Scam Email(s) from Jacob Alberto Luciano to Ani (USA)


Letter 1

Hello Sweetie,

How are you doing? sorry for my late reply l have been busy with work that why how are you doing?

Letter 2

Hi sweetie,

I'm unable to give you the ''real thing'' so for now these can only come to you via a picture.Earlier tonight while shopping for ingredients to cook soup...I came upon a case overflowing with gorgeous fresh a completely natural and seemingly familiar motion...I wanted to grab this bouquet and bring them home to you!!...I'm sad it is impossible for me to knock on your door and hand you this vibrant and beautiful token.....

How is it that you can capture all my senses even though I've never known of you prior to the last 3 weeks?Tonight I have such an overwhelming sense of being near you...we are laughing and teasing each other , That has been so amazing ...I feel as if its possible to walk into the next room and find you...familiar with your lips upon mine...the touch of your look into your calm..soft eyes...

I'm not finding words to adequately describe the affect your eyes and soft smile have on my heart...feels almost like a blanket of strength wrapped tightly around me...Is it even remotely possible I could know these senses in concern to you....or am I just crazy!... maybe I am crazylol!

I'm falling asleep...looking over at my empty bed...I desire keeping myself planted here...because I desire knowing you more than the option of's time to I must sleep...perhaps my mind will grant me a lovely dream all because of you!! Just want to say good night sweetie I cant wait to make this reality .... I am so tire now after all the domestic work today I have to hug my bed right now. Meanwhile , sorry didnt know you called me I was in my seating-room why my phone was in the bed room when you called. Sorry I missed your call? Hope you like my cook? lol.

Muah muah

Letter 3

Hello Sweetie,

As I wrote this note to you this morning, I wonder if you dream about me as much as I do dream about you and miss me a lot, as I miss you I feel so worried this morning as i woke up ,because I know I will be traveling today that really makes me sad I am beginning to feel empty inside of me when my dogs temperament changed this morning . They knew I am gonna leave them ,they couldn't sleep all night especial Alfredo, they be barking since morning when my friend came don't want to follow my friend . Although, I know this my part of job is inevitable is what I have sign for to do as an occupation . Secondly ,I cant turn down the offer since it attracts a lot of ? . And I have been working towards of having my own personal company someday . So I must work to make more money lol Thirdly, They have shifted time for flight for 1 hours ... The member of the flight board knows that I m not happy and again I am not fully prepared as i am traveling to Germany . Finally they also knew that I haven't written you a last letter that says I am going to miss you as I will be traveling. *:) happy

Sweetie I want your lovely smile and stunning feelings fill my thought every moment of the day; I want to promise you that as am traveling I will still sense your thought and your affection towards me. Your conversation drives me wild and giggly every time that I am with you. That is the part I will miss most about you. Don't follow another man on Hinge before you know it I will be back . I will be back soon so do take a chill pills and wait for me will be back soonest before you know it .. muah

You are becoming my best friend . your feelings bring back the memories of my teenager when i was in high school.. You bring joy and laughter into my life. I recognize that no one besides you can ever make me sense the way you do. I have started fogged up with grief since you cannot be with me every moment, minute, hour, and each day just like the older days we talk on the phone.

My sweetheart, words can state the obsession I feel for you.


I will miss you Jacob cares. Muah

Letter 4

Good morning Baby, How are you doing? like seriously you don't want to see me again or hear my voice? That's too bad this is not what we promise each other... How are you doing? How is your health and my lovely daughter lna? My daughter Lisa miss you all she want is to see you Honey? Did u actually came in to my heart to break my heart? You always used the love? Do you really love me? l just want you to know that l love you and my family want to se you. Please can you call me because l want to hear your sexy voice because l missed u. Just thinking about you here and l love you more. Good night and sweet dreams.