Scam Email(s) from Walter Ranston to Marma (Spain)


Letter 1

Thanks very much for you email . i am very happy to write you here now . .. Well as i told you i am in peace mission now and i dont have to use my personal photos on the site this is my real photos and i hope you will like them . ok I will be looking forward to see yours in return after you read

Letter 2

woow i am very much impressed with your photos . you are looking very beautiful and charming , I am very happy to see your photos now and i wish you can stop searching so that we us all the time to know each other here and i dont want want you be worried about the language I am going to teach you how to speak better English if possible okay . Tell me have you been into a relationship before and when did your last relation ended ???? who is the little girl in the photo
. well i think is late now But i hope to hear from you if you can I send you many hugs

Letter 3

Hello Sweetheart
Hello my treasure i am very sorry to reply you here . I think we can use this email than the other one . I am having problems logging in to that email ok .
My day on the field have been very busy because I am a group leader, I just sneak myself to come and write you this note for you to know more about me after i read your email. I am Sgt Walter Ranston ,I am originally from New York _Albany, in the United State Of America, because that was where my Dad heals from. My mum is a German but have been in America so many years so that was where I grew up and join the American Army at the age of 25. I am a sapper (Captain) in the Tank Regime in the U.S Army working under the rank as a Captain. I am in the group of E6. I really enjoy my work because I work with a group of people from different homes with different background. Sometimes, it is difficult to tolerate your fellow colleague, but you still have to over look on certain things and keep your day moving. I am a person easy to tolerate. Very sooner than later I will be back from my last trip in Aleppo Syria .I am at the Liberty camp . Everything is secure and safe here at the moment because we are trying our possible best to settle up peace in the Country. I am a man who loves to laugh and have fun. I wake up mostly in the between 7:00 to 8:30 Am . Well all the colleagues sleep under the Canopy . but we the senior staff and the commanders have a room which we are 4 in each rooms with only two beds here one at the top and one at down . I sleep down with my best friend here his name is Dige , .

Well my growing up was full of excitement for me . But i had some up and down coming in this life when i was a kid .I quiet remember on my birthday,i had a houseful of friends and mates come over to eat and dance with me,made merry and then received gifts from them as well.It was my happy moment for me cos i never had a houseful during my birthday and that of fear was when was when i had the news of my moms passed away to glory.I did not want to believe the story at first but later on got to understand it and lived from there.She was a mentor and best friend and i wanted her alive forever so i feared when i receive the news of her death.

The name of my Mother is Mrs Gladys Cruz Ranston and My Father is John Ranston . I Met my late wife in Adelaide 1999 and i married her in 2000 before i left to Iraq in 2001 I live and stayed with her for 10 years with two loving children Rayan and Laura . Unlucky for me i love my wife and wife in Mamie when i was here for the first time in an accident in 2011 at the beginning of the year . It was a very sad moment in my life i have no choice to safe my family because i was here for the first time in Damascus ,

As far as hobbies go, I'm pretty much up for anything. I am very open-minded and generally willing to try new things. Some of the things I like are attending to cinema and watching a good movie, playing board games and card games,music, amusement parks, hanging out with friends, the outdoors, and more. I also like to explore different cultures through food, art and otherwise. I can enjoy a night out in town or a quiet evening at home just cuddling if it's with the right person. I can have a great time doing just about anything as long as I enjoy my company.
I want a woman who loves to laugh and makes others laugh as well and has a good sense of humor, who is also honest and not afraid to speak her mind. I love a woman who is passionate and affectionate, someone that likes to kiss and hug and all that, a woman who is willing to let a man love and do what needs to be done for his woman.I want a woman who can appreciate me for all that I am, treats me with respect and consideration, I just have to give back what I am willing to give, someone who is non judgmental, and, if possible, a woman who understands me even better than I understand myself, sometimes just looks at me without words but knows what is going on.

Well my love this is all for now please you can ask me anymore question when we meet on chat and i have nothing to hide from you trust me , But i hope you will know something a little about me for this short note and i hope we meet soon when i am back here . you are always in my heart and mind i get to go now i send you many kisses and take very good care sweetheart ...