Romance scam letter(s) from Nadir Baraka to Jim (USA)
Letter 1

Listen , i do not know what are you trying to do really with me. i have to tell you that there are no pupies, i needed money so i lied. your son was right. i know that you are avid , and both of us know that :D . but only the liar can get through an avid :D . i readed about about many people are like you who beckon others people by money , and after the meet , they kill them and get their organs ( The sale of human organs ) .. so i will not risk of my life . you can say that i scammed you , you can also come to morocco and go to the police and tell them about this fucking story , but you will just spend your money because in morocco The law does not protect fools , that is not mean that you are a fool , you are a fool who thinks himsilf intelegent and i will be in france a days later from now :D , what kind of people you are ??? any way i do not want you answer that question , because i do not care about you , and i did not love you because i know what you are trying to do first we meet ? you want get my organs , but now you can get only my dick haha. SORRY , you spend your money without getting anything from even a hair :D , thank you for the 750 dollars , that will help me to travel to france and get a work there , anyway. i want tell you also that i am not Nadir Baraka , that is not my name , my name is Khaled Farahi , and you have anything to get me , because it's not me who get the money from the bank , he'is Baraka , i gave him 20 dollars to go and get me money , Goodbay.
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