Romance scam letter(s) from Steven James to Marva (USA)
Letter 1

Good afternoon my pretty Boo Just to let you know is a very happy day for me , because i got the contract that i bid for with you by my side this past week have been one of the best and happest moment for me since i lost my wife, I have to travel to spain for 2 weeks to carry out this contract , and am so happy i got it. I am at work trying to read stuff's Online about spain and also make calls and see what the deal is. I will certainly call you today so we can talk, Just wanted to share the news and happiness with you. Have a wonderful day ahead. Stephen cares about you
Letter 2

Sweetheart What is happening, I tried to call you this morning but you didn't answer my call, i wanted to let you know that i will be leaving for Spain tonight, I hope you had a lovely night? please call me and let me know you are okay. I missed hearing your voice and talking to you as well. Lots of hugs and kisses. Steven and Chloe cares.
Letter 3

Hello Sweetie I got your ofline message i was overwhelmed after reading your message hope you slept well i keep thinking about you too, your thought is all over my head. I have attached some photos for you to see and work today at the site was encouraging all the labourers did put a whole lot of strenght towards todays job so am glad that everything is going well as i have planned...I really don't know how to say this but i think am falling in love with someone i haven't even met, isn't that funny to say? I will be expecting to hear from you Steven and Chloe cares.
Letter 4

Sweethearts Thanks for the birthday wishes you are one in a million having you in my life has been one of the best thing that have happened to me recently, I will send you more photos from my camera i can't wait to be back home so you can give me my birthday present in the bedroom ..(smile) Tell me what you have been up to since morning. Steven and Chloe cares
Letter 5

Baby I don't know what happened with the transfer herb couldn't pick up the money i know how bad you will feel when you read this email, did you send it to the right information i sent to you? did you send it to United state Please email me back or go to the shop where you sent the money i am more than frustrated right now please. Steven
Letter 6

Sweetheart I really do not know where to start the appreciation but i pray the good God to reward you greatly and i will do something you will really appreciate someday if given the chance... Smith was able to pick up the money today i woke up bright and early because you took a moment in your doubt to give an iota of trust to my situation. Thanks so much for the assistance, after paying for the surgery cost the doctors said surgery will be carried out tonight although am happy that it will finally be done tonight am still scared though please pray for my daughter as she under goes the surgery. Can wait to hear back from you. Steven and Chloe Cares.
Letter 7

Hello Marva I have tried calling you severally but you wouldn't take my calls, Just want to see if you have any update for me regarding the transfer. Hope you are having a nice day. Steven
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