Scam Email(s) from Derry Algore to Betty (USA)


Letter 1

Hello I hope to are doing good ,well I miss yu though but I really don't understand why you have t block me on chatting with you and your claim you love me this is unbelievable to be honest with you ,to me I feel like yu don't love me and yu don't care about me ad my son because if you do that was the only way for as to get in touch to each there do any way for your information am almost done with the job why am here and my son has been really ill he is admitted at the hospital and am in deep shit now can't aford to help my self am really stuck and going through hell here now and since you have avoid me there is no one to talk or not to talk of even asking for help to support me for the few days I have live here and my son get some pills all the credit card I brought with me here are not working and I won't be able to get any fuds till am back home wondering how my son and I going to survive this .well I guess you will be happy after reading have fun and enjoy your self you can forget about me and move on on because I don't believe your love any more I feel like you are selfish you are not Caring all you care about your self and your family .have a good day .