Romance scam letter(s) from James Andrino to Eloha (USA)
Letter 1

I'm sorry invasion of your privacy, my name is Mark Ramos from Scotland, but I work in London UK, I'm 54 years old I am a widower searching for a partner. I will be happy if you can send me your e-mail address to enable me send my pictures and tell you more about me. because I'm not always on the internet due to the nature of my work. You can also write me directly to my e-mail address here. (
Letter 2

big fool, crazy bitch, scammer, your useless family , old monkey, stinking blooding old pussy like you, fuck off my profile village goat
Letter 3

Good day how are you doing today.....,It is my pleasure meeting you here and please kindly give me your whatsapp number or your skype id so that we can chat more there and know each other well, dear you can also add me on my skype and my gmail.{} that is my skype id and my gmail
Letter 4

Hi how are you I choose to be interested in you when I saw your photo I would be happy if you can write to me at my private email addresses so we can talk pray and teach each other to know as I am not always here my email is Hope to hear from you.
Letter 5

Hello how are you?
I am fine.. Its nice to get a reply from you.. May i know whats your name and where you from?
Okay that is nice I from the I am pretty new on here
Nice name My colleague.. He is a seargent.. He found his wife here fI am here looking for a serious relationship not just any dating
Yes i am a captain in the US army
No i am not.. We are on a peace keeping mission here in Afghanistan.. But my friend told me people here get scared of armies i do not know why.. I cant hide my profession.. I love serving my country
So he told me I dont know why But no matter whp i meet i tell them my profession.. If the person dont like me then i go
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