Scam Email(s) from Alan Tito to Candace (Taiwan)


Letter 1

Hi Dear,

Since i first viewed your profile, i felt a great impulsion on me and ever since then i have been thinking about you, i thought you might be an end to my search or to say a realization of my dreams because you are just what i am looking for and you know when I keep reading from you , I feel that is coming to be true and i pray and hope it does. I will go on the site and delete my profile because this is what I have been waiting for the past 2yrs and I would not trade this for the whole world, so I want to see where this goes and being in one heart, I will give this a total chance and I am sure it will take me to where I want. I will want you to do the same and delete your profile on the site to see where we go from here so we can concentrate on each other and see what we have for each other. When I was a little boy, I dreamt of that one person that I would share my dreams, happiness and energy with ... I could not see her face but she was there. I always felt like she was out there, I just needed to feel her. I visualized the bond we would have and the courage she would give me to endure life's obstacles. All this years I was with others, and feeling my way through life, learning lessons that later on would prepare me to become the person that I am now. I have felt alone and sad. Then one day my eyes opened and I became that little boy again ... realizing that she is here now. Here in my world was the woman that I had dreamt of and I'd hoped would not miss our meeting in life ... that woman is you!

Letter 2

Honey am so excited and happy i made it, you brought luck,joy and happiness into my life.
today after our meeting we also signed agreement with our both lawyers.

I love you and our love will always be forever....

Letter 3

HI Honey,

if I was asked why I love you, I would say its the sway in your hips,=the thickness in your thighs, the lust in your lips, the love in your eyes, the softness of your skin, the silk in your hair, the sweetness in your voice a=d finally the way you make me feel each day I wake up to read a text from you knowing that someone somewhere can do anything to see me happy...all this m=kes me love you even more to the extent that I can't hide anything from you= That is why I am also bringing you into my world and life for you know that I wi=l forever take care of you and protect you until the end of time.

I have been looking to win this contract and God has answered our Pray=r. This is the contract, I have booked my flight which sent to your email. I w=uld be leaving for Netherlands tomorrow been (4th) to get the equipment's n=eded. Once am done from Netherlands with the purchase of the equipment and shippi=g, I will head to Singapore on the 18th Feb.To meet with you. Am so excited about coming to Singapore .i had only one wish, it was to be with m= missing ribs. Finally I will get to HUG you and KISS your A=ter our moment together, We will get to see your family and make my intentions known to them about us ,i love you and our love will always be forever.... =br>
Talk to you soon my baby.