Scam Email(s) from Richard Doughty to Ewa (Poland)


Letter 1

Hello Eva
It's nice to write you. i want to start by thanking you for the time you gave me to chat with you. i admire you so much. my instinct tells me you are a good woman, that have love in your heart. I was born and raised in Italy. my mother is Italian and my father was American. When i was age 12, my parents went through a nasty divorce, my mother fought for and won custody of me and my little sister and moved to Barcelona Spain with us and remarried. Growing up in Spain was fun and educative, i grew around the Gaudi architecture because my step father was an architect who was influenced by the great Antoni Gaudi and his works. My step daddy was the most lovable guy on earth, we got along fine and he filled in that void/space of the father i never had. He taught me everything from wines to music to architecture to history just to name a few. i was inspired by him to build a career in construction as a civil engineer. and this has lead me to travel to many countries. including china. I'm the CEO and Manager of swift sea construction services. it is a small construction company i just started.
I have two young kids. daughter is 13, son 12. that live I lost my wife 4 years ago. though i felt it was the end of the world for me. It was really a hard time. i relocated back to the united states last year march, when i go a call from my dad who was bed ridden with cancer to come back home to him. my dad died of cancer.
My old mom and sister are still back in Spain. in 2003, my step daddy died in an auto accident while he was driving back home from a party with my sister. Fortunately, my sister lived but has been paraplegic ever since. I do visit Spain regularly and send a monthly stipend home for their up keep. my life has been marred by considerable pains and through it all, i am still smiling and walking tall. Nothing is perfect for nobody. When i am not working, i do research, play golf, bowling and occasionally do volunteer works.
i have to let the past go and focus on the future. i want you to tell me more about yourself too.

Letter 2

Witaj kochanie. Jak ci mija dzien? Brakuje mi Ciebie. Mam rejestrowanie problemu do mojego konta na Facebooku. Postaram sie to naprawic, wiec moge rozmawiac z toba wkrotce przed snem. Bardzo Cie kocham.