Scam Email(s) from Chris Storm to Sarah (Australia)


Letter 1

I am an honest man that is looking for someone to love and spend the rest of my life with. I am a passionate man, I love holding a woman tight to me, as we talk and laugh. I work for an international bank in the IT section, where I am a systems administrator. It is not the worlds most exciting job but it pays very well, and I own my own house, car and can afford holidays to relax during the year. Please get in touch if I sound like the man for you.One where we are open about everything with each other. We hold hands when we walk, we love going out or staying in together. We hold each other. We will have and raise a family together, living our lives together.

Letter 2


First of all let me introduce myself to you , my name are Chris Storm from Whitehall in Ohio United States of America, i am a widowed for ten years now .I am looking for serious relationship that can lead to marriage that was why i sent you this message in case if you are interested on me but before that i will do like to explain my policy in relationship,i have been hurt so much through online dating system , i have been cheated a lot by scammers ladies over the world so i dont like when woman asking for money because its not good idea to ask for money from stranger you met on the internet so i dont like the idea of asking money online or internet until when we get to know each other very well. I have lost $65000 last year by a lady from African and Asian world so i dont want such to repeat itself. Even God love cheerful giver not to stranger , i will only give money out until i meet the person in person and i will show her truelove and happiness from my heart.I have two way of contacting each other like chatting applications but one is called SK ( chris.storn1 ) and the other one Y, ( chris.storn1 ) you may not understand what i mean because of the security of the dating web site