Scam Email(s) from Michael Blanco Hoover to Alison (Australia)


Letter 1

I have dedicated my entire life to my work, Career and ultimately my Success. Now I would like to find a woman of substance, whom is loving, caring, honest, trustworthy, emotionally.I am very outgoing, like to make people smile. I can walk up to anyone and start a conversation.

Letter 2

Hi dear, Thank you for the very nice note you wrote me, you sound very nice to my liken.i have really enjoy reading from you and writing you back now has been my pleasure.

I have not had anyone to talk to and share commons and some of our inner feelings for a long time now, and i am longing to share this lonely life of mine with a special,caring and loving woman i will meet on the dating line, I pray that you are that person i am looking for all this years.from the moment i saw your pretty picture on your profile and went through it for an hour i felt a warm touch inside and i have always known nothing happen by chance, everything happen for a reason. I like to know few things dear.i can see that we have a lot of things in common.

I have only live here in florida for 2months now and i have been without any woman since 2yrs that i have lost my wife ,and i dont think that distance can be a disaster between me and you. i'm originally from Berlin, Germany. I moved here in USA to start a new life and find someone we'll spend the rest of our lives together happily .i'm willing to relocate because of you, distance can never be a problem, i have that in consideration.,i dont have a brother or sister. actually i am an orphan yrs back when i was a kid in Germany in an catholic orphanage -home where i was adopted. I am left with my son, he's 17yrs old and his name is Juan. I have lost my parents, my adopted mom in 1993 & my dad in 2001. i'll share more with you when i hear from you again, it's will be so interesting to meet someone with great sense of humor and open feelings as you to start a new life with, it's will be a greatest gift from God. I'll like to know a few more things about you my dear.

Are you in any other date site?Are you communicating with someone presently before we meet? have you been into online dating before? i'm thinking of taking my page off the site after we start a good communication this is the reason i wrote you a note with my personal e-mail address in it, I like everything you said about your self and your character and i want to hear from you back so much.. I will like us to build a better communication between us which i believe will help to know each other more and better... Our distance will not be a problem , i have that in consideration already. Just waiting for the right person and right time.

what are the very few things you like about a man you will love to spend the rest of your life with?well i hope i am not asking to many question for the first time but i am only trying to ask to learn about how to know each other better, and build a better and lasting relationship.

Thanks once again for writing me back here, i'll look forward to hear more from you soonest..Take good care of your self and everyone around you.Kisses ...Michael

Letter 3

Hello Sweetie,
How are you! i hope you had a nice day today honey....., i am happy to read your mail and getting to know more about you.You seem like you are very down to earth and laid back, and that is good. It's good to see you are affectionate and like showing your feelings. I am the same as well. I believe that partners are 100% equal in a relationship and both should be able to feel they can trust each other 100% at all times. I feel that any woman who ever disrespects a man is not a woman at all. I am affectionate also and I have no trouble showing it for the right woman in public or private. I love to cuddle while watching a good movie, when were in bed, I love to hug and kiss my woman at anytime and anywhere it could be a store,mall or just on a sidewalk. You are looking for long term, I am looking for something permanent :-) and I know it takes time and a lot of good effort to form a good relationship. I want a woman to be my best friend at all times, my sweetheart, love of my life, my partner and my soul mate all wrapped up into one lovely woman. I would be all of that for her and more,I would love her with all of my heart and have nothing but good feelings for her. She should be a very caring person, with a lot of good feelings, be honest, reliable,pleasant personality and have a sense of humor.

I am trying not to ramble here for you but I am looking for the "One". What does that mean to me? She is the person that you can't wait until she comes home from work so you can kiss her and sit down and relax in front of the TV or go out and spend an evening together. The person that just calls to see how your day is going but knows that it just got much better because you are talking to each other. she gives you a lift when you are down and can always make you laugh because you know each other so well. The person that can simply lay in bed with her head on my chest and our legs interlocked for hours and talk about what's on your mind.She will be my best friend, my lover, my equal and if lucky my wife . If I didn't scare you by being so serious and this sounds like something that would interest you then we could probably hit it off if you are up for it. I'm not afraid to go for it and this is what I want from life because I deserve the best. I am opening up to you because I read what you had to say and I think you could be the best. You have high standards and that's usually because you expect to get what you give from a relationship.This is almost a page long already. I feel that we have broken the ice and have found some very common grounds between us.

Thanks, hope to hear from you.