Scam Email(s) from Ferguson Peter Rowland to Sarah (Australia)


Letter 1

My name is William Green, i am American, i have a daughter.What do you do for work? I love that feeling of being close to someone, sharing everything, laughing and enjoying life. I like warm tactile people,holding hands, someone who will show their feelings to me. Hugs are so important, we all need them. I believe love wasn't meant to be is meant to be worth the effort. Five words to describe me: Loving ,caring, smart, sweet, Honest and has good sense of humor. I am a down to earth male who loves to love and be loved. I love warm sunshine breaks, the corny walks on the beach, chilling and relaxing with a nice glass of wine. Music always makes me feel good and i see laughter as the best medicine through out each and every day that passes by.

Letter 2

How are you doing please i like your profile i will like to make good friend with you okay am from Houston,Texas America hope to be your good friend. thank you so much.


Letter 3

Good Morning, Thank you for taking your time to write to me, i am so happy to hear from a pretty woman like you are ......
I am Ferguson Peter Rowland from USA , i will like to know know about you if you don't mind , so we can see where things leads us to........

A little about myself Am 58 years old I was brought up in this city of Dallas Texas USA until when I grew up and wanted to enroll in the Military Academy. I received both a Bachelor of Science from the United States Military Academy at West Point and a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Boston University. I was commissioned in the United States Army as a second lieutenant of Armor in 1983. IN commanded at the Company, Battalion, Task Force, and Theater Level in Germany, I have also been deployed for special assignments in the United States Foreign missions in various countries like Macedonia, Iraq, United Kingdom, South Korea, Italy, Philippines and now I'm in Afghanistan.I'm here on a special peacekeeping mission. I was deployed in Afghanistan on February 2016 and i will complete my service very soon . I was born in to a happy family. Although my parents are dead now.

My dad was a former US Marine corp and he served to the rank of a Brigadier General before he retired.
My mom was a college teacher. My dad died in 1995 and my mom was gone 3 years later in 1998. I married before to Anna - a Spanish-American citizen. We got married in 2000. She was a caring and loving wife, She died as a result of fibroid growths in her body. She give me a daughter because of her health issue. My daughter is in private School home in United Kingdom, she is 15years old , her name is Nicole, she is all i have got now.I have been away from home for a long time now and also emotionally lonely too.

Ever since i lost my wife , i have find it so difficult to fall inlove again but Batu , i want you to just be open up lets love one another , i need Love the most now , so i can be happy and my daughter also happy,I thought it will be nice thing to start a relationship with you. You look very nice and responsible in my observation and I'm anxious to know more about you like the work you do now and your past relationships.

In addition to the things I have told you about myself, I'm a caring, cheerful and happy man. Since I lost the people that were so dear to my heart, I have always seen the people around me as my family and I try as much as I can to treat them with the same manner I would have done to my family. I have realized that I need someone in my life to be my wife. All that is important is truthfulness, faithfulness, care, passion, understanding, friendship and trust. Any love without these qualities has no base and is bound to collapse.

After i complete my mission here in Afghanistan by next month. I will like to start up a new life. My experiences here in Afghanistan have taught me so much. I won't want to continue this life of a soldier anymore. So, I believe that if we finally agree to love one another and live together in the future, we shall have the opportunity to live together. I won't like to be far from my family anymore. I have a plan of an investment after this mission to start up another life as a civilian when I resign from the army.

I need to let you know these things that I like doing so that you can get to know more about my life too. I like to play around the beach with my partner. I like to ride horses and also like traveling. I wish I can tour around the world if I have all the time to myself. I am fond of some sport activities such as baseball, ping , lawn tennis and soccer. I also enjoy listening to good music depending on my mood.
I want you to always pray for my safety so that I can come back safe. I'm expecting to hear more from you soon.