outstanding orders.
Right now, if I could get the loan, my problems will be almost entirely solved.
The raw metal ore residues which I purchased for processing here have been doing nothing because the facility has been shut down for more than 1 week now. I single handedly purchased them all with no financial help from any partner. The plant is supposed to have processed the first batch of consignments which would have started generating some substantial income. Now that this unexpected accident occurred before I could take care of the first batch of supply, it has put me in a very difficult position. Especially because I ventured into this project independently.
Another pressing issue is the fact that if I don't make the necessary payments within the next 5 business days I will start getting billed for the storage of the raw materials at approximately $3,200 daily. This simply means the longer I stay here the more complicated things become for me.
So that's it, those are the recent events that I have been battling in my mind with thoughts of you. Indeed, I felt very relieved when you called even though I may not have sounded so and would have to speed this mail up. As such I would only be responding to some of your questions and comments in your previous mails.
Well, I want you to know that even though we met online over the internet, I have fallen so in love with you and don't want something that feel so wonderful to be a fantasy. This is funny because I have often told friends I don't believe anyone could love someone they met on the internet. Now, here I stand praying that God teaches me patience and guide me while I am in troubled waters. He has shown me through His word the answer is always in the storm. So, I say to Him I know that I am worthy of Mary's love because it is only love that God has given her for me. He has shown me that He will send forth a comforter in my time of need. Although I have never met you, only exchanged emails with you online and spoken to you briefly on the telephone, I thank you for the comfort you provided me. I believe that God is working in you and through you for that purpose. It was no accident I opened your profile. It was no mistake that you responded to my request. I believe we crossed one another's paths for a divine purpose. I know that it is only a matter of time before He reveals that purpose to both of us. Please don't take the preceding statement lightly. Please take it before God and meditate on it. Mary, let me end this email with this statement. I love you with all the passion and compassion of my totality. I hope in my heart that your love for me is a reflection of this same love. I say hope because faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. I believe that I will see you soon and I will have the opportunity to discover the true person you are, learn your ways, and work towards a relationship that is ordained by God.I'll say bye for now and as usual, I will be looking forward to a response from you and of course your soothing voice?
Thinking about you,

Letter 16

Hi Love,

I got your voicemails and email. I just got back to Fujairah this evening from Dubai after an horrible experience. I'm so down at the moment and can't even sleep or think straight to be in the right state of mind but You have been on my mind and thoughts of You gives me Peace and lightens me up. Thought You should know this my lovely Mary. I will get in touch with You tomorrow as You must be sleeping now.

Loving U is what keeps me going,

Letter 17

Hi babe,

Good morning to you and trust you slept well. I also woke up today as always with thoughts of you on my mind. There is so much on my mind right now I'm so... Well, I am on my way to Dubai now to meet with some officials and family of the late workers. I'll talk to you as soon as I can or return.

Meanwhile, here's something for you to listen to whilst I'm away;

All my love,

Letter 18

Dear Mary ,
Whilst waiting for your call, I thought I'd pen down a few words telling you how I feel about you my angel. I've kept my feelings for you contained for as long as I could. I'm already falling in love with you. You make me feel so good inside and so happy that I still can't believe it. It's so amazing just thinking about being with you because you're such an amazing person. I dream of you day in and day out; you're all that's ever on my mind. I sincerely hope that we get along when this mess is over and we finally meet.
I am quite depressed today. Naturally I'm a very optimistic and positive person but finding a solution to these problems with the Government officials (Cartel) here has been very overwhelming and depressing. I'm usually very independent but because of this whole mess I have had to contact so many people I thought I could rely on trying to get some help. Unfortunately everyone seems to have there own issues at the moment and I've still not been able to gather the remaining 15% of the fine to be paid. Thanks so much for reaching out to your friend for me. I really appreciate this and as I said earlier, I have come to understand a different horrible side to this Arabs and would like us to talk about this on the phone based on some ordeals I faced recently in trying to get some help whilst I was in Dubai earlier this week.
Immediately the fines where levied, I made an application for a loan from my bank but they are insisting that I fly in and sign certain documents in person. Unfortunately this solution is presently not practical. Firstly my passport is still deposited with the "Freezone Authorities" and they won't return it until I pay the rest of the fines.
So right now I am still in need of $43,000 (Initially $38,000). If I could only get the cash on or before Wednesday next week (got a supposedly 3 business days extension grace after much pleading) I would still be able to make lots of amendments to meet up with some of the customers pre-orders. I would easily be able to pay back the loan within 2 months from the date I'm able to fly out of Dubai. Setting my pride and ego aside, I would appreciate if you can help me out in anyway.
We have been friends for some time now. I don't know what the future holds - only God knows but I know one thing for sure, I'm falling in love with you, and hopefully always will. My feelings for you grow more and more every day, and my love for you grows deeper and more everlasting with every passing minute.
As always, I look forward to reading a message from you soon and would try and force me to some sleep.

Letter 19

Dearest Mary,

I read your last message but seems you clearly can't understand my position from where you are. I have tried sorting things here discreetly and it costed me more. Now the money is not my problem but how to get it across. I have already paid a lump sum that has dug a big hole in my finances and I just want to get out of this place. I don't seem to function well mentally - seems like I'm in a big prison with no bars but yet caged. I fear for my liberty and regret ever coming here and just want to leave and be with you. As stated in my previous mail would refund within 2 months or less of me getting out of here as I also fear having to deal with law suits from my clients whom had already pre-ordered plus the daily charges to be incurred come Wednesday. If you wanna call to talk about this, do let me know when you would like to call. However, I'm just alone here in my room devastated and you can call if you may - hearing your voice will clearly lift my spirit.

Thinking about you and loving you still.


Letter 20

Indeed I do feel reluctant to get in touch with your friend Mani due to the fact that I'm obliged with my contractual obligations to do that especially with my investors by violating some of the terms of contract mostly because this won't be done by the books. In addition, as I said before I am a very private and discreet person and wouldn't wanna get more involved especially when it has to do with finances - my pride, already jeopardized is very much at stake and I opened up to you owing to the bond we share together already.

Good luck with your project and pls be mindful of contract terms in any.

Thinking about you

Letter 21

Hello Angel,
How are you doing today? I got your emails and feel so elated that you would never give up on me yet sad that you would even consider that I was one of those you watched on TV, this really got me disturbed that you would even ever think all these was for material gains esp of me. However, I am sorry for the toil of things as well as for looking up to you to assist, i should have known better perhaps and want to also use this means to explain the actual situation as explicit as I can. I am unable to pay for the full fees not because I do not have the funds or come prepared but due to unforseen accident and now my inability to leave the country owing to my seized passport.
I fell sick and have been feeling weak a few days now and have been in and out of hospital admissions with me having to deal with the authorities here and some clients of mine already getting agitated not to talk of the deceased relatives. As such, even with me being a little ill & down, I have been trying to speed up things and take care of my job which is getting too late to execute so I dont loose the contract and incur further lawsuits. Hence, even in my not too healthy state, I went out vigorously to try and get my site operational again in order to get it prepared for exportation. This is what has kept me so busy coupled with dealing with the police and lawyers that I have been unavailable to reply both your calls and emails recently cause i wanted to get this all sorted out as soon as possible and return home to you as a surprise and enjoy your company cause you comfort me but unfortunately...
Please do not dash away my dreams. I want you to know what good luck you have brought upon me by coming into my life to save me and also help me accomplish this dream, and really appreciate your willingness to come down here and be of assistance. God knows I need that moral support if not more but that would be selfish of me to jeopardise your safety. And with my experiences with this mannerless breed of animals here, I would not want to risk your comfort for mine. Perhaps if the circumstances were different and we were just tourist love birds, I guess we would be immuned but having gotten myself mixed up with the government and laws here, I dont even know what else to say...But if you insist, please you will always be welcome by me and it would be such a lovely relieve to say the least. Now, if only you could even assist me with that flight money of yours to come down here, it would really go a long way in mobilizing me about and getting some logistics done as Im way out of my resources and getting cash strapped and Lord Knows. Hence do you want to give it all up when God has answered our prayers and blessed us? I want you, I need you now.
I guess my industriousness has led me to all this mishaps but I need to return home as soon as possible cause of the different demands from my clients (some already impatient as I mentioned earlier) whom I am acting as a middle man for and stand a great chance of getting a couple million USD out of this as my commission due to the dollar instability at the moment for I am actually getting them cheaper here and its purer than that of the Chinese - I pray this Arabs dont make me loose all this investments by hijacking my hard earned rare and genuine project.
Think of our future together with all of this, we can buy any home anywhere you desire or renovate what you have if you eventually choose not to get a new place as well as do anything you please. I only just want to be near my family and spend as much time as possible with them, hence I most likely would be retiring and would leave you to handle all the investments and finances as long as we are creating wealth and you are doing what you love to do. No more mortgages or credits, We would afford anything we want at any given point in time. So baby, would you let this little sum of funds as a loan which i would be giving you back as soon as i see you stop this dream and destiny God has ordained for us?
I am very tired and so sad about everything but I hope I am able to sort this out asap or wish your heart is softened and you have mercy on me and help me which would prevent me from acquiring more bills such as daily storage fines as well as more hotel bills. Please let me know if you can be my hero, our hero.
I look forward to reading from you soon.

Kisses and Huggs
In Christ with Love,

PS. I dont want any woman to love me for what I am but for whom I am and you have shown me that you are indeed that woman i seek and desire in my life. My woman of virtue because we all know that behind every successful man stands a woman of virtue and this you have proved to me that you are cause I was really surprised and moved when you went ahead to reach out to friends esp Mani as well as your willingness to come be with me here with a leap of faith. What happened to that faith now? You know deep in your heart that you want to love and be loved back and that you really want to be there for me but at the same time want to be careful due to the horrific things that happen over the net, but I tell you this between myself and my God, I would never take advantage of anyone or hurt anyone and its so unfortunate that I am caught in this web. Its not like I do not have anyone to talk to, I have my mother whom is the only one I am close to after the rejection and all that has happened to me over the past few years since the demise of my late wife, but I am the one whom has also been supporting her having aged. Neither can I ask my clients I am working with cause i would sound very unserious and incompetent to handle such magnitude of this contract. Please, I have only reached a comfort zone and I know you can help me, please allow your conscience guide you. Lastly, I want you to know that;
Life generally is full of choices.
Up or Down, Right or Left, Rite or Wrong.
U could choose 2 be with me or not.
D key is that 4 every choice you make,
make sure it makes you happy.
N I don't want you 2 remain unhappy.
Please write me as soon as possible as a matter of urgency and let me know your thoughts and here is a song for you;
Make Me Whole by Amel Larrieux
Darlin I want you to listen,
I stayed up all night,
So I can get this thing right.
And I don't think,
There's anything missin'.
'Cause a person like you,
Made it easy to do.
I've waited for so long,
To sing to you this song.
Cause your eyes are the windows to heaven,
Your smile could heal a million souls.
Your love completes my existence.
You're the other half that Makes Me Whole.
You're the only other half that Makes Me Whole.
I think the angels are your brothers (ya ya)
They told you about me.
Said you're just what she needs.
And I find myself,
thanking your mother.
For giving birth to a saint,
My spirit flies when I say your name.
If there's one thing that's true,
It's that I was born to love you.
(And) Your eyes are the windows to heaven;
Your smile could heal a million souls.
Your love completes my existence.
You're the other half that Makes Me Whole.
You're the only other half that Makes Me Whole.
You make my dreams,
Come true over and over again.
And I honestly, truly believe,
You and me are written in the stars.
And in my whole life through,
Just given thanks to you.
Cause your eyes are the windows to heaven.
Your smile could heal a million souls.
Your love completes my existence.
You're the other half that Makes Me Whole.
You're the only other half that Makes Me Whole
When I hear this song I think of you Mary. When you get a chance give it a listen. I miss you baby. I've been fighting the urge to write you today cause I didnt know how to start or what to say but I guess here is handful already. Heres a gentle kiss on your lips and if you have the chance, you can call me when you chanced tonight.
I want to talk to you.
Yours always,

Letter 22

To say I'm not the least disappointed is an understatement knowing fully well how I am as regards my word and integrity. Now I already told the hotel management I was going to pay some of my bills and don't even know how to comprehend this message having already picked up payment coordinates to facilitate the payment to them. You know, it would have been nice if you hadn't raised my hopes and now I just feel even more down. You must also understand and get it straight up that I would not be reaching out to Mani for any aid seeing that what I need is financial and I don't even know this person and as usual I'll be tagged or assumed to be another scammer trying to get funds for whatever obvious reasons which is quite justifyable. As such to protect and preserve my pride I wouldn't do this and if really you feel this is the only option out, then perhaps you could ask him on my behalf since you ain't strangers to each other. I mean, even you that I know to a reasonable extent have doubts about me and my situation for this is the only logical reason you would be playing me as you doing.

I should have known better not to open up to you or totally put my trust in you or anyone. The only person whom had my back and always protected me was my late wife. And my mom whom would have been in a pair ion to assist has caught up with the old age...

Well, I am a very bitter and disappointed person t the moment and don't think I have the energy to try anything again nor Skype - and of course I do know what skype is. If you need to reach me, you have my number.

Guess I have to bear my cross myself
If you also choose not to correspond with me again let me know. After all, I already feel empty and isolated now and would allow God take control... Whenever I am able to get myself out of this mess, I will. After all, you ain't God or the only option for me and would just need to think harder on how to bear my cross and get my situation resolved.
Bye for now

Letter 23

I will not give the devil a chance and apologize if I sounded harsh instead of embracing your willingness to help but you must also understand that a lot has been going on in my mind especially havin to deal with my present predicament and the misconception from people that I am trying to take advantage of them for funds. This past few weeks has been a very horrible experience for me and sometimes I just wish I closed my eyes and when I opened them it's all a dream.

If you choose to still assist with what you have, the best and fastest way shall be via money gram as adviced owing to the amount viz bank transfer charges. The beneficiary info is as follows:

Name: Reuben Muroki Kinyaga
Address: ?418 Sheik Zayed Rd, Dubai????. UAE.

Well, you can call me in about 90 minutes time. Then I should have ended my fasting and prayer session for today as I'm sincerely looking up to God for a breakthrough.

Thanks and God Bless.

Letter 24

Yes I believe you do trust me now and want to believe you also know that I trust you too. I do understand and hope this helps. The manager was quite furious anyways but I told him to please give me some time seeing that he is aware of what's going on around me but they are all the same anyway and don't really care and are all interested in their fees but at least I have bought me some peace now. You go on and enjoy your dinner and eat for two ok, wink wink. I will try and see what's wrong with this phone and it's inability to call or text out. Anyways I feel relieved that I have someone to call mine and that's got my back in this trying times of mine.

Here's blowing warm kisses your way.

Love always

Letter 25

My love,

As always it's always a warm feeling reading from you and also being in the position to write you back. Yesterday was a busy & rough day for me as I had to travel with the benefactor to make sure things were in order as I was unwilling to take things for granted regardless of the amount as well as to own up to my word to you of guaranting the safety of the transaction. Again thanks for believing in me and having faith in me. Like yourself, I'm happy this phase is behind us.

How are things looking up with your mother and the docus you need to find? Hope you are being successful with this. I know you need me through this trying times and I'm here for you always ok.

I just thought to leave you a quick note. I will write some more later on when I get back to the hotel. I really do miss you and wish you were in my arms and really sad this had to happen but believe God is using this to prepare us for one another in the nearest future.

I wrote you another poem and I would be sending this later on tonite when I write some more.

Loving you with fond loving and candy thoughts.

Yours always,

Letter 26

Happy weekend to you and hope you had a nice rest. Glad I make you happy as well as lighten your day just as much as you do mine - the feeling is indeed mutual. Above all thanks for your understanding and patience with me but I want you to know that you are always on my mind everyday regardless at every hour, minute and second. And the decisions I take now, I also consider you. Hence, please deeply try and comprehend the following poetry just made for you;
Where are you, beloved?
I try to follow
with inner hearing the echo of your soul.
My prayer-yearn is stirring silence hollows
and densities should you have heard its call.
Having enriched already crown of heaven,
outstripping earthly growth, rose above ridges
our coming love like star that is sleepless ever
throws light upon the separation bridge.
The distances and their wearisome burden
are nothing for that love (dissolved in beams).
I long (thus sower longs for sprouts emergence)
for that blessed day when you at last come in
impetuously like inevitability enters,
like warrior who is not back from war,
and you the very kind, the very gentle
will touch my hands with lips of yours.
Framework of time will not be blamed
(time dreamt to run away from
its self-penalty prison to this day).
I will take off fatigue from eyes of yours and weight of
your ways... How to disguise the joy of such a grade?
The whole past life is worth this only instant.
All centuries believed since Genesis in you
who looked for me enduring and lissome
among all elements, who had gone to me through
all obstacles, all borders, through hermetic
shell of your loneliness, though cry of age and laugh.
I'll cope with pessimism of all poetics
and sure wait for you, my coming, my true love.
I hope you were able to feel the underlying tone in this little message of mine my angel. You indeed are a rare gem to me and Im indeed blessed by your aura and love. Indeed, He has reenforced the trust we have for each other and this is a good feeling. Thank you for putting me back on the right track - I dont wanna loose you either my love.
Heres wishing you all the best with your search and again appreciate all this kind gestures of yours but indeed and truly, once out, you will be my egg and as such forever pampered with uttermost care; wink wink. Certainly, I would love to have you by myside no doubt and guess when we get to this bridge we would cross it to determine whats best safe for you cause I really do care about you now more than ever and your safety is of uttermost important to me which I pray never to jeapardise for my selfish wants understanding that I need to put you first before me.
How was your study circle last night? what did you talk about? and where did it hold having understand that it wasnt at yours this time around.
With all of me.
PS; Has is occured to you that we share the same initials? ie M.B (Mario Bachmeier Vs Mary Berdjis) ? Oh what a feeling!! - perhaps I have another surprise for you in due time, smiles. Let me know when you will be available to talk - it would certainly be nice hearing an(my) angels voice.
Kiss Kiss

Letter 27

My Love,

This is going to be very brief. Trust is a matter of choice and I am so elated to read your note that you are willing to come after all. I mean, I didnt want to be the one to request this but wanted it to come from your heart and I'm again glad for this is much relieving. Having looked up flights coming in on the 6th, the cheapest business which is direct would be via Qatar airlines - just thought you should know. This indeed is uplifting to my soul. Thank you my soulmate.

Well, I have to go now as I have an ultimatum to meet up with as disclosed to me on Sunday during the course of my meetings but thought to leave you a few lines before I get swept into a whole lot of activities again. But I also want you to know that I do trust you and I will write some more later on. I'll also part with the saying that 'the truth will always triumph and I will remain consistent & hopeful for it shall be delivered unto me.'

Ok my love and here are 2 beautiful songs for you my angel namely, Just the two of us and Green Eyes by Coldplay.


Letter 28

Hi love,
Just seeing your messages and thought to answer your questions quickly. Good to read from you again and I am sorry I made you pissed off or allowed you to get me pissed off as well but I guess the whole situation of things around me allowed all this to happen and there is no friendship actually without disagreements for we disagree to agree but only need to be matured at it. Well, I am still in high spirits about you coming and so excited and look forward to meeting up with you at the airport. Yes Fujairah has an international airport called Ras al-Khaimah. And Emirates is lovely to travel with having travelled with them here myself but not sure if there is a direct flight to Furaijah but Qatar airlines offers this and this was the reason I suggested it earlier. Well, I stay in a serviced apartment here and you could join me but here are a few hotels nearby and by the beach. Perhaps a week should be fine and more if you want. Make your choice and let me know.
1) Miramar Al Aqah Beach Resort
2) Radisson Blu Resort, Fujairah
3) Le Meridien AlAqah Beach Resort
I have to run now and perhaps we can skype later on tonight and here's wishing you a happy new month - feels like a lovely one always, wink wink.
Lastly, I want you to know that;
As d Clouds float in d Sky,
As d Fishes swim in d Rivers,
As I breathe this Very Moment,
Its only Natural that;
Ur on My Mind Now and Always.
Love always,

Letter 29

Hi Love,

Are you by any chance online Mary? I really need to talk with you. Can't sleep and hearing your voice certainly would be soothing to my ears. Or Skype perhaps?
Guess you not. I have to try and find a means to put me to sleep then. I will try but I dont know when I would be chanced to be available tomorrow as I was actually constrained from making contact for the most of today having lost at the court hearing. Good news however, is that i may probably be able to get an extension as pleaded till next week on a certain condition. Hopefully, you would be here and around me by then and all this would soon be a over and behind us. Such is my hope and faith in us and the world before us thereafter.
You could send a text message just, ie if i dont respond early enough should incase my data services seize again.
Stand by me,

Letter 30

Hi there Madam, This is Bill Mario’s friend he asked me to write to you in regards to the present development as Mario has been detained by the government and he advised that you put your traveling on hold until he knows what the problem really is….
I will be on my way to the police station to find out what is going on and i promise to keep you in the loop…His phone was confiscated and he is not to be spoken to without the presence of an officer so i guess this is quite serious..He insisted i make this known to you..
I will keep you posted with events over here, i should have some information for you soon. Please do say a prayer for Mario he has been through a lot and needs all the help he can get now.

Letter 31

Hi there madam and good day to you. Y es i do have access to Mario's email as he gave me the details so i can communicate with you via this means, if you need to talk to me on the phone i can be reached on 585 612 1532 please be sure to mention your name when you call as i have tons of people who call me and i wont like to mistake you for someone other than yourself.

Mario is been held for failing to meet his deadline for his overdue arrears owed to the government and until that is paid he will be held and wont be allowed visitors hence the reason he told me to tell you to put a halt on your coming over here as we need all the resources we can pull together to make sure we have this resolved as soon as possible.

In view of this he was able to obtain some funds totaling about $10k and i was also able to help with an extra $5k which leaves a balance of $45k to be paid... he asked that i ascertain how much you will be able to come up with so that we can pay these charges and have him released to us so he can complete his job get paid and come back to Switzerland. As soon as you make this clear i will provide details on how you can get the funds across so this issue can be resolved within the shortest possible time.

Your urgent response on this matter will be highly appreciated.


Letter 32

Thanks Madam for the prompt response and i pleased that you are very eager to come here and help but i must tell you that due to the fact this is a Middle Eastern Country with Arabs a woman's right here is limited to say the least and i will also like that you adhere to Mario's instruction of not coming here and also flights and hotels are refundable or tickets can be moved to further dates...

We can have this issue resolved before your supposed arrival but if not i will suggest you move the ticket by another week so Mario would have been free before you land Dubai. The said amount is in USD$ and i need to know how much you will be able to come up with and when it will be available so we can start this process and have Mario released as soon as possible..

Your urgent response to this matter will be highly appreciated.

Letter 33

Hi there madam and good day to you. I trust your day is going on great and you are in good health and spirit.
As you stated in your email that you want to help Mario, i suggest madam that you do just that and i'm sure whatever reasons you have for being unsure about Mario he will clear your doubt as soon as he is out as he has always been talking about you and i'm sure he has true and genuine feelings towards you. I will like to know how much you will be able to come up with so i can start trying to make up for the balance as i have lured out most of my savings towards Mario because i know he is a man of his words and will never let anyone down.

He was detained in Abu Dhabi and i indulge you to please come to the aid of a wonderful man who truly loves you, we need to act fast on this and have things resolved so we can all have our lives back.

Looking forward to your email and Mario is holding up just fine as we have not been allowed to see him, the laws in this country are very strange to me but its what is law here.

Your urgent response on this matter will be highly appreciated.

Letter 34

Hi there madam and thank you for your message i have checked everywhere on around his room and did not find anything as i think his phone laptop and passport are being help too... To make a transfer you need bank details not passport details.

Madam i know if Mario could talk to you he will tell you this same thing i'm going to say now..If you don't feel comfortable helping YOUR MAN then don't do it as i cant imagine my woman seeing me in such predicament and not help me i will be very hurt if she does that. And that goes both ways if you need Mario's help he will give you his all.

Letter 35

My name is Billy Carr from Brisbane Australia... I have absolutely nothing to do with the matter so please you need to stop making this about me.
I am happy we are clear on that and things are forging ahead, the only way to get Mario out is by making the payment, i have asked you several times how much you will be able to come up with so i can see what i can do to cover up for the balance but you have kept me in the dark up until now.

Please address this issue so Mario can be released.
Thank you and God bless

Letter 36

This is Mario. Just had the opportunity to check my mailbox. How are you and where are you?
How are you this morning and hope you are at least enjoying the mountainous terrain (the coolest within the Emirates) here as well as the city center? Luckily, they aren't too far from you.

There is little to what I can disclose or allowed to say here as I have someone here with me and just glad enough to be allowed to reach out to you and check my correspondence. But I do not even know where I am presently located as they keep moving me about and blind folded.

These past days as been horrid and I'm scared and do not know what I have gotten myself into. I am so confused and helpless since my arrest not too long after our correspondence on Friday but did reach out to Bill immediately to reach out to you and a few loved ones and also haven't heard from him a few days now - perhaps he has also giving up on me.

I pray they allow me reach out to you again this time tomorrow as I'm only allowed about 30mins. Perhaps we can schedule talk then? Please be safe and stay out of trouble. I can't handle another situation with my present emotional state of mind. I feel suicidal and come what may, you will always be on my mind and know I love you forever more.

In spite of all, I'm glad you took the liberty to come and didn't take me for granted. Tells me a lot about you and us. And that you cherish & believe in us cause the only thing that matters is what we believe in. This really would have been the coolest vacation and time of our lives bonding joyfully but...

Love always and with a saddened heart,

Letter 37

Well I guess I missed you. So sad and feels like the world is crumbling in on me again. At least knowing you were here in the same space and time was such a relief before and felt closer together. Anyways here's wishing you safe flights and if you get this in Zurich let me know or in Geneva as the case may be. Would be here again same time tomorrow morning but that will be earlier for you due to the time difference - pls let me know if you will be awake by then my love and angel.

Forever yours

Letter 38

Good morning

Just saw your off lines as well as this. I am sorry for getting upset and angry. But had to leave then anyways. Two wrongs can't make no right but I'm sure you also understand that I am quite depressed, angry and desperate to be out of here. Now I wouldn't know who and who not was that person - I never met him as I told you previously. Thanks for looking out for me.

Anyways, I'm not sure if you are there but regardless of our differences, you have very much been on my mind and initially came here to tell you that I'm sorry and to also notify you that I'm seeking out ways to be allowed to talk with you - but it's been difficult & frustrating to say the least.

I miss you so, I miss your voice, I miss your comfort. I really do.


Letter 39

Morning angel,
Are you there?
No I am not a criminal but an hostage as it seems. I only get blindfolded when they are moving me and like I said I do not know where I am presently but I know that I was taking to Abi Dhabi earlier when all these started.

Well, I guess you have to do what you have to do for your mom but pls stay out of trouble - I heard there was another mass shooting in the states. I asked Bill to prompt you to stay put. Not sure if he came across to you cause I was worried it may come to all of these. And I really do wanna see you! and enjoy the desert with you. Even though I wasn't hoping we would meet in this state. I have requested they allow me divulge as much info as I can but they feel I am imposing and have given me enough time prior. They insist on making payments first. But what if it's a cash delivery/exchange? That way you can get to know whom you deal with eventually an they lead you to me perhaps? Health and life is all that matters and I'm doing all I can to play by there rules to preserve this. Ok that explains Bills silent. He also promised to help perhaps he's still at it.

You know, I had planned and thought I would be in Europe presently for the Euro 2016.
Deeply saddened here.

Letter 40

Hey babe,

How are you doing today and hope you were able to sort out what you needed to on or before today. Sorry I have not been here much earlier but you already know why. It was such a relief to read from you and know your flight was alright and yes I lob for that change too! There may be some sort of light to all of these though and I also want you to take that thought away from you that maybe we ain't meant to be. I want you to know that no matter the forces be against us, this love of ours has come to stay for good and we shall triump (true love always does) cause I strongly do believe that the only thing I have ever done right is to love you my angel.

I will be able to come online later today for about an hour. Let me know what time would be best for you so I can indicate this prior.

Love now, love always.

Letter 41

Good morning my Angel,

How was your night? I realized that I was somewhat unfair and harsh yesterday as I don't wanna really agree to the term 'nasty' as you referred. I apologize for this and for allowing my emotions to take the best part of me at that moment. But Honey, I have observed that they have been somewhat fair with me since they got the money yesterday. I urge you to please lets agree to their terms as I don't think involving the government or more hands is a good idea but may cause a big trouble if not death even though I also want/anticipate this. This I believe explains why they have refused me so many of my rights and privileges as well as the hostility towards me in the past. Candidly, my life is so precious to me and I cherish my imagination of being with you, that i really want to make come to pass. Let's please give them what they want (after all, it's only material and enriches not the soul and spirit - heart and mind). I promise to pay you back in full and it's not just about the money but about our lives together. This very much I'm sure you know. I can't wait to be freed.

Hope to talk with you soon and thanks again for trusting and believing in me. This means a lot to me.

Love always,

Letter 42

Dear Mary,

Happy Sunday to you and hope the new summer month has started off on a splendid note for you. Not sure when exactly this weekend you will be leaving for the states but here is wishing you safe travels and write when you can. I tried coming on yesterday but the connection kept signing me off.

Anyways, I received your news with great joy & high hopes. But having told this people here, I was laughed at like a kid making a joke and when I insisted was slapped about a little and sensing they were beginning to get hostile again, thought to let them be. However, fact remains I already did and could you please help research and verify how certain this is. Besides, I was also told that it's not yet the end of Ramadan. Have I or you been Misinformed?

I'm tied of all this and the whole mes I'm in as a whole. Perhaps it's best if I let you alone out of it and face the cross alone. I understand that all these comes down to the monies I am supposed to pay here and back to you eventually. I also know that people change when the issue of money is brought up especially when it's to be lent out - even the banks get funny except where they will be making gains off you.

Having said that, I do know that these people ain't ideologist or religious - they have proven time after time to be psychopaths and pray things don't get uglier than it already is for me. As I wrote earlier, I don't wanna die yet. I have fought this long, I'll damn see it through...

As established, I realize that the one thing that matters in this world is love. And this you know I have loads of for you for love is a beautiful thing. But what about honesty? Credibility?

I just want you to also know that, 'Whatever you do is what you'll be!' Again, listen to your heart for love is a beautiful thing.

The universe lead me to you and you to me; it made our paths cross. Hence it's left for us to determine when and how we embrace it; this opportunity of ours.

Left to me, I am Tough and wouldn't take no for an answer. You are made for me as I for you. As such, I won't let go or give up on you my angel.
I'm appreciative of what you've done for me but you know I'll do the same for you right? And come what may, know that you will forever be in my heart.

Promise me you will also remain strong, faithful and loyal. Above all, promise me that whatever happens, you will choose to be happy and dammit remain happy for all I want for you is to be happy for the rest of your life here. Then shall I be fulfilled and contented.
Saddened but filled with Love always for you.

Letter 43

You know, If I say what's on my mind, I'm really gonna hurt us esp you so much and no matter how sorry I may be afterwards I would have perhaps hurt you than intended.

Just who do you think you are? To judge me and call me names because I asked you for a bail out of mere 50 grand? I must have been stupid to ask you of this In the first instance. Again, do not ever tell me to ask a total stranger I don't know to help cause you said so. I mean, practically you as a person that I know to a reasonable extent has serious doubts enough & refused to help talk less of... Don't even mess with me like that again. For all I care, you could block me after this mail or cease to communicate with me again. The choice is yours. I only expressed my feelings for you believing you to be real and hopeful of whatever comes. But I clearly see now that you had only been playing with my emotions vs if I was or not me - that alone is already void. So you know, I do definitely need that physical contact as well to seal this and you being beautiful as you claim made you not turn up last two nights as planned?? Or show you me the Sunday I asked? Who came up with excuses? Perhaps you need another visit to San Francisco to quench your quest/hunger? Imagine all these with all I have put up with you over the past few months raising my hope and getting me into more mess with my negotiations here and you telling me bait or no bait, that is very lame and silly. I hope you found what you were looking for inspector. I don't know to think if you even assimilate what you are told sometimes about having some sort of lien over my account owing to a loan facility vs not having an account in the Swiss. And why exactly do I need to have one compulsorily - what's your point exactly lawyer? And FYI, BOA is efficient for an international business man owing to its global diversity.

You know I came here initially to send you something nice I've been writing the past few days since we exchanged mails last with some good fortunes around me before stumbling upon this spoiler.

You can keep doubting me for all you can than rather settle for what will really make you happy. I'm definitely gonna live love life when I'm out of here with or without you. If out there in the field doing what I do best, I wouldn't be this bored or have the luxury of time to even put up with all these rubbish to start with.

Atleast I'm glad I tried and perhaps made you happy whilst I could.

Wish you the best and would refund your fifteen hundred as soon as I can.

Ps, for the email, I don't really feel I need to waste my time explaining that to you like me demanding for one if you had an email ending with .fr or .ch

You know what, just get back to your lonely life or do you think spending time with family and friends all the time makes you loved? Have you ever taught if they actually liked and want/need you the way you are so they could always get you to run errands or come and join them do anything they needed to knowing fully well you'd be available et al? See Mary, don't let me continue, I'm beginning to get pissed off and bitter again esp for you toiling with my emotions and wasting my time with a tag to money and material gain whilst you have been the dishonest and untrustworthy one here.

This also relieves/relinquishes me of any pledge/promise made to you earlier about being your angel or yours as the case may be.

Letter 44

Good morning Mary,
God forgives, so who I'm I not to.
I have had a long time to consider the value of memory and deduced that cause it didn't last don't mean it's worth is finished/diminished & I didn't want us to diminish as said to you previously in a poem.

Regardless, I need you to understand that I am an old fashioned 'boy who cherishes his pride. As such, I sincerely would not ever want this to repeat itself again. Saying so now so I wouldn't need condone some guilt in me to forgive or not forging ahead. You have a/the chance right now to choose to either believe & trust in me or not. I have so many things going around me at the moment, I can't put any negative energy into this if it's really worth it. Knowing fully well you had my totality for I'm being truthful with my emotions and it hurts so.

I'm not only angry, just full of self pity more like.
I was terrified and then, the questions came;

? what will be of me?
? What becomes of my life? Of you? Of us?, etc....

And I believed in you. So I opened up, making an error of my life. I believed in the bond btw us and that it could/should never be broken as we carry each other in our lives. But now, it seems you used this to compare me with what may or not and taking the offensive. This is a matter of honor and I do not care about the opinion of others, all they do is meddle. But I am a man of honor & integrity.

I have only sincerely wished me/you/us good testimonies/fortune. A man can only admit when he is wrong and ask for forgiveness. And I do not believe thus applies here. Rather, I would like to describe myself as what the Americans call; 'the salt of the earth.'

With regards to the news, yes you are right but there are so many things you do not know or needed to know whilst I could still control things before it got worse prompting me to ask you for a lending hand. Prior, we concluded and I had paid off both the families affected and the local authority to keep this lowkey as well as discreet as possible before they turned now against me and setting me up. I believed/know im being blackmailed with my present condition with them. I'm a victim of a conspired setup. Knowing pretty well, this would tell negatively amongs my clients and business network/associates as a whole. As professionalism and perfection matters a lot in my field of work as relates processed/finished materials. But I know once out, I can muscle all the resources I need to get this ordeal behind me whatever the cost not needing anyone to tell me how to go about managing my portfolio(s).

I have to go now. Perhaps I will write some more when my head is lighter but after reading your mails, I hurt within that you may be hurt and grieved till you heard from me. And you know I also hate to see you hurt. I tried as much as possible not to vent or insult and be more civil in this mail/message.


Letter 45

Hello Mary,

Accepting the differences of our character and willing to understand, tolerate and accommodate them; I want you to know that I only wish/hope to stair you along the right path. This of course involves making/taking compromises for one another.

But how could I have never taken your email serious? Perhaps then I don't even take you serious??. I mean this is the only medium of reaching out to you at the moment owing to ma ordeal and it has always brought me joy. I have never felt so alive like when I'm in touch with you an then coming and reading all that, I felt really disappointed, jilted, let down and wondered if actually it was me being referred to (you know, like some sort of dream). I was very angry, not necessarily at you but at myself. It dawned on me then if this was the price I was paying for opening up, trusting, for discovering me, for discovering you, for discovering love. Then I thought, perhaps I was wrong, I've been fooled and then... A lot went through my mind, I don't need to tell it all again here since its behind us now and harmless - but summarily, as mentioned earlier, a felt some sort of self pity which was and is very embarrassing. I have never been in a situation like this before and it was like the world came crashing when I needed it most but definitely I know there's gonna be a big light at the end of the tunnel for me, you and us.

I am also most sincerely sorry about what you have had to endure all this while at your end and I could now understand the 'transfer of aggression', but you shouldn't let your emotions get the best of you. If that were to be the case with me, you have no idea how mean I could have been writing you cause I have also wondered if really you were in a position to really lend this helping hand but have refused and would rather see me rot and suffer here deprived of my right, my freedom due to mere doubts. Over an amount that ordinarily would have meant nothing to me to think twice over. But perhaps it's not the money, - the word and honor then?

But I am responsible for me actions and it's not your doing that I am here. However, it would really hurt when I finally get outta here cause I will and come over and see that things could have been different and smoother without having to debate over all these meddled opinions.

You know, if things were different & when they are, I would gladly love to assist with your mother. Not to show off, but rather to support and keep you happy cause I care an it's my responsibility as a man to provide for my home as well as hold your heart more tenderly than I have held mine or will ever hold mine. All these further makes me sad at me for being where I'm presently at helpless but you just hold on tight and don't give up - I'll surely be there for you to lean on soonest.

You have also touched my heart, mind & soul deeply. You will always be my baby, my flame. A touch/feel of you will only put the icing on the cake to these feelings. For It can only be real.

You know, they say no love is perfect but then, they never met you - I think you have me intoxicated me by you.

Pls put a smile on now and have a great day ahead of you.


Letter 46

My lady,

I also hate fights and don't like to dwell on them - they breed negativity. 'And to err is human & to forgive is divine. I had to make the conscious effort to move on and let peace rain. As said, I could be stubborn but thought to let the sleeping dog lie but as clearly stated, I don't want this repeating itself as I may not be so forgiving. You also have to give me some time to fully recover and open up some more again as I do not know if I'm still being observed by your ideas of testing my loyalty/authenticity/trust.

How do you intend to show me that you trust me again? Indeed its been March as you stated and all I really just want now is see you and feel you. Together, let's join hands to get a solid & lasting solution to all these mess but you just have to trust me. With doubts, we never will make our visions come real and manifested as I have also dreamt of you in my arms Severally and I may not have exactly woken up at 4am thinking of you, but I did wake up to thoughts of you around 5:30 or so and wasn't at peace till I sent that mail off to you - perhaps we were connected in the matrix of space and time? Nevertheless, I'm glad I listened to that voice within and left you something to wake up to. I look forward to connecting soon on skype.


Letter 47


I want to believe all negative thoughts towards you are shredded off my shoulders. This is what I want, this is what I need to let love lead and stay positive & hopeful. Dwelling in negativity will only breed more negative interactions by attracting them. I do not want this, you do not want this and we clearly don't need this so as to avoid being sad and hurt.

Well, you have no idea what I am going through but oh well, it's my cross and I need to carry it. When I'm able to have access to some financial resources/aid, then perhaps some sort of good fortune may befall me and turnaround my recent predicament. Firstly, I'm seriously trying to meet-up my deposit/bail requirements having past failed to meet my deadlines so as to regain my freedom. Atleast, I would be able to communicate some more and with a clearer head without being told when to and not be here with you and some few markers that matter.

When you love each other? Then money shouldn't really matter. All I'm saying is that money can't buy you, me or us love/happiness. As such we shouldn't let this be a conflicting factor. Respect is the only ultimate currency.


Letter 48

Dear Mary,

It's ok and I do understand. I also want you to know that there is no pressure on you or anyone for that matter to help me with any funds of some sort. Like I wrote earlier today, I'm working on a few markers to help sort things out with me. As a matter of fact, I do not expect this from you again and don't want you to either feel bad or guilty about it. The era I had asked is over and as you rightly said, these things happen for a reason and the situation before me prior and in June is still the same with me only that now, I am here even longer and perhaps would remain for a little while longer till I'm able to make amends. FYI, with much plea and negotiations, I'm not required to pay the whole 50k at once but a fraction to atleast be released and have some sort of sanity whilst I garner up the rest outstandings. But then on the brighter side, for you I guess it was good you held on as you were able to sort out your inherited moms debt even though if I were out, I wouldn't have hesitated to be of assistance as I have rightly stated earlier. This I still I'm obliged to if you ever need me should the time come in the nearest future - you can quote me on that for I always say what I mean and mean what I say.

Having said that, like yourself, I really do not enjoy discussing about mine or others finances & assets except in business transactions. As long as I'm able to live a comfortable or shall I say afford a fulfilled an enjoyable life whilst impacting positively into the lives of those around me, I am and will be contented. You should also know that you do not need to prove anything to me by showing me your bank statements - I don't need them/this for I don't poke into other people's privacy ok. Perhaps all these happened too sudden for I have also never been stranded or really had problems financially in the past of this nature except when growing up & full of start-up ideas which of course my parents were ever willing to support. Even at that, I never asked if I didn't really have to.

Can we talk about something else and not money pls? After all money they say, is the root of all evil and we have had a fair dose of this already.

Still here,

Letter 49


Happy birthday to your mom from me with great joy. I pray she gets better soon. We sure have been missing each other and as you know I dont have access as I would like. Apologies. Well, a lot has been going on here with me and sometimes I think I need the time alone to meditate and reflect. In these moments, I have also given us some thoughts as thus and hope you enjoy the sweet melodies while at it;


It doesn't interest me what you do for a living.
I want to know what you ache for and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart's longing.

It doesn't interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love for your dream for the adventure of being alive.

It doesn't interest me what planets are squaring your moon...
I want to know if you have touched the centre of your own sorrow if you have been opened by life's betrayals or have become shrivelled and closed
from fear of further pain.

I want to know if you can sit with pain, mine or your own, without moving to hide it or fade it or fix it.

I want to know if you can be with joy mine or your own if you can dance with wildness and let the ecstasy fill you to the tips of your fingers and toes
without cautioning us to be careful to be realistic to remember the limitations of being human.

It doesn't interest me if the story you are telling me is true.
I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself.
If you can bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray your own soul.
If you can be faithless and therefore trustworthy.

I want to know if you can see Beauty even when it is not pretty every day.
And if you can source your own life from its presence.

I want to know if you can live with failure yours and mine and still stand at the edge of the lake and shout to the silver of the full moon, Yes!

It doesn't interest me to know where you live or how much money you have.
I want to know if you can get up after the night of grief and despair
weary and bruised to the bone and do what needs to be done to feed the children (well, luckily, this phase is over btw us)

It doesn't interest me who you know or how you came to be here.
I want to know if you will stand in the centre of the fire with me and not shrink back.

It doesn't interest me where or what or with whom you have studied.
I want to know what sustains you from the inside when all else falls away.

I want to know if you can be alone with yourself and if you truly like the company you keep in the empty moments.

my dear Mary; Omnia vincit amor : No one can resist love...

I could not sleep at all last night, Mary

So much I want to be now near you.

In spite of absence of connection

I feel you these minutes almost physically.

It's kind of caressing, gentle touches, sensation of your skin, my arms slide along your chest, around your neck, fingers fly to your eyebrows, to your high forehead...

First time in my life I am not afraid to say that I am happy admist all of these...

I will pray tomorrow and after tomorrow for you, for us, for my success and victory - which will bring us to us (me to you as the case maybe).

But I started already this prayer long ago.

I will continue to pray for us.

I have no doubts that everything WILL BE, and will be great.
I love (perhaps cherish/adore would be more subtle?) you, and it is so wonderful. It is my free will which was inevitable.
Good Morning Angel and hopefully, we can connect today.

Letter 50

My angel,
Just a quick note to acknowledge receipt of your kind words and beautiful song. Couldn't resist writing and leaving you with some songs to warm your afternoon. I know We have exchanged this before but thought to share again for its how you make me feel;
?Also, here is an extra;
?I know to Never give up on true love no matter what others say. It will find you if you believe...
Talk soon mon Cheri